Mideast Expert: Ghadaffi Could Bring ‘Holocaust Of Biblical Proportions’

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The situation in Libya continues to unfold dramatically as forces loyal to Moammar Ghadaffi have begun to overtake rebels in key parts of the country.

Now, members of the Arab League are asking for military action against the dictator.

World Policy Journal editor and Mideast expert David Andelman joins CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu live in the studio to discuss the latest developments on the revolt in Libya.

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  • Femi Adeyinka

    Gadaffi days are numbered an irresponsible leader who do not mind to kill his people has outlive his usefulness. Think someone should let him know he is not Libyan than other Libyans.
    Reminds me Of Sadam Hussein, Goodbye Mr Gadaffi, and welcome to Hell

    Mugabe and Jacob Zuma your sympathisers must have come from the moon not to have heard how arrogant you are by saying there would be no mercy for the people of Benghazi.

  • jerseyjoey

    Well, let the Arab League do something on there own for once, They like the easy oil money but are cowards otherwise, It is not our problem period. Oh Well Such as life, You Arabs can Blame Obama if you like, i see he is doing nothing, time will tell if that was a good move or not. Funny, Muslims hate Americans but in time of need they want us, What a joke.

  • kevin

    The last time we tried to kill him was when that moron and pompus a hole – Ronald Reagan – was president. We did not use a drone but sent a fighter jet and bombed his home killing several of his family members and friends including his innocent daughter. And what did we get in return as revenge? The Lockerbie Bobmbing you idiots where hundreds of American white folk bit the dust. Every action tends to bring a reaction so be careful about bombimg Libya.

  • jamal

    to yahoo, I appreciate your action to creect your stand and bot to be bias. I noticed that you have removed the anti muslim comment, and now it will be fare to remove mine as well, including that those comments which do not agree with the you handled the matter. The matter is now laid to rest. regards.


  • jamal

    I have responded to this filthy comment, but although it was shown for a short while, it was delibrately removed by Yahoo. When I tried to respond again, I was prevented by Yahoo. their reason for silencing me is that I have submitted a similar comment !!! Well, yes I did indeed, but they have removed it for sure and they have left the comment by Simon Goldfrab. So much for bias, anti Arabs and anti muslim by yahoo.

    • jamal

      yahoo is playing a game, they have posted my second comment, but not the first one which they have delibrately removed. !!!

  • berka yeah

    The towel heads have problem.
    But they do enjoy the oil money.

    Now they want other country to perform a No-Fly zone

    But no troops to help the rebels.

    It is best to stay away and let the

    The towel heads beat them selves up

  • robert hardfield

    Mr. David Andelman’s statement and prognose could very well be real, as are different other scenarios. Gadaffi may indeed want to go after the ones who want to overthrow him in an effort to prevent future rebellions and so would Mubarak as well if he had the chance.

    On the other hand it might very well be that Mr Andelman’s announcement is to find a just motivation for military interference, and remove the sick minded Gadaffi, who was in a way supported and allowed for decades by ourselves as well!!

    Being so concerned about the consequences of Gadaffi action to fight vs rebellions and to remaining in power I wonder what are Mr Andelman’s comments regarding the Israeli settlement policies in occupied Palestinian Land, as well as the continued violations of UN resolutions by that country.

    Maybe Mr Andelman could provide some just and credible commentaries on this issue Mr Andelman?? Or is this issue a less important issue to comment on., like it has been for the past decades.

    • jamal

      He obviously cant’t do that. He is a Jew, pro israel and pro settlements, so what more can you ask for? !!

  • stephanie

    America should not get involved. Let the Arab league with all their oil money take care. They hate us and the west, now they want us to do their fighting.I say to hell with them and let them kill each other. No more American blood.


    • jamal

      Well, luckly, not all americans think in such an absurd way as you do. Americans gladly accepte to be hire as mercenaries to kick Sadam out of Kuwait and they did a good job fo what they have been paid for. I’m positive that they will do it this time and just as good, so beat it now !!!.

  • Auburn Dale

    Interesting use of the word “Holocaust.” The Arab world has spend decades pretending to deny the Holocaust while planning ways to repeat it.

    • jamal

      Who did the holocaust? While even the most ignorants knows that Christian europeans did it, A mentally retrted thug wants to tell us that Arabs have done, and what’s more is that they will repeat it again. What an idiot !!!

      • Auburn Dale

        I never said that Arabs perpetrated the Holocaust during World War II. All I said is that they want a repeat of what their hero Hitler did.

  • Dennis

    Does anyone doubt that what he says will indeed happen if Gadhaffi is not removed?
    THAT is what matters — not all the other agenda spewed forth by those who are offering comments from their own limited perspectives and wishes.

  • omran

    I wonder how these governments are concerned about the libyans while once they were a part of a chain now Gadhafi is a ring of it.I think they want to save their governments and the west plans to give other nations the lesson that they can not withstand without foreign help.

  • luhen

    Expert NONSENSE !!!!

  • badea cartan

    Be kind to each other…
    Just imagine all other people are “alter egos”…
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    Kind regards,

  • Frank

    Mr. Goldfard-Jewish I presume? And you people talk about anti-semites??..unreal, you are all hyprocrites, there is no god and there world would be a much better place if we all thought that….!!!

  • Frank

    Why not send a drone in to kill him & his family and call it a day, no GREAT American soldiers lost.

  • Karim Mahmud

    Even the Arab league is asking for international support for the rebals?. This is incredible because the Arab leagues are full of other tyrants.

    The international forces should seriously take this oppurtunity to invade Libya. Libya is some cases is worst than an Iraq under Saddam.

    I am sure Russian and China will veto whatever the Americans or the West decides to do but if the US and the West can get full support from the Arab nation to bear some militry responsibility to make it look like they are fully involve in this, maybe it can happen.

  • Fanta Fantazamaraz

    This being the case… the US should zap the SOB ASAP and free another Country of another tyrant !

    • Andy

      hahaha. not gonna happen: too little oil in Libya

      • James

        Andy why do you work soooo hard at being an idiot ???

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