Nassau County Cop Fatally Shot In Massapequa Park

Officer May Have Been Killed By Friendly Fire

Updated: Sunday, March 13 10 a.m. EST

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Nassau County police officer was shot and killed in Massapequa Park Saturday night.

Nassau County Police Officer Maureen Roach says the officer, who suffered a gunshot wound during an apparent pursuit, died at Nassau University Medical Center on Saturday night.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports on the shooting

Police responded to a call of an apparently deranged man menacing people on the street with a weapon. When officers arrived on the scene shortly after 8 p.m., it triggered a fatal series of events, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

“What happened pretty much still remains a little bit unclear, but what we’ve determined so far is that at one point, this individual exits that back bedroom, he begins to run at the police officers, he challenges them, he lunges at them with his arms up in the air, the officers are forced to defend themselves, and shoot in his direction,” Nassau County Police Lt. Kevin Smith said. “He succumbs to those gunshots.”

Resident Theresa Kelly called the police and followed the suspect down the block after he unexpectedly jumped on her car.

“This person came in front of my car, with a mask, he was dressed in all black, very gothic-looking, and he was banging on my windshield,” Kelly said. “He had a very big knife in his hand.”

An MTA officer from the nearby train station joined in, and the grim discovery was made shortly thereafter.

“In the aftermath we discovered that one of our officers is also seriously injured,” Lt. Smith said.

Nassau County police confirm that the first officer is dead. The investigation continued because he may have been shot by friendly fire – by the weapon of another police officer.

It is the second line-of-duty death of a Nassau County officer so far this year.

Highway patrolman Michael Califano was killed Feb. 5 when a truck slammed into his police cruiser in Old Westbury, N.Y.


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  1. LENIN says:

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010The Latest Outrage in Tyranny USA — Man Shot Dead By Police While Watering Neighbor’s Lawn
    Editor’s Note: Here is a perfect example of the citizen spy culture taking root in the USA with the “If you see something, say something” program encouraged by Homeland Security. A 911 call apparently was made after a neighbor mistakenly interpreted a man sitting on a porch as a “drunk with a gun.” Officers arrived, ready for battle, and the man was killed . . . while watering his neighbor’s lawn. Watch this heartbreaking video:

  2. Duh says:

    A challenging day at work for a Nassau County cop involves busting a pot-smoking, truant. They were way out of their league on this one.

    1. Dimitri says:


  3. JJ says:

    A 71 year old woman 1st reported to 911 this young man’s actions, THEN FOLLOWED him to HIS HOME! I imagine she did this to tell where he was going. This woman evidently didn’t feel so threatened or she would NOT have followed him. It appears that she might have been concerned for his safety as well. When the cops arrived, according to the reports, they just entered the home where the young man went into and ordered his parents out of their home as the mother repeatedly yelled: “don’t shoot my son”. The news also reported the guy barricaded himself in his room. It’s very tragic. 2 lives lost. Why didn’t the cop who approached the house in plain clothes, carrying a rifle, announce he was a cop so the MTA cops wouldn’t shoot him? With the use of deadly force by cops fearing for their life,another cop is now dead BECAUSE of deadly force. Maybe tranquilizer guns would be more effective in keeping from killing by “friendly fire” so that if a mistake is made the worst thing that happens is a deep sleep.

    1. Commonsense says:

      JJ Your an idiot..thats all I have to say..Tranq guns..REALLY? Hello we live in real time and a real world..A man wearing a leather mask with chains hanging off them,,carrying knives and other knives strapped to his body jumping on cars and then runs into a house…Yes the Police are going to follow him to end the threat I would hope if I was a neighbor that the Police would do the same thing…And the Police did have him secure in his bedroom and started calling for emerg service, and other units when he busted out of the room charging the officers with two large knives in his hands….Do u think a tranq is some magic bullet and stops someone cold….NOOOOO!!! The Police want to go home after work alive…Why do Police risk there lives to protect people as ignorant as u.

  4. B says:

    If you knew him personally then you would know his name was Anthony not Andrew…and btw….Anthony caused all this by jumping on an old womans car hooded and holding a knife…and scaring the hell out of her just for fun……he started this chain of events…..Anthony is to blame for every second of that horrible event. Go to this page and follow the links to his website and see how messed up this moron was …how dare anyone defend his actions. His friends are making him out to be a hero…how messed up is that? And Jay…you hit the nail right on the head…who needs weapons like that? We dont live in the jungle…I am in Massapequa also and this sickens me…!/profile.php?id=100000405405607&sk=wall

  5. jay says:

    Hey, fellow officer of the NCPD and to hear one of my brothers going down in the line of duty really just eats me alive. I’m just glad that animal was put to sleep in the process. Whoever blames this on the MTA police officer must have satanic views on life as well as that deranged sad excuse for human life. I do not care if you knew him personally, if you stand up for trash like this you deserve to be put behind bars where he could be now if he would have cooperated and surrendered his weapons. Growing up in Massapequa I have never seen a grizzly bear therefore why would he need not just 1 but 3 knives large enough to kill a 600 pound animal? If this young man did not startle the old woman backing out of her driveway everyone would be eating a nice dinner with their families. RIP to one of my own; and may Satan show no mercy on your soul Anthony.

