Spaghetti Dinner Leads To Full-Blown Brawl On NYC Subway Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who thought that eating spaghetti on a packed subway car could cause such problems?

Well, it did. A video posted on YouTube shows a woman riding on a crowded subway train eating spaghetti from a styrofoam container.

Warning: Video contains profanity Click Here to See Video

Now, there is a code among straphangers that eating on the train is just plain rude. But so is drinking, listening to loud music, talking loudly, etc. It is certainly annoying but a sad reality for those using mass transit in our city.

Most times the offending party will just get dirty looks. However, sometimes someone will speak up.

Like in the case of the passenger sitting across from her spaghetti-eating nemesis in the above-mentioned video.

The details of the incident are scant: There is no date, nor mention of location and subway line. All we have to go on is what is seen in the video–and let’s just say, it’s not pretty.

All hell breaks loose after a passenger is heard saying, “What kind of animals eat on the train?”

Oh boy. Watch for yourself and let us know if a situation like this has ever happened to you.

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  • enny

    agree, the white lady probably starve to death when she sees the young girl eating spaghetti or maybe she doesn’t have money to buy food. poor woman. For me, I think the young girl has the right to eat, she’s probably starving. well, she got to eat something.

    • Lai Yinghan

      I don’t think so. Eating in the train is not allowed because whoever does so will get fined once caught. This girl and her friend should not have hit the woman too.

  • Neville Lee

    If it was a cigarette I could understand someone making a comment but it was spaghetti. Sometimes it’s just wise to mind your own business.

    • HUGO

      It wasn’t spaghetti. It was LO MEIN. She should have known better than to confront a savage.

      • GOD

        Hugo you are the savage for even making such a dumb comment.

  • Christine Blasucci

    You wanted to know if this every happened to me on the subway? Actually on January 26, 2000 I was on the subway and I had to go to dinner with my family that night so I had to get home fast. The incident happened in my car and it was a terrible sight someone was stabbed to death right in front of me. When I finally got off the train I called my family immediately to let them know that I was going to be late.

    • HUGO

      Consider yourself lucky. You got to see all that action for $2.25 and you probably had a great story to tell your family over dinner.

  • Subway Rider

    I hope this video shows up at the police and they charge the idiot with agravated assault!

    • Tommy Delfino

      You’re allowed to eat on the subway, there are no rules that say you can’t.

      • MTA

        Food and drinks are NOT allowed on the subway.

    • HUGO

      I agree but would you confront a baboon eating peanuts in morgue? No way, you would go on your way.

  • Vladimir

    I am a Russian white man. I salute
    1) to the black dude who made the video. thx bro very entertaining i have already put it on FB
    2) black guy who stopped the fight. U r the man!!!
    3) to white woman. piece of advice next time when u deal with somebody in the confrontation be prepared to do stuff physically. Learn self defense moves. When someone stands in your face and says what u going to do, u don’t have to push them with your hands, u can just force your way to the left or to the right with your body and escape the confrontation.
    4) to black woman and her daughter. u daughter were probably hungry and there might be no other time/place to eat except the train. stuff like that happens in the life(even though there signs on the train No food, no drink, no loitering, no loud music), but unfortunately it does not give you the right to use physical force when someone gives u a notice(unless the notice is a physical threat to put u in the harms way). Your daughter may face assault and battery charges and you may go as an accomplice.
    5) to all people -united we stand divide we fall. cant we just live peacefully with each other.We should say grace to God for what we have.U think u got it tough and I am wrong:look at Japan
    Thx everybody and God Bless.

    • HUGO

      Thanks for the comments Mr. Putin.

    • robert

      You’re right Vladimir, this was a dumb reason to possibly get injured or a criminal record. The black girl needs to focus on the bigger picture, like her future. If she gets a police record for assault, when her chances of getting a good job later on just went down. In all places that I’ve worked at, they threw out or just didn’t pay attention to anyone with a police record. That is unless they had some major educational background. Everyone should’ve just made their opinion known and leave it be. The black girl needs to grow up and remember, words can’t hurt you!!

    • New Yorker

      Vladimir…. very wise your comment. Loved it! You are soooo right!

  • 21stCenturyAmerika

    So glad I dont have to be subjected to this endless parade of human debris. I’d rather walk l. White, black. Makes no difference. They are both pathetic pieces of garbage. If you are unfortunate enough to have to ride these rolling dumpsters everyday, i feel sorry for you. Good luck clawing your way out of this cesspool.

