Long Island Girl, 4-Year-Old US Citizen, Deported

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 4-year-old Long Island girl was caught in an immigration quagmire.

The family said Emily Samantha Ruiz was deported after her grandfather was detained by authorities when their flight was diverted to Washington following a visit to Guatemala. Emily’s a U.S. citizen. Her parents are illegal immigrants living in Brentwood.

Family attorney David Sperling said Emily’s grandfather had a work visa but was taken into custody when officials noticed he had entered illegally in the 1990s.

Authorities told the family Emily could be held at a juvenile center in Virginia or return to Guatemala. The two went back.

Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed Emily was sent back to Guatemala but declined further comment.

Emily’s parents risk being detained if they go get her. Sperling plans to pick her up.

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  1. JOURNAL8 says:


  2. Mary Mary says:

    How sad that this little girl is now without her parents…….left to her Grandfather’s care, thousands of miles away by HER OWN PARENTS. Why aren’t they on the first plane back to Guatemala to be with their kid? They are choosing to illegally reside here over their own daughter’s well-being? Something is very wrong here, what can be more important than going back home to be with your child and look after her? Sad to say, this looks like a case of an Anchor Baby being dropped by her own parents when things didn’t go the way they expected. I would not want to be the Judge deciding this case and what’s best for the child’s welfare. Maybe not Parents like these.

  3. Jess says:

    Illegal or not, imagine how scared this poor little girl is. She has been taken away from everyone she knows and loves.

  4. Mrs. Bee says:

    The only morally right thing for this girls parents to do is go back to Guatemala and be with their child. And stay in Guatemala. To continue to stay here illegally and leave their child in another country is just crazy.

    1. Steeva says:

      Best Idea I heard all day.

  5. Jim says:

    Humans should be able to exercise their right to live and work anywhere on the planet. Governments representing the rich NEED to keep people pitted against each other. Losers are suckered into this vicious blaming of workers from a different “country, race, state, religion, gender, etc”. Bunch of ignorant self-defeating suckers

    1. Anarchy is Fun! says:


      I’m headed to your house to drop a deuce. Cool?

    2. Joe Chirstianson says:

      Yeah, like thats going to happen. Go move to some hunter gatherer commune or accept the modern world the way it is…

  6. Sabrina says:

    All this illegal immigration can be prevented, in Canada you cannot work go to school get government healthcare unless you can provide proof of citizenship. end of story.

    1. nyc says:

      Should be the same here !

  7. Chucky says:

    Too many illegals who are here now (and firmly dug in with Anchor Babies) have learned to work the system all too well. And by the “system” this means free health care by just walking in to the nearest hospital, no questions asked. Free food by going to the various food pantries, no questions asked. And free education for their children, no questions asked when they show up to register. Don’t we all look like chumps when we have to pay for …more our health care, pay for our food and pay higher and higher taxes in order to sustain their free rides. Will this cycle ever stop, and who can really put a stop to this? If the issue is even raised or discussed publicly, one is quickly branded a racist. Our local politicians don’t even want to touch it.

    1. Gregg says:

      I agree the system is broken. Our Government has become reactive rather then pro active. Twenty million illegals didn’t come here overnight ! Now what do you do ??

  8. bronxie says:

    America was built by illegals immigrants: SLAVES from all parts of the caribbean – where were the laws protecting them? What hypocrisy, deporting innocent children . . .

    1. You make me sick says:


      You are just too stupid for words.

      1. BigEz says:

        Lol @ you make me sick

    2. Dan Te says:

      I didn’t know slaves came from caribbean??? Did I miss something in school?

    3. Sarah says:

      The caribbean? Really? This is brand new information! I will state this that if they weren’t slaves in America, they would have been slaves in Africa as the African slave trade was started by Africans, forcing their enemy tribes into labor.
      Also, slaves did not build America. Go read a book, perhaps on industrialization; you will not find slaves written about there. Also, those immigrants came here legally and laws began forming more on immigration after their arrival to limit the numbers.
      Why should we have laws protecting illegal immigrants? Please explain that!

      1. Basfrommobay says:

        You are partially correct. “…slaves did not build America. Go read a book, perhaps on industrialization; you will not find slaves written about there. It is usually the people in power who write history. How many slaves wrote history books. Slaves in the Caribbean were significant contributors to the generation of wealth in England and that wealth spawned and financed the industrial revolution. In America, slavery was the backbone of the economy in the agrarian South for 150 years during which the South was not significantly poorer than the North.

  9. myrton woolen says:

    under the law of this country it wasnt a law that a child born in america was a legal citizen if both parents where not legal in the 70 it was sighned into law .see how it is legal to deport that child back to where the parents are legal .

