NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Tri-State area is represented twice in an unfavorable  list compiled by the financial website Business Insider.

In a list of “11 Metro Areas Where the Jobs Recovery Has Failed,” both Newark, New Jersey and Long Island, New York rank number two and number nine respectively.

The cities were compiled by comparing their one-year job change numbers with the national employment average increase of 0.8 percent.

According to the website, Newark lost a total of 15,000 jobs, leaving it with a -0.7 percent job change. Losses in business services, manufacturing education and health services were cited as a major reason for the poor numbers in addition to highly publicized police department cuts in New Jersey’s largest city.

Long Island, meanwhile, fared somewhat better with a +0.5 percent change and 6,000 new jobs, but was still below the national average. Business Insider said job losses in the government sector, construction, manufacturing and schools were the reasons for its poor jobs showing.

Also on the list: 1. Las Vegas, Nev., 3. San Francisco, Calif., 4. Atlanta, Ga., 5. Riverside, Calif., 6. Los Angeles, Calif., 7. Minneapolis, Minn., 8. Phoenix, Ariz., 10. Miami, Fla.

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