  • Shinikua

    Wow! I guess that’s what shel’ll teach her kids. Its very clear she lacks social skills – lack education – self centered. How said to see a young woman behave this way. I feel very sad for her. She’ll be a guetto (*&^ all her life. Girl, learn how to behave and live between humans. I can expect that kind of behaviour in an animal. They don’t know any better. Sorry, feel very sorry for this girl. And her companion? Even worse!

  • Bud

    “If you see something, say something.”

    • HUGO

      If you smell something, say something.

      • hls

        lol Hugo. good one. they’re all jerks. so sick of these people. if you don’t like it, take a limo! meanwhile let the rest of us have a peaceful ride.

  • nyc

    And we wonder why europeans think americans are pigs, uncivilized ,just watch this video !

    • William

      Been to a few European countries over the years, maybe they should focus on using DEODORANT, rather than us….. They STINK in the summer!!!

    • HUGO

      And we wonder why Europeans are obsessed with Americans. Tell your woman to shave euro savage.

    • Cornholio

      Newsflash: europeans don’t bathe often enough for my liking. Point: US.

      • hls

        newsflash, if europeans hate us so much ,stay in europe! nobody asked for their tourist opinion! they sure do flock here like seagulls for people who hate us so much.

  • Vin

    I’d much rather have someone eat food next to me than some rude P.O.S. young punk A$$ low life who insists on blasting his Ipod on full volume first thing in the morning. Show all the food you want; just keep it quiet. And unless a man just hit a woman, or a child’s been abused or an animal’s been beaten, Animal is not a word to be said to anyone. Even if they’re eating on a subway.

    • HUGO

      Vin, you wouldn’t mind someone eating a 3 course meal next to you on the subway because you’re a savage yourself. I’m sure you eat an egg roll on the N train every day.

      • kelinsometime

        Since when does eating make you a savage? So what if it’s on a subway or locked away with all the lights off in your closet so no one can see you put food in your mouth.

    • Mike

      She was an animal, and so are you.

      • Lieutenant

        I agree Vin

        Mike – F off!!!

  • Anthony D

    A freaking low-life animal on the subway!

    • Humphrey

      Anthony D,

      Agreed. You are referring to the white whale, no?

      • HUGO

        He is referring to both, the white whale and the brown seal.

      • Nicole S

        LMAO… good one.

  • Denise S.

    At no time did the woman say slap me. There was no reason for them to put their hands on her.

    • Devenio

      If you look at the video, it was clearly the Bright Fat chick that stared this entire incident. More than likely on a diet and was fending for a pork chop when the Dark young chick started eating. When a fat person is hungry, look out!

  • Hell's Kitchen

    Next time, bring enough for everyone.

  • Christine Blasucci

    Have everyone involved arrested. It makes you wonder where are the transit police when you need them?

    • Denise S.

      NO, why should the woman be arrested for speaking her mind. The 2 ladies attacked her. Now you want to take away her right to free speech????

      • Nicole S

        There is nothing wrong with free speech, it is a constitutional right, but you need to be careful about what you say and who your saying it to. Calling someone an animal is asking for it and thats what got her into trouble.

      • Lieutenant

        @Denise – there are consequeces for your actions. U cant expect to disrespect someone and then there are no reaction COME ON!!!

      • kelinsometime

        FIRE!!!! Oh come on, I was just exercising my right to free speech.

  • Ron

    It’s a free country, the white woman had the right to say something, the 2 black ladies had the right to eat, who cares if she’s eating on the subway, maybe the white lady was hungry and mad that they didn’t share with her so she started talking junk.

    • HUGO

      Actually eating isn’t allowed on the subway. Obey the rules Ronnie.

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  • Simon

    After you’ve eaten your spaghetti or pizza or Big Mac or whatever, make sure all the bits of food that fell out of your mouth land in the corner and on the floor. Discard your used ketchup packs and empty containers on the seat next to you. Don’t forget to put that half-finished can of Coke by your feet so it can roll around the subway car and make nice sticky puddles everywhere. Thanks.

  • General

    Looks like some attitudes need to be checked at the door. They should be sitting in jail for a night for assault.

  • MARQUIS de subway


    “Let them eat Speghetti Sandwiches”

  • keith

    My two least favorite subway riders are:

    1) People who wear large, full backpacks on crowded trains.
    2) People who stand in front of the door, and don’t move in to the center of the car, leaving empty spaces in the middle and very crowded areas around the doors.

  • fie dolla fut long

    so much for the famous “SUBWAY” sandwich? no?

    Five….Five…. Fi dolla foot looong….

    Five….Five…. Fi dolla foot looong….

    • Ray

      ANY ANY!!

  • dee

    can she even say spaghetti?

    • JaQuanda Humpkiss

      Yes: Busketi.

