Was Cranford Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend High On Bath Salts?

CRANFORD, N.J. (1010 WINS) — Investigators are awaiting toxicology results on a Cranford man to determine whether he had been under the influence of bath salts when he allegedly beat his long-time girlfriend to death.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg speaks with the suspect’s distraught mother

The body of 22-year-old Rutgers student Pamela Schmidt was found Sunday in the basement of William Parisio’s home, police said. Prosecutors said Schmidt died of “traumatic injuries.”

Diane Parisio told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg that her son is bipolar, has a history of substance abuse and recently started using bath salts. She doesn’t apologize for or defend her son but insists bath salts are behind his irrational behavior and drove him to allegedly kill Schmidt.

“I’m sad that it’s too late; Pam’s life is an absolute tragedy, I loved that little girl,” Parisio said through tears.

Parisio said when her son was using bath salts he paced back and forth, kept his head down and had a “blank, scary look on his face.”

“Paranoid like you wouldn’t believe, paranoid like I’ve never seen,” Parisio said.

Do you think bath salts should be banned? Sound off below

The designer drug, which is sold in convenience stores, gives users a dangerous and violent high similar to the effect of methamphetamines and cocaine. Some experts say the drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates and suicidal thoughts.

New Jersey Assemblywoman Linda Stender is pushing to outlaw the dangerous substance. “We should take the steps now in New Jersey to prevent any further heartbreak to any family,” Stender said. “We have to stop it from being so accesible and criminalize it now.”

Stender calls the drug “Russion roulette in a powder form.”

In January, New York Sen. Charles Schumer called for banning the substance. “They’re made for one thing and one thing only: to get a cheap, quick and often dangerous high,” Schumer said.

Parisio has been charged with first degree murder. He is being held on $400,000 cash bail.

  • friend

    I knew both of them and this campaign on bath salts should be second…him rotting in jail for what he did should be first priority…for his mom to go out and work the bath salt edge is crazy…they arent good but he had issues and has always been in trouble…

  • Renee

    Pam was a bright, kind, and generous person who worked extremely hard as a student at Rutgers. She was just recently admitted into the Graduate program at Rutgers University and was looking forward to being a full time graduate student in the fall. She was driven to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate and held the highest regards for people no matter who they were or where they came from. It pains all of us in the Warren Township community to see such a motivated and genuine person suffer from such a tragedy. She will forever be remembered for her generosity, strong work ethic, and love for her friends and family.

    It is unfair and entirely inaccurate to portray her in any other light.

  • Sunshine

    I knew her. Worked with her for a while. She was a beautiful , intelligent and driven girl. She excelled in everything she did, and it is an absolute tragedy that this happened.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

  • Castrate Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why would a pretty, intelligent girl stay with a Druggie LOSER like that????? Just because he was kind of good looking????? Girls should learn a valuable lesson from this- Looks fade- Dumbness stays FOREVER :-)

    • Trista van Lier

      I knew her too and to try and guess as to why she was dating him when she is dead is completely inappropriate. Please think before you write anything like this. You have no idea who she was or why she did the things she did. It is especially hurtful to imply that she was dumb on a public website where her friends and family can see it. Some comments should be kept in your head.

  • Jerrs

    It’s not actual Bath Salts…It’s speed… It’s a False name. Kind of like the Rose in the Glass tube is used for smoking Crack.

  • P.E.R

    ‘Some experts say the drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates and suicidal thoughts’ Too bad he did not turn suicidal instead.

  • Alan Foos

    Fear not he who can kill the body, but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.


    • ROBERT

      Why must someone always inject Jesus into the conversation?

  • True Patriot

    Any smoke shop

  • bubble51

    Okay….who would ever thought to snort bath salt? Where do druggies come up with the next high? How about getting a job and get a life.

  • Trish

    A ban on the bath salts, pot, coke, etc…does the government see that its war on drugs is not working. If its banned, there is something else waiting to be use…pleaseee.

  • daniel

    why don’t they explain it’s not bath salts so people wont make idiot jokes about it? These are serious meth synthetics that are causing ‘speed psychosis’ in only a few days, compared to a few months of meth use.
    This is not a danger to just people using them. These people have been and will continue to kill random people around them in the most horrifying ways (and religiously hallucinated motives). Send a letter to your congressman if you care at all please!!!!! Write to the media to get their story straight and stop joking about ‘bath salts’. How callous can we be about human life without the excuse of drugs?

  • Mr. Armenia

    It’s the bath salts fault. He is an innocent young man.

  • Yocash Janet

    yes, bath salts should be banned!

  • Big Nard

    He will be okay in prison. He can still get high.

  • Marina Ios

    I didnt quite understand, how is this done: smoke it, eat it , how? really, it is not explained how you use the bath salts….just curious.

    • Michael H.

      From what I understand it is snorted like cocaine or ketamine.

      • anna

        as far as i know it can be snorted, taken by mouth, and injected by syringe.



  • Eric Cartman

    He needed an old fashion.
    Oh and why was this chick dating a bipolar drug addict? Not blaming her but why would you want to be around someone like this.

    • you're an idiot

      You are absolutely blaming her. You are taking the blame away from him and putting it on her. She had known him since before he was diagnosed. Would you just up and leave your friend after they had been diagnosed with cancer? Yeah, keep you ignorant comments to yourself.

      • jj

        And bipolar can be treated successfully with medication with patient compliance. Bipolar is a mood disorder not a thought disorder like schizophrenia — the drugs however can make them practically the same though.

  • Kevin

    beyone = beyond

  • Kevin

    This is one of the reasons I think marijuana should be legal. Then he probably would have smoked a joint, ate a bag of chips, and went to bed. Although smoking pot is not good for you either, at least we know very well what we’re up against. I believe most (not all) drug users would not go beyone marijuana if it was readily available.

  • Jerome Howard

    Should they be banned? That’s a joke. They’ll be banned any minute now. Who’s going to object, bath salt heads?

    The real question is, how many people were run over during Schumer’s mad dash for a microphone after he heard about this?

  • Val

    Doesn’t anybody use bath salts to take a bath anymore? I do! This is crazy, that someone would snort this stuff.

  • Rob

    I don’t care if this guy was snorting dried, crushed hot dogs that made him crazy. Throw away the key after a well deserved conviction. Anyone who decides to use a drug (inc alcohol) should be responsible for whatever happens adversely while under the influence.

    • badman

      amen. especially someone who knows he’s got mental problems. no sympathy. he is responsible.

  • PaPa Joe

    I know how to make things right with Mr. Parisio and his alleged problems that led to Ms. Schmidt’s death. Let’s bring Ms. Schmidt back and give Mr. Parisio a second chance.

  • Big Daddy

    only god knows the truth

  • Carlos Liriano

    Mr. Armenia, you are a MORON

    • Mr. Armenia

      Carlos I wasn’t seriour

  • BDAY55

    He’s clean.

    • True Patriot

      ha ha I get it

      • be respectful

        this is completely inappropriate to comment when a young girl is dead because of this man’s abuse of an extremely dangerous drug that all young people have access to.

        If you cannot think of anything intelligent to say, do not say anything.

  • Mr. Armenia

    not guilty?

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