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Bobby Dwyer

With last night’s loss to the Celtics, the Knicks saw their record drop to .500 at 35-35, with Dwight Howard and the Magic coming to town Wednesday night.  Boomer has grown disgusted with this team and their lack of effort on the defensive end of the floor.  He is sick and tired about hearing how this team needs time to gel and points to the success Denver has had since the blockbuster trade that landed them many new faces.  Craig meanwhile wasn’t that bothered by the loss.  He was excited how well the Knicks played for the 3 ½ quarters, before they collapsed and thinks they are very close to figuring things out and he is excited to see what happens when they do.  Craigie is a little concerned about Mike D’Antoni and whether or not he can win in New York with his coaching style, which pays very little attention to the defensive aspect of the game and apparently he is not alone, as Donnie Walsh spoke yesterday and placed the blame for the team’s struggles on his own shoulders.  Craig thinks this is a clear sign that there is unrest within the organization…Stay Tuned…
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Plus, Incarcerated Bob checks in after packing on a few pounds and Jerry follows him up with a stellar update – Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel calls in to talk about ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’ – Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker stops by and gets some much needed back-up from NJ Governor Chris Christie – a couple of ‘Angels’ could cause a problem, Jerry’s highly anticipated Moment of the Day and a sample from the ‘B&C Tourney of Babes’

incarcerated B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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It had been a while since the guys heard from the ‘Incarcerated One’, who can be counted on weekly during the football season.  I’m talking of course about the one and only ‘Incarcerated Bob’ and this morning he dialed up Boomer & Craig and during their conversation we got to the bottom of his rapid weight gain.  Then we heard from Jerry ‘Rello’, who had all the gory details from last night’s Knicks debacle.  While discussing the game and the latest fourth quarter collapse, Boomer & Craig figured out why the Knickerbockers can’t close out games, it’s because the ‘Melo-Man’ is out of shape.  We also heard about Mike Pelfrey’s latest spring training outing, Oliver Perez’s parting words and Woody Johnson’s bicycle accident leaves him hobbling…
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charliemanuel B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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Charlie Manuel (pictured above holding the 2008 World Series Trophy – holla!!!) is the Manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, the team that has, as Boomer put it, a target on their backs, this after they bolstered their pitching staff during the offseason, adding Cliff Lee to an already impressive collection of starters.  So you might say expectations are as high as ever for the Phillies, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the way Manuel is talking.  He is a throwback in every sense of the word and in this day and age, a personality like Manuel’s is somewhat refreshing and as a fan of the Phillies (holla!!!) I am a big fan of his.  He joined the guys this morning to talk about the upcoming season, the addition of Luis Castillo and what it’s like managing in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’…
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corybookerw bc B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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Cory Booker is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey the site of this year’s Eastern Regional Finals (Sweet 16) in the NCAA Tournament.  He joined B&C in-studio this morning to talk about the Hoop Fest and as it turns out, he was forced to defend his city as Craig took continuous shots at Newark.  Eventually the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie called in to try and help Booker in his defense, offering advice on how to deal with Craigie.  All in all, the interview went very well, lasting for over 30 minutes and in the end Craig declared Booker to be a good guy based on the watch he was wearing and invited him to play 3rd base (a position once reserved for Christie) on the B&C Softball team.  So do yourself a favor and check out Go Newark.com and have a blast…
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minkakelly B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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Charlie’s Angels???  More like Jeter’s & A-Rod’s ‘Angels’…Derek Jeter’s main squeeze Minka Kelly (pictured above – HELLOOOOO!!!)has landed a role in the TV reboot of the ground breaking series from the late 70’s (early 80’s), ‘Charlie’s Angels’.  This after the apple of Alex Rodriguez’s eye, Cameron Diaz (pictured below – Hi!!!), starred in the 2000 action/comedy film based on the series.  Craig wondered aloud if this might cause some sort of riff between Jeter & A-Rod, an observation Boomer, who knows a thing or two about what goes on in a locker room, did not dismiss…
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camerondiaz B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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recklessmoment2 B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

When Jerry read that Jets owner Woody Johnson was involved in a bicycling accident and suffered no life threatening injuries, he thought it was hilarious so not only did he include the story in his first update of the day, he also made it his highly anticipated Moment of the Day…
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ar 08 B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

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***Don’t forget, March Madness doesn’t just apply to the NCAA Tournament. Go and check out the Boomer & Carton Tourney of Babes where you can see Gals like April Rose (pictured above striking a pose) battling it out for the right to become this year’s ‘Attention Keeper’…

wfan bc2 B&C Morning Show Blog & Audio: Boomer Has Grown Disgusted

***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early tomorrow when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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  1. Pete says:

    Sid and Boomer, I like the sound of that. Bring back Sid, and send Carton back to Philly where he belongs.

  2. JoeyMaz says:

    Dantoni sucks and now that he has decent players on the team it shows he can’t coach. Watch he starts benching Carmello due to “uncoachable” attitude like he did with Marbury and everyone else he failed to inspire. Boomer & Carton are shills for MSG. They have nothing valuable to say abouth the Wilpons or the Knicks because they know where their million dollar paychecks come from.

  3. Yooper says:

    DuhAntoni’s idea of defense is scoring more than the other guys. He blew his chance at championships with the Suns by refusing to play ANY defense OR his bench. His starters were gassed by playoff time.

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