      • hls

        lol hugo, okay okay it was LO MEIN and not pasketti. you should be a stand up comic. just don’t do it on the subway for money that’s illegal too.

      • HUGO

        It was LO MEIN.

  • dee

    back in the 70s i saw a homeless woman eating a semi cooked chicken on the “underground” yes… in London.. so not just here… who knows maybe that was all she had in days
    with everything else going on who cares.. we’re going to self destruct anyway

    • crazyeye killer

      Yes but this p.o.s. and her posse live in the projects on the publics dime.

    • laura

      you’re so right dee. with all the things going on in the world, you would think people would stop hating each other. I think this incident happened in flatbush, the girls look decent, probably go to brooklyn college. I am not saying they were right. But the older woman should not have insulted them. I cant belive how racists some of these comments are. smh

  • jim

    she eats like an animal shoveling the food into her face…..

    • nycgal

      I do not believe she chewed her food. I am thankful that a fork was used.

  • MLK

    No one asked to be beaten… no matter white or not
    and obviously you are someone who uses violence to make a point,.,, grow up and stop being a prejudicial person that creates racial tension…

  • MRSG

    I have never understood why they are so hungry they can not wait until they get off the train. It is always extra special when they leave the trash behind. I guess a full belly makes you rude and lazy.

    • crazyeye killer

      When a baboon in a jungle gets hungry , it eat.

  • Lrb

    In todays society, we are an eat on the go people. Perhaps she had no other time to eat. Perhaps she has a medical condition that requires her to eat and she had no other time to do it. I see nothing wrong with someone eating as long as they are neat about it. Spaghetti may have not been the best choice…

  • Fred

    Just a typical day on the subway.



    • Tommy Lent

      Sorry. There was no mention AT ALL in this video about race. So basically you see things via skin color, probably play the race card whenever things don’t go your way, and basically still think only white people can be racists. Do you know what this means? No? Well it simplyl means YOU’RE a racist! Wake up!

    • Denise S.

      That’s a load of poop. The only difference is, had it been a white girl she might not have gotten hit. It’s about manners. That was the only point the lady was trying to make.

      • Lieutenant

        @Denise – How is that girl eating her food affecting that old lady, she should have minded her own damn business!!!

  • Yvonne J Alvarez

    Wow NY is definitely angry!!! with all that said I know well enough cause I have never ever done it to eat on the train but to each his own right?

    • BigEZ

      Wrong yvonne – your not allowed to eat on the train.

      • Yvonne J Alvarez

        thats ok BigEZ no offense taken. You are right no eating on the train please!!!

      • BigEZ

        Yvonne – I’m just saying it’s not to each his own because your not allowed to eat on the train.
        I didn’t mean you personally.

      • Yvonne J Alvarez

        THAT IS why I have never and will never do it.

  • Denise S.

    I agree 100%. It’s disgusting…. a subway is no place to be eating and spaghetti of all things makes it a lot worse. No one wants to watch you with noodles hanging out of your mouth but how she chooses to live, where she chooses to eat …. that’s her business. The older woman could have easily walked away. She didn’t have to stare or comment about it. As for the two teens they should know better.There is no excuse for the way they treated the woman. Their actions spoke for themselves but from what I saw I’m sure they feel no shame. Thank God there were good people there to help her.

  • Big Nard

    People that ride the NYC subways are rude. The ones that eat, sleep, read in your face , listen to loud music, backpack wearing, big bag havin, three bag carryin and feeling my chubby. Did I forget something??
    The bad thing is there is never a cop in the subway.

    • hls

      blocking the door and leaning on the pole with their whole body like no one needs to hold on but them, let’s not forget those. lol

  • Sam

    I hate when people eat in inappropriate places. When I lived in NY I use to go to this laudreymat. Every week this woman would set up a buffet on one of the tables for her and her 4 kids to eat that are meant to fold clothes. I would have to ask the attendant right in front of her for paper towels and spray cleaner to clean the table so I could fold my clothes. The attendant did nothing because she was afraid. I give the woman credit for speaking up.

    • HUGO

      You should have helped yourself to the buffet and then sneezed on it. The feasts would have stopped.

  • Peter

    Good man C.J and some Ribs to!!!!

  • jme

    typical animal what do you expect

  • Mr. Armenia

    I always try to have a nice egg-fart brewing for these situations.

    • BigEZ

      Lmao @ mr armenia

  • doc

    Black and White thing.

  • s_a_b_o_q

    People who don’t mind their business end up in a box on the ocean floor….

  • Bud

    Really! Let her eat and get over it! People are so stupid. You are offended by someone eating? Grow up! Morons.

