L.I. Suspect’s Father Says Death Of Son & Officer Breitkopf Was Preventable

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The police command post was removed Tuesday from the Massapequa Park home where two fatal shootings took place over the weekend.

Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf, 40, was killed after responding to a call for backup as police confronted 21-year-old Anthony Digeronimo.

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Digeronimo allegedly had knives strapped to his body and in his hands. Police said he barricaded himself inside a bedroom before charging police with a knife.

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs with the latest on who may have shouted out ‘gun’

On Tuesday, David Digeronimo, the suspect’s father, spoke to CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan and said his son’s death was preventable.

When asked if a taser should have been used instead of deadly force, the suspect’s father replied “anything except killing the little boy in front of me” would have been better.

The elder Digeronimo said he had asked police “to put the guns away” and not to hurt his son. He said his family was also saddened about the shooting of Officer Breitkopf.

The chaos of the final moments was also caught on tape:

Officer 1: “The person has knives hanging from his clothing. He’s walking east on Front Street.”

Officer 2: “The subject just went into residence.”

Officer 3: “Be advised. The subject with a knife and threatening other witnesses.”

Special Operations Officer: “Shots fired. Forthwith on a bus.”

Dispatcher: “10-4 we’re getting an ambulance.”

(Four minutes after the shooting of Digeronimo)

Special Operations Officer: “17 to headquaters. MOS (member of the service) shot in the face!”

Special Operations Officer: “Make sure that they have cars lined up, ready to go to the hospital!”

2nd Special Operations Officer: “Headquarters, do you understand that?”

Nassau County’s police union said the shooting of Breitkopf may have been instigated by a retired NYPD officer.

Neighbors, including Theresa Kelly who called 911, said she remembers the man who shouted “he’s got a gun” when Breitkopf and other special operations officers arrived at the scene.

Kelly said the man was “shouting things, running around, ordering people around.”

Ted Tucciarone also witnessed the chaotic scene and wondered if protocol was breached.

He said he never heard an order for Breitkopf to drop his gun or Digeronimo to drop his knife.

The MTA police and Nassau County Police said a full scale investigation would continue.

Also following the tragic death of Police Officer Breitkopf, the Nassau County PBA has established a trust fund for his 2 children ages 6 and 3.

Donations can be made to:
The Geoffrey J Breitkopf Memorial Fund
c/o Nassau County PBA
89 East Jericho Tpke. Mineola, NY 11501

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One Comment

  1. Catherine says:

    You know how something like this happens? NO SUPERVISION, The supervisor who makes the big bucks was nonexistant. Nobody of any authority took control. We should be asking big mouth Carver how long it took for the first supervisor to arrive on the scene and what the hell he or she was doing besides not taking control of this scene and have people still responding to the location and walking around freely and contaminating it. So before Carver opens his big mouth look into the facts. The Nassau County Police Supervisors faild horribly by not controlling the situation, which is what a supervisor is supposed to do.

  2. mr jack a says:

    the knife idiot got what he deserved,and the cop got what he deserved.guns and knives for everyone

  3. rsc says:

    IF you have a paper plate in your hand and lung at a cop the police will kill you
    police officers in Nassau, Suffolk, westchester and in NYC shoot to kill our citizens first then ask questions THE POLICE WILL KILL YOU IF THEY THINK YOU HAVE A WEAPON EVEN IF IT IS A PIECE OF PAPER

  4. Al S. says:

    “Why didn’t the police use a Taser against a man armed only with knives?” “ONLY” with knives?

    I’m not out on a limb when I state that YOU have never faced a psycho with a knife. Deadly physical force is met with deadly physical force. Life isn’t a movie or TV show, grow up.

    ….and what is a NYPS officer? Life isn’t a movie or TV show, grow up.

  5. Fritz Von says:

    Reminds me of Mary Jo Buttafucco (Nassau County resident) saying she was gonna vote for Rudy Guliani for mayor of NYC. She has an excuse, bullet in her head.

  6. George Pease says:

    Ignore the 2 previous msg’s..I am confused. Who was the retired NYPS Officer that may have instigated Officer Geoffrey Breitkopfbeing being shot. Who shot him? According to the report above, Digeronimo only had knives. Why didn’t the police use a Taser against a man armed only with knives? God Bless Officer Breitkopf. On the surface of this report, this officer should be alive today. What went wrong with police procedures???? Internal Affairs should investigate this thoroughly. Something smells.

  7. victor says:

    why are all these crimes occuring in NY,,,must be because the mayor doesn`t want the public defending themselves…..and the criminal have more rights than the victum….

    1. Daniel P says:

      The Mayor of The City of New York has NOTHING to do with Nassau County. You’re not from New York are you ? Your just an ignorant nut who is just PROUD to show his stpidity so publicly.

    2. Megan says:

      Nassau Co and NYC are two entirely separate entities. Moron.

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