NYPD: Knife-Wielding Man Shot To Death By Cops In Bronx Apartment

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) —  A Bronx man who tried to attack his roommate was shot and killed by officers after he refused to drop a knife, police said Monday.

Neighbors tell 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan that police were also called to the apartment last week

Police were called to the Rhinelander Avenue apartment in Morris Park around 11:20 p.m. Sunday night.

When officers arrived, they found the roommate trying to hold off the armed suspect with a folding chair, NYPD spokeswoman Kim Royster said. The 46-year-old man then confronted the officers at the doorway with a 6-inch steak knife.

The officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to drop the knife but he instead “lunged at them,” Royster said. Two officers fired three rounds that struck the suspect in the chest.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. His name was not immediately released.

Police said two knives were recovered in the apartment.

The roommates had been placed in the two-bedroom apartment by a private social services agency. Neighbors told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan that the police were called to the apartment last week.

The officers involved in the shooting were taken to Jacobi Hospital for observation.

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  1. M. Park says:

    “The roommates had been placed in the two-bedroom apartment by a private social services agency”

    who is this agency and why were they allowed to put this disturbed man into an apartment in this area? it’s a good area, we don’t want your trash in our area cause you can’t handle it! there are schools all over the area and buses that take kids to even more schools, we dont need people like “placed” in the area by “social services”

  2. Fritz Von says:

    They could have shot him in arm or a leg, like they do in fantasy land, or Narnia. Why didn’t they just sprinkle magic fairy dust? That always works.

  3. Jose Maricone says:

    If you review any hand gun training. They train you to shoot around the
    center of the body to bring the target down.

    When a cop pulls a gun out. Be aware he is willing to use the gun.

    Just like this character in

  4. Mike the transformer worm says:

    What a beautiful day when you can Blow em’ Away and just walk away then go and get checked out by the Nut Farm and put in command of a rubber Gun.

  5. MANNY says:


  6. ? says:


    1. Self defense made EZ says:

      Allow me to simplify for you:
      A) John has a knife and lunges at Sam.
      B) Sam has a gun.
      C) Sam asks John to drop the knife. More than once.
      D) John does not drop the knife. < This is where John has failed.
      E) Sam has to eliminate the threat, so he shoots John.
      F) Game over. Sam wins.

    2. BigEZ says:

      It was at a door way which would suggest the officers were in close proximity to the suspect.

      Besides he should of dropped the knife.

    3. marge says:

      You must be a criiminal youself or an idotic ultra-liberal. why should the police risk their lives for a piece of garbage like him. Easy for you to say because you are not in the officer’s position. They have families who care for them too but the big difference is they are not garbage like the person they shot. Good riddance to that low life criminal!! One less criminal we have to worry about!!

      1. darren says:

        Marge you are a pitiful peice of garbage.

        I bet if this occured in a more affluent part fo the city the outcome would probably have been diferent as in the suspect would be recuperatiing in an emergency room somewhere.

    4. Mike says:

      for observation because they just killed someone so they make sure the guys are mentally okay. its not every day that someone comes out at you with a knife and its not every day you kill someone. i imagine more of the time these guys just go to traffic accidents.

      and shoot to kill because A. if you dont you will be killed and B. not everyone has amazing aim where they can shoot a knife, only a knife, and somehow the bullet doesnt fly out somewhere and hit someone else. C. we dont know if the officers were equipped with any other longer ranged weaponry (tasers) but what if they came late in order to equip those weapons and now they had to arrest a blood soaked man holding a knife after stabbing his room mate? what then?

    5. smitty says:

      Because police officers aren’t trained to wound people with their firearms, they are trained to eliminate the threat. In a heated violent situation it is very difficult to hit a moving target in the relatively narrow cross section of a let or arm. So you shoot for the torso which gives the greatest opportunity to eliminate the threat and ensure that stray bullets aren’t hitting bystanders.

  7. Herman Badillo says:

    What about the rights of the so-called steak knife?

    1. Charlie Rangel says:

      Exactly, Mr. Badillo. It was a steak knife, not a murder knife. I’m having a day of outrage. In my pants.

      1. BigEZ says:

        So what’s a murder knife?

  8. Moral Truth says:

    The victim lunged towards the police and they had no choice but to shoot him and that’s the moral truth.

  9. Mr. Putnam says:

    10-4! Perhaps when a cop tells you to drop your weapon–whether he is quick on t he rigger or not–youy had better listen. Too many officers have been tragically killed thias year already by crazy people from the Hudson Valley to Long Island.

  10. Rev. Al Sharpton says:

    Those officers should immediately be terminated. They should have “talked” the knife out of his hands.

    1. Joni Arroyo Jefferson says:

      Talked??…if it is in fact how they say…he lunged at them with the weapon!!…you cannot talk someone down, when they are stabbing you in the chest. Let’s be realistic. Where do we draw that line!!

      1. Batman says:


        I would have used my bat-magnet to remove the steak knife from this ruffian’s grasp, thereby keeping Gotham’s Finest, and the hapless roommate, safe from harm .

  11. Mike says:

    First time in 4 years someone was shot by a cop in that area. its a shame but if there was no other course of action other than being stabbed then what can you do?

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