    • Sam

      Bud, you are the moron. Especially if you think that this woman did nothing wrong.

    • BigEZ

      Bud – clearly your manners differentiate from others.
      Trains are for commuting on they are not mobile restaurants!
      It’s people with your mentality that lower the standards in society!

      • Lieutenant

        And it ppl like u BIGEZ that get beat up on the train. MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!

  • Bridget

    It is a little piggish to be eating a full blown meal from a container on a train. There are signs all over the train stating no food or drinks that people ignore. This is why the trains are filthy. People should learn proper manners.

  • Maxx

    Feeding time at the trough for the animals – low class chombos

  • BigEZ

    It’s not good manors let’s be honest. There is a time and a place to eat spaghetti and the Subway just isn’t one of them.
    As for blood sugar!! How about carrying an apple rather than a box of spaghetti!!

    • wakeuppeople

      Yeah, always an excuse. The “it’s not my fault” denial.

  • Denise

    Eating on the train is disgusting. All the germs flying around. I can’t wait to get off to wash my hands. Who would think to eat spaghetti on a crowded train. Only cetrain kind of people eat like this.

  • aimesnyc

    Seriously, people? What is the big deal about eating on the subway? People are busy, and sometimes the subway is the only place that they get to sit for a good amount of time.

    However, listening to your music so loudly that the entire subway car can hear it is not only annoying, it’s also bad for your ears.

    • Nicole S

      I agree.. if you are alright with all of the germs that will landing on your food, you can eat without making a mess and will take your trash with you, I do not see a problem.

    • Bridget

      Listening to music and eating a meal on the train is like comparing apples and organges. There are signs all over the train “no food or drinks” people ignore. Its people with you attitude that contribute to the filth in NY. I am very busy with long commutes and I have never eating a full meal on a crowed public transporation. Disgusting.

      • Lieutenant

        @Bridget – so u never drank on the train either cuz if u did ur being a hyporcite and i know u have!!!

      • kelinsometime

        Why is it disgusting? I can never figure that one out.

    • John

      Spoken from a pig himself!!


    The fact is that the girl should not have been eating on the subway. The other woman however was very rude and should have politely asked her to stop. The mother should have stepped in and calmed things down, not riled everyone up.

    • hls

      lieutenant. we’ve all had a drink on the train and sometimes you really don’t have time to eat so you eat something like cookies or a snack and people feed their kids a bagel or some dry food all the time and hey they’re little kids. but she’s a teenager. do you see others pulling a spaghetti dinner out on the train (sorry hugo . . .LO MEIN). no, there’s a reason, it’s called having manners. now was the lady way out of line, yes but then she’s probably crazy. as the guy said just leave it alone girls, it’s not worth it. i bet that girl won’t be eating on the train again (especially after she gets out of jail and can’t get a job). another thing she didn’t consider.

  • Yvonne

    Its not a color thing its a life thing the way I see it LIVE AND LET LIVE what harm was the woman causing anyone what if she has low blood sugar and she had to eat? what if she had not eaten all day because she was so busy? yes it might be rude etc, etc, but this was totally uncalled for totally and do you know the harm that fighting after eating does not good. Oh well lets just be sure we don’t ever do that to anyone.

    • disrespectful

      eating meal type food on a subway (not a snack) is basically saying “i’ll do what i want. i don’t care that everyone else around me has to smell my food and watch me stuff my face”.

      it’s just a total lack of respect. also, it’s against the mta rules.

      glad she got called out…a lot of people are too afraid to speak up. however, the manner in which the woman called her out probably could have been handled more tactfully.

      • Neville Lee

        Sometimes it is wise to just mind your business. It’s not if she was smoking a cigarette and blowing it in the woman’s face. It was just food and it’s not harming anyone..

  • Moral Truth on Crab Legs

    At least it’s not as bad as that fat, south brooklyn trash I saw eating crab legs at 8am on a Tuesday last year. Some people are disgusting and that’s just sad for them and the rest of us for having to deal with them.

    • BigEZ

      Crab legs @ 8am lmao. That’s disgusting.

  • William Kiehn

    I hope that everyone has a nice day.

    • Everyone

      Up yours!

  • Clark Allen

    She can have her spaghetti as long as I can have my Absout vodka shots on the Bronx-bound #4 or #5.

  • Moral Truth

    People should not be eating on the subways
    These type of people do that and that’s the Moral Truth

    • C.J.

      She must have had the Popeye’s fried chicken before getting on the train.

    • NOWAY

      these “type” of people? What do you mean by that?

      • BigEZ

        He means hood rats.

      • kelinsometime

        Hungry people?

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