  10. Micha says:

    I just want to state that the US is one of the VERY FEW countries in the world that gives automatic citizenship to babies born to non-citizens. In Europe, the kid and her parents would have been deported a long time ago. This isn’t a matter of morality, its a matter of law. If I sneak into Mexico or any other central american country and get caught, I’m going to prison- end of story. Here, you can just have a baby and collect every social service under the sun. And for those who will argue and say thats not true, I knew a woman who was here illegally a few years ago when I was still in school. She had THREE diff. names that she collected gov’t services under because she had her daughter here. She was living better than me, and she only worked part time…

    1. Hmmm? says:


      I trust that you reported this situation, correct?

      1. NYC says:

        Even if she did report, I am pretty sure NOTHING was done! The system sucks!

      2. Redneck says:

        USA is the ONLY country!

  11. Sis B. says:

    Hey, no one is disputing the rights of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to come here, try & buide a better life and raise/school their children here. We should all welcome them! The legal immigrants quickly realize they have to become part of our system, pay taxes, pay for healthcare, and most important, give back to their communities in way such as donating blood, volunteering for fire & ambulance, donating to food pantries etc.
    It’s the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at issue here. Cross the border illegally, work for …more cash, don’t pay taxes, get all the free food you can carry out of the food pantries, and pop out an anchor baby or two – and they’re all set. It’s only when they start entering our school systems and put a severe strain on school budgets do people wake up. Snapper seems to be the only rational voice in this whole discussion. And by the way, my great grandparents came here from Northern Europe, LEGALLY. Back then, it was the only way you could get into this country & remain and build a better life. Folks back then never considered coming here any other way, nor did they ever have the sense of entitlement that they could do this without the law on their side.

  12. Moral Truth says:

    Her parents and grandfather are in the county ilegally.
    The grandfather got caught luckily he had an option to go back to Guatemala with her.

    And thats the moral truth

  13. Kenny says:

    I hate to say but all of you are crazy this about a little girl who is going to be without her parents. Right or wrong it’s not right. who are we to judge what her parents did until we walk in their shoe we should keep our comments to our selfs.We don’t know what kind of life they had back in their country. would you like to live their or ours.

    1. myrton woolen says:

      you sound like its okay to break the law of this country which law do want to do away with .its not being here legaly it breaking the law to be here

  14. Old Man says:

    Just READ the article by the LEFT WING LIBERAL PRESS AP__they ONLY write the side they want to support! TRUTH has absolutely NOTHING to do with this story! ANCHOR BABIES AND their ILLEGAL PARENTS MUST GO!!!
    There has NOT been a valid news program since WALTER KRONKITE retired!! The AP should be ASHAMED of itself!!

  15. Mikell says:

    Nice, loving parents who would let their daughter fend for herself because they don’t want to be deported.

  16. Richard Fazel says:

    she is also a citizen of the country her parents are from. just because she was born here, doesn’t mean she isn’t a citizen of her parents country. imagine if you were visiting a foreign country and gave birth and that country said you can’t stay but your child belongs to our country. she stays here, you go home.

  17. HUGO says:


  18. Travelingman says:

    A lot has been left out of this story.

    Like the idea the grand parents were attempting to enter the country under false pretense.
    Maybe the parents are in the country she was deported to.

    This is a ridiculous article.

    This news contributor should be banned from posting such articles.

  19. CDAM says:


    1. HUGO says:

      cdam, from your grammar I can clearly see you are an illegal yourself. Anchor babies and illegals must go! END OF STORY!

  20. Deb says:

    Just being born here should not make you a citizen if your parents are not!!

    1. Don Juan says:

      Why not? But if the parents are here illegally, then that’s a different story . . . .

    2. Luz says:

      and just what do you call all those who came on the Mayflower??!! IMMIGRANTES!!! NONE on that ship were born here. I’m sure now in retrospect, those who were born here at that time probably now wish they had immigration laws in effect!!

      1. HUGO says:

        Luz, your Mayflower argument is weak. Illegal aliens, like yourself, are breaking the law and must be sent back from whence you came.

  21. Trish says:

    The little girl is an American and when she turns 18 she will have a choice of remaining an American or taking her parents nationality. As always, story is poorly written.

  22. Glenn says:

    This is what happens when you come to this country illegally. The parents should have considered this before letting her leave the country with the grandfather. Are we to change the rules because we feel sorry for the family. I THINK NOT.

  23. Ellen says:

    I feel sorry for the little girl, but this is what happens when parents come here illegally so blame the parents will you.