    1. LENIN says:


  6. B says:

    Check out the deranged mans facebook page and his website… didnt his parents see what they were living with? Something tells me this wasnt the first time their son went out terrorizing the neighborhood with a knife. This is just the first time someone had the guts to call the police. I mean who in their right mind jumps on someones car with a hood and a knife? I really believe this man wanted this to be his outcome (suicide by cop) or he wouldn’t have gone home and loaded himself up with weapons. Just sad his messed up mind took another life with him.

  7. dumbcops says:

    Pro- 1 nut in psych unit all cops go home in one piece.
    Dopey Nassau County Cops- 1 nut dead – 1 cop dead

  8. laura says:

    MTA officer had no business getting involved. a moron could pass those employment tests.

  9. boo hooo says:

    @innocent and idiotic: he didnt menace the cops, he came out of his room with knife in hand. Officers used dpf based on self defense.

    What would you know, you sit in your house and let them do all the hard work then try to criticize them when things go wrong.

    Look at it this way, you make a mistake at your job, all you have to do is remake the fries. Cops make a mistake people die…..

    Lucky you.

  10. SAL says:


  11. rick says:

    Everyone is an expert…No one was there and knows what happens..U cant comment on a stressful situation and think u have the answers…this is an event happening at the moment with split second decisions being made…no training can help with that..the officers went into the house to protect the people inside the home..the people were evacuated out of the home and the man charged them with the knife…this is not TV or Movies morons..stop with the negative comments and monday night quartebacking…I hope u need police and they just wait and hold back and ur stabbed to death…shut up morons….RIP to the officer who has to protect people like u all the time.

    1. Linda says:

      It’s consoling to know that there are still some LOGICAL, COMPASSIONATE people left in the world. God Bless!

    2. JD says:

      This “man” was around 20 years old and I knew him personally. The papers are definatly twisting the story. The cop who died WAS killed by friendly fire. He was undercover and went to his house to get his gun, he was then shot by another officer on the scene. This shows how jumpy cops are and their unneccary use of firearms. Had the cop taken a second to think, two deaths couldve been avoided. I knife is not a ranged weapon, that gives you plenty of time to make a decision, Andrew couldve been talked down, or restrained less leathally, these two deaths are the mistake of a dumb offiver.

      1. Concerned citizen of the world says:

        Are you kidding me?? Obviously noone ever ran at you with a massive knife which is considered a deadly weapon and according to the laws of NYS, officers had the right to use deadly physical force. This 20 year old was a sick person, or one on drugs but is responsible for his death and the death of the officer regardless of who shot him. He could not have been talked down, you were not there so who are you to say a darn thing about it.

      2. Rick says:

        JD, Your an idiot. A knife can kill just as fast as a knife..Training does include attacks with knives and it takes a split second for someone skilled to inflict serious bodily harm with a knife. So go play your video games and stop trying to talk like your an expert in weapons..I would like to charge u with a knife and let you wait to make a less deadly choice..Tell u one thing there would be one less opinionated moron in the world. Your a loser who makes no impact on the world.

    3. Mary says:

      Hey Rick,
      What makes you think that someone who is getting paid to be a Nassau County police officer has the perogative to just wait and hold back until I am stabbed to death???

  12. Bob Stevens says:

    I often wonder how many family members could have reported the actions of the mentally ill prior to them losing it completely.We were not at the scene to give any opinion of what if and all the other bull that should have taken place at that instance.Two men are dead and possibly this could have been prevented if any one in the mans family or friends were aware of his mental state PRIOR.I do understand that occasionally people snap with no signs of violent tendencies.Charging the cops with both hands in the air,I guess you would have to have been there to understand how it went down.So sad!

    1. Anne-Marie says:

      I agree with you, Bob. I am a psychology professional. I have witnessed first hand the apathy and cruelty that significant others display toward the emotional deterioration and pain of loved ones; usually children and adolescents.

      While I was living in Virginia, a young school teacher was killed by a deeply depressed man. He had displayed severe symptoms and bizarre behavior all week: Yet, nobody bothered to either console him or to get him the necessary crisis care that he required. They just watched and ignored him. A family needlessly lost a wife and mother. Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common a scenario!

      In last night’s events, it is premature to evaluate whether or not anyone tried to acquire “crisis help” for the perpetrator. However, it should serve as a general lesson as to the needless human tragedy that “apathy” creates when significant others shirk their responsibilities. In such cases, family and friends share some culpability for the resulting loss of life.

  13. pj says:

    If the residents of Nassau County were allowed to carry guns there would be A LOT more people (innocent people and police) dead other than just this guy last night.

  14. Mike H. says:

    Funny, but lacking from the police official;s account, was ANY WEAPON as the ‘DERANGED” man “lunged at the officers with his hands IN THE AIR’. The story claims he had a knife when he jumped on the lady’s car, but no metnion of knife when he was shot. Need more information, howver one cannot trust the NCPD to investigate one of it own. Isn’t there training to NOT shoot when an innocent or fellow officer is in the line of fire?

