Poll Shows Majority Of New Yorkers Want Walmart In Their Backyard

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing a Walmart in New York City.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Friday, 57 percent of New Yorkers said elected officials should allow Walmart to open in the city. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they would shop at a city Walmart if it were convenient for them.

Speaking with WCBS 880 on Friday, Crain’s New York Business contributor Greg David said the poll numbers bode well for Walmart.

David said the despite the fact that 68 percent in the poll believed its presence would hurt small businesses, city residents were willing to make the trade-off.

“The trade-off is that competition will be good for consumers and the city. And cheaper goods will be good for New Yorkers — especially those who don’t have as much money as other people,” he said.

So why has City Council been so dead set against the proposal to bring the retail giant to the five boroughs?

David pointed to what he called “outsized influence” from labor unions in City Council primary elections.

“That’s why the council members are saying that Walmart shouldn’t come,” David said. “It’s unclear what they’re going to do to keep Walmart out.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has previously declared her strong opposition to having the store open in NYC.

“Walmart doesn’t bring jobs; it takes away jobs. They kill jobs,” Quinn said in early February.

David cited numbers released by Walmart stating that the retailer currently pays an average of more than $13.00 per hour in the state.

The wages at a potential store in the city would likely be higher.

If the city adopts a living wage law, David said Walmart would qualify.

“It pays more than the living wage and offers benefits,” he said.

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  1. Dave says:

    Wal-Mart could be the worst company in the world. What a joke! They will ruin what makes NYC the greatest city in the world. All of the “Mom & pops” will be gone and we will look like every other white bread town in the USA. This is a fact, just look at every town they have entered.

  2. X Wal-Mart Executive says:

    You are all so clueless! What happens first is Wal-Mart will open it’s doors. Then they will proceed to put everyone out of business, in every category that is around them. Then they will hire all of the employees who just lost their jobs from the stores that they put out of business at lower wages. When you go into a Wal-Mart you will see many imported items that are cheap. You will say “I don’t like the cheap one, but I do like this one” This one costs as much as any other store, it’s the entry level product that is so cheap. So now they got you! The competition is out of business, they hired the workers at lower wages (so now Wal-mart can say they created jobs) and they now own you the customer. This is not my opinion, this is a fact. And I didn’t even mention healthcare and how they treat women. Good luck NYC from a former high level Wal-Mart employee who had enough.

  3. sharp object says:

    Only the Jews don’t want Walmart here.

    1. Sharper object says:

      Only the Jews??? Bloomberg is a jew you moron, lol!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mak says:

    Walmart, by sending all the manufacturing off shore, created their own customers by knocking out the middle class. Remember … every dollar you spend buying toilet paper at Walmart either goes into China’s or the Walton’s hands. They aren’t looking out for the customers. They are looking out for their bottom line. Don’t be fools for a penny.

  5. steve says:

    ur gonna pay more anyway in the form of taxes to support wallmarts low wage workforce. check the facts of how many of its workers are on some sort of government healthcare so keep this gabage store out!!!!!!!!

  6. JasonS says:

    Walmart is advantageous to small business owners. The proper role of small businesses is to provide consumers with luxury and once-in-a-while purchases, not everyday staples. Leave it to the giants like Walmart to provide us with our daily staples at low prices – this leaves us with more money in our pockets to spend on the kind of things small businesses sell.

    Low prices benefit everyone – but most of all, they benefit low income families. Leave it to the liberals to say a big “f-you” to the poor in their continued fight against Wal-Mart.

  7. Isagani Vecino says:

    The small businesses think only of their profits, they don’t think the consumers who pay the burden of gas expenses everytime the consumers jumps from one place to another.just to buy a small quantity of items. While if there is Walmart in our area of NYC its a convenient to shop under one roof. Thereby savings a lot of gas and of course, money.

    1. Retired 44 says:

      So true!

  8. Honest Abe says:

    I disagree with Rappy. In this economy today people need cheaper goods. When you go to the supermarket food costs are extremely high. How do you expect poor and middle class people to survive with the high cost of food prices? Now people are losing there jobs also so they would benefit from cheaper cost of foods. Walmart does not only sell toys which is not from China but Walmart sells other things at affordable prices. Affordable prices no longer exist in NYC!!! Bring Walmart to NYC. It will help struggling New Yorkers! People will feel good about themselves when they can buy food at an affordable cost instead of paying so much for food. This is what Rappy needs to see.

  9. Aerostockians says:

    Free enterprise

  10. Ben Lowenstein says:

    Small businesses in NYC are all rip-offs anyway, they could use the competition to align there business strategies with reality.

  11. Rappy says:

    Yep, America needs more lead contaminated toys from China a company that pays minimum wage,and is under investigation for using sweat shops overseas. I hope everyone who shops there feels good about themselves.

    1. Richard says:

      You are so right keep them out of New York.

    2. Borsia says:

      There was 1 instance of a Chinese company shipping lead contaminated toys which happened due to a 3rd party supplier. When the factory owner learned about it he committed suicide. How likely do you think an American would do that? Those toys were imported by an American.
      Nice try but trying to demonize China doesn’t hold water.

  12. Hornet Montana says:

    “Cheaper goods will be good for New Yorkers — especially those who don’t have as much money as other people.”
    There is a high cost for these “cheaper goods”. A whole film was created about it.

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