Manhattan Mom Suing York Avenue Preschool

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Manhattan mother was suing an expensive preschool she said failed to deliver the education promised for her daughter.

Nicole Imprescia said the York Avenue Preschool promised it would prep her four-year-old so she could get into one of the city’s top elementary schools.

Instead, Imprescia said, the school was just one big playroom.

The mom wants her $19,000 tuition refunded.

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  1. Virginia says:

    After reading some unflattering remarks, we dare to comment on Manhatten Mom Nichole Imprescia who is in the hot seat for challenging a pre school. The mom has not abandoned her child or chosen abortion. She has not been standing in the welfare lines looking for food stamps, cheap housing, WIC, SSI.
    Her motherhood is on trial. Her critics might speak more kindly if they would de-
    personalize the story and consider the mom a smart consumer who deserves to know how her $19,000 is being spent, especially when it pertains to her child.

    If Ms. Imprescia were to walk into a car dealership w/ $19,000 in cash to buy a car, it is doubtful that she would be satisfied w/an outmoded model that didn’t work for that price tag — not w/o a fight or asecond thoughts.

    From the lips of a public mom in Va., there is no price too steep to pay for the
    education and protection of one’s child. Imagine receiving calls from your friends (observant parents) and being told that your 3 yr. old was being tied to her chair in public preschool for the handicapped. That’s just a glimpse of what public school parents endure on behalf of their children. Imagine standing
    at the front door to our daughter’s public school placemet and being told that parents were forbidden to visit w/o 48 hr. written notice.

    Public education is supposedly free but obviously for the parent of a child
    w/ disabiilities “free” comes at a price when it involves hiring attorneys and experts to negotiate the process. It could take years and dollars. To the mother of an autistic child, nineteen thousand sounds like a bargain considering the
    alternative costs. Pay up front or pay later.

    Why blame Ms. Imprescia for pursuing the best she can afford for her child.
    If nothing else, Ms. Imprescia’s efforts demonstrate that private schools can be as recalcitrant as public.

    To think that any school, private or public, daycare or early childhood, elementary or university level is above inspection or scrutiny is preposterous, especially at $19,000 a year for tuition.

    Perhaps Nicole Imprescia is one New Yorker who could not be snowed by the
    school’s presentation or non-performance. Good for her!!!

    1. carol says:

      This is ridiculous. I’m an early ed. special education teacher. A child of 4 job is to learn shapes and colors, learn about friendships and letters and numbers. I’m grief struck by how many anxious chidlren I see who, because of their parents, will never have a childhood.

  2. Sane One says:

    I think the pre-school should ask for sanctions for filing of a frivolous lawsuit. No empircal evidence, three weeks to short of time for any one to gain a leg up. I understand that she wants her money back and the school should give her some money back if they can’t find someone to take her childs place. I am sure there is probably one parent who wants that space. Wait, I have to pay 19000 for preschool hmm, maybe I should hire a tutor for a whole lot less and arrange play dates with all the other kids in the neighborhood. Everyone loses in this case, especially the child, who has to grow up with the petulant mom.

  3. Elaine says:

    I agree with all these comment and add. If she spent as much attention as money to her own responsibility for her daughter’s early childhood education and learning, the issues she is complaining about she could have resolved done herself. And a nice $100. investment at the $1, for flash cards, poster boards and other teaching tools would have been better spent. Imagine the nice rich home based cirriculum $19,000 could have afforded her. No need to send them to high prices daycare centers/ darn meant to say preschool.

  4. Auburn Dale says:

    Yes, the article is incomplete. The mother’s argument is that this preschool is supposed to prepare her kid for a standardized test to get into an elite private elementary school, which is supposed to then guarantee her a spot at an Ivy League university. No high test score now, no Ivy League later.

    Out here in the REAL world, it’s a different story: If a child is under that much pressure at age 4, no Ivy League school will even want her in 14 years because she’ll be a mental basket case ready to kill somebody.

  5. Mr. Armenia says:

    This mother is out of her mind.

  6. MARIO says:

    Sometimes we have to accept that our children do not have the capacity nor the desire to fill OUR expectations. Also, I am sure there isn’t any gurantee from any educational institute in the world that our children will become the next Einstein. Wake up mommy! Your child, I am sure, is a normal, healthy, lovely and acitvely curious person that will not fulfill all of your requirements….Give your child a chance to be a child. You and the little one will be happier! Way too much therapy going on for children because of parents forcing their personal agenda down childrens’ developing minds.

  7. iwant says:

    Obviously someone has nothing better to do with their money! Trying staying home and teaching your kid yourself. Then again, if this is what you expect then maybe your lessons at home are not the best decision either. Try regular preschool lady and let your kid be a kid. Childhood doesn’t last long enough as it is.

  8. Brooklyngirl says:

    I concur. But, beyond that, there is very little advanced “prep” that a nursery school can accomplish with a 3 year old. The natural ability of the child will be the determiner of his or her placement in an accelerated program at the elementary school level. Creative play, positive socialization and the active use of a child’s imagination are important to overall development. Cram all of the ABC’s you want into a small child but there is still no guarantee that the child will become a little Einstein. I think the mother’s expectations for her child may have been a little unrealistic.

  9. parker says:

    Try parenting yourself. Twit!

  10. Sara says:

    Get real lady. What do you expect from a 4 year old. I spent 97,000 in private school for my daughter and she never got one A in her report card. I cant go and ask for refund! Let her learn the alphabet first…

    1. cal says:

      97,000 in pre-school?!!!! You sure are a big spender!! Is your husband printing money at home?

      1. Brooklyngirl says:

        LOL! Sara said private school, not pre-school.

  11. Rodin says:

    Straight out of Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”.

    From the way I heard it on 1010WINS, this Ms Imprescia must be one sick lady and her child is to be pitied.

    And I agree, this article is sorely inadequate.

  12. Michael H. says:

    What do I think? I think this article is severely lacking in information. You call yourselves a news agency? This is a he said/she said article with no background information provided. Is the pre-school really just a playroom? Does the school actually promise what the mother claimed she was promised?

    CBS, this is a pathetic excuse for an article.

    1. Joyce says:

      Triple that

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