    1. Valannin says:

      Explain how the perpetrator is “innocent.” He ran around at night, leaping onto a person’s car wearing a mask holding a knife. You reap what you sow.

      1. InnocenttillPROVENguilty says:

        “You reap what you sow.”

        Violence begets violence as the bible says. The violent cop reaped what his spirit sowed.

        And I agree, bring in an outside prosecutor. NCPD can not be trusted.

  15. InnocenttillPROVENguilty says:

    “to a call of an apparently deranged man menacing people on the street with a weapon. When officers arrived on the scene shortly after 8 p.m., it triggered a fatal series of events”

    This is always the case isn’t it? A deranged person acts out, police and their supporters cry “criminal” and then the someone dies. If you approve of this scenario happening over and over as it does, then why cry about this one? Violence begets violence. If you think that what happened isnt a possibility when you allow indiscriminate firing of guns, then you are deranged yourselves.

    1. Valannin says:

      Any person, regardless of mental capacity, who threatens citizens with knives -as this man did – deserves death. It’s a horrible shame that an officer had to die, but that is the only loss that society has suffered.

      1. InnocenttillPROVENguilty says:

        You are wrong. First off, Police do not SENTENCE AND EXECUTE. That is not their job nor should it be. Second, “menacing” is NOT a death penalty crime.
        Funny, it is attitudes like yours that led to that poor officer being killed. Yes, go ahead. say what you say. let those officers fire their magic bullets at those you deem worthy of death. Everytime you defend a situation like this, and coddle the officer who made a deadly mistake, you set-up the next incident with a gung-ho cop who is ready to carry out your violentt lust for death for small crimes. Take alook in the mirror…see that killer straing back at you?

  16. Wilylal says:

    Lethal force should always be the action of last resort. How many hot pursuits result in loss of innocent lives? Not to second guess the instincts of the police, but it seems to me that (as already mentioned) the bad guy was trapped and with no escape route. Maybe it’s time for the cops to think about securing and isolating situations such as these in a manner that not only protects the innocent but also keeps good cops from harm. Escalation of any situation like this one always results in a tsunami rush of adrenaline (“fight or flight”) and deadly force becomes the only action left.

    1. Mark dude says:

      Trigger-happy. Need I say more?

  17. Billy Rogers says:

    Just what we want putz, citizens having a shootout on public streets!!

  18. Jay says:

    NOt only was he a good cop , but Volunteer Fireman serving his community and more so a dedicated husband and father of 2 that woke up this morning without thier Dad – RIP Geoff

    1. Vickie says:

      The officer you are all talking about was a husband and father and also besides Serving with NCPD he was also a very respected VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER who was dedicated to serving his community. A simple R.I.P. Geoff or My thoughts and prayers are with his family would do nicely. HE WAS AN AWESOME MAN AND VERY DEDICATED TO HIS FAMILY AND JOBS!!!

  19. Patricia says:

    The suspect’s was obviously mentally ill in some way shape or form. The suspects family had to have know of his mental iillness. I feel bad all around for the cop the was shot and the suspects family. But come on something snapped in the mind of that supsect and it wasnt just last night it was an mental state the family must have known of.. My thoughts and prayers are with the fallen officer. Such a shame.

  20. d b bulshtr says:

    I am as tough an crime as it gets i think 75% of the inmates should be put to sleep to open room for more and save money,sentences are way to short in 99% of the cases…with that said you can blame the guy with the knife if your stupid but it was the cops response that got the officer killed ,the guy runs into the family home(if it was a strangers it totally different ) and locks himself in his bedroom just surround the house let him give up or tear gas the house and bring in swat,,,give him 10 years(i know hed get 3 months if that much)….. no one dies …..Nassau police needs to train officers better it cost a true hero his life

  21. mike says:

    God bless the officers family.

    1. LENIN says:


  22. Robert says:

    I’m Just glad the suspect was also shot and killed.

  23. Robert says:

    Tony, he didn’t directly kill the officer, however, it was his criminal actions that lead to the officer being shot and killed. If the POS criminal hadn’t done what he did last night then the officer would not have been in that situation and ended up getting killed. Just like you said, cause and effect. The criminal CAUSED the EFFECT (the officer being killed)

    1. zig says:

      No. The man who fired the shot was the direct cause. The criminal may have been an indirect cause, but the weight of blame must only lie with the direct cause of the incident. By your logic, a man who shoots another man for sleeping with his wife isn’t responsible for that action, but rather that his wife is for “making him do it.”

      Besides, reports thus far clearly show that the suspect was not mentally stable. Non-lethal force should have been used first. In the case of the slain officer, the most recent reports are that he was shot outside of the house as he arrived on the scene, AFTER the suspect had already been shot and killed inside the house.

  24. Tony says:

    Why the cause doesn’t help the effect….the guy with the knife didn’t shot any one….

    1. A says:

      and the police were there for no reason??? seriously? did you even READ the article? Please be informed and educated on the matter before commenting

  25. Peter Field says:

    The one that was responsible (the deranged man) for the call that got the police there in the first place, should be charged with murder or at least “voluntary homicide of a police officer”, friendly fire or not!

    1. s says:

      He’s dead anyway

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