Mara, Tisch Offer Apology To Giants Fans

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — The co-owners of the New York Giants have issued a statement to the team’s fans, apologizing for the league’s ongoing labor strife.

John Mara and Steve Tisch say they still believe a collective bargaining agreement will be reached through negotiations with the players union and that there will be a 2011 NFL season.

But they’re not sure when a deal might be reached.

In the statement issued Saturday afternoon, Mara and Tisch said they understand that fans are angry and want the matter quickly resolved.

They say the goal of both owners and players is “to make our game as strong as it can possibly be and to enable it to continue to grow for the good of everybody — the league, the players and the fans.”

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Read the full statement from John Mara and Steve Tisch


One Comment

  1. Danny says:

    Good job Ray, If the Metropolitan Opera went on strike, I wouldn’t care, I also would not try to find a blog site to tell people how little I care, Really?

  2. Josh says:

    They’re not sorry. They are part of the problem – which is greedy ownership. Well Mara would never have allowed the PSL disgrace which kicked long time season ticket holders, aka faithful fans out due to cost. John Mara is not the same man his father was. He is as greedy as Jerry Jones.

    1. Danny says:

      Two things Josh, The NFL is not the same as it was during Well’s years, and I know for a fact that people who could not afford the PSL’s in the lower bowl were given an opportunity to relocate in the upper bowl, mostly between the 30 yard lines, If they so desired.

  3. dico j. says:

    I hope the lock out lasts 5 years…..WHO CARES !

    1. ray says:

      thats because your a dork that evidently doesnt like football u must care enough to make a comment about it if you didnt care why r you reading it

      1. dico j. says:

        Typical football fan…no thinking required.

  4. Danny says:

    Thats probably coming soon Dom, but I have not recieved an invoice yet.

  5. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    We are sorry for the lockout BUT don’t forget to send you PSL and no season ticket money in immediately

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