  24. Rose Rosenthal says:

    What a deceptive headline! Emily was NOT deported! She went back to Guatemala with her grandfather. CBS News — you should be ashamed of your misleading reporting on this story.

    1. Deborah says:

      Rose: People pick and choose what they read in articles like this. I totally agree with you and you too Hugo!!

  25. Rose Rosenthal says:

    What a crock. She wasn’t deported but went back with her grandfather who was deported. The story even states “Authorities told the family Emily could be held at a juvenile center in Virginia or return to Guatemala.”

  26. Kiwegapawa says:

    This is sad, the statements I see already commented, are even worse. I see short sighted people wlaking their lifwe with alot of fear Much why that Arizona and New Mexico back down of the immigration going on down there. As they soon found out those who in the attempt to become citizen’s, Those who were hired, either in the process of getting their cards, or ore caught in a paper trail snafu. As in these southern states they weren’t deporting those who gain entrance to this country by walking across they border and dodging a border check point. They were deporting those who were migrant workers who were here legal, but in a paperwork snafu. There in those farmers went to the state and the courts to stop the action. All the sudden you see the cost increase of food for produce like lettuce. Yep, that job, you , yourself don’t want.Is this couple and their daughter and grandfather any different.

    The moral’s of this country and what has been built from has gone to blank in a handbasket. I state this being Native American not a european immigrant. Can you say the same? Maybe since the european immigrants plan erridcation of the Native Americans did not work out, maybe we should evict you and send you back to europe. You want some real moral truth. Find the background and the facts before you comment, as it does show a point in a generalization in a rush to judgement that leaves you looking very biggioted! Lord Father Creator, “help this family to reunite!”

    1. Boo-Hoo says:


      You were conquered. Get over it. Learn world history: you are not the only one by a LONG shot. Now, man up and take responsibility for your life – noone else is going to do this for you.

    2. BigEz says:

      @ kiwigipawa

      So what you are saying is that because something went on hundreds of years ago we should just accept it today??

      The world is a completely different place today and no one can justify illegal immigrants coming in to the country.

    3. Trishe says:

      Please comment about the story, you are all over the place.

  27. money says:

    get them all out of here

  28. nypj says:

    if her parents are illegal, and she is a citizen then she is an “anchor baby”
    the loop holes need to be removed where children of illegal immigrants are granted citizenship.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Even if the loop holes are fixed, this little girl is still an American citizen and has just as much a right to be here as you or me.

      1. Sarah says:

        So, who is going to take care of her? You? She is 4-years old and her parents are illegal. She can come back when she is older and can take care of herself. Until then, she needs to leave the country and be raised by her own parents, not as a ward of the state or here with illegal parents! SIMPLE!

      2. Michael H. says:


        I will personally breast-feed her until she is eighteen years old. It’s the right thing to do.

      3. Sarah says:

        No, what is right can no longer be done. Her parents should have gone through the proper steps for entering this country. Now because they chose not to, they have a decision to make. Do they want their daughter with them in their own country until she is old enough to be here or her own or do they want her in a center to be raised here by strangers. The new right thing to do would be to take her home and raise her with her parents!

      4. Michael H. says:

        Ugh. The “breast-feed” comment was *NOT* me. Somebody has so little to do that they like to follow me around and post as me. I’ve complained to CBS multiple times yet they do nothing.

        My point is she has the right to be here. Nothing more. She should be with her parents, and her parents definitely should apply for legal entry into this country. I am only stating that her rights as a citizen should not be infringed upon.

    2. myrton woolen says:

      the dr where suposed to say that on the birth cer.born to illegal parents which did not give her birth rights to be a american laws have been broken from congress down to illegals entering this country harboring of ilegal aliens its time that it was stopped

  29. BigEz says:

    Very sad story but the aliens are to blame for this one. I hope it all works out for the little girl none the less.

    1. Michael H. says:

      The aliens are to blame? Which ones? the Goa’uld? The Asgard? The Wookiees? You have to be more specific.

      1. BigEz says:

        Sorry about that.
        I was referring to the Draconians.

    2. myrton woolen says:

      no it is politiand fault for harboring illegal aliens

  30. bukkaboom says:

    Keep the family together .. in Guatemala

    1. HUGO says:

      Bravo bukkaboomboom.

  31. LL says:

    Illegal by extension. Deport ’em all.

  32. Lilly says:

    Why the hell is a 4 year old going to Guatamala with Grandpa???

  33. thetrickster says:

    Wow… that’s some short-sighted comment. Because her parents came here illegally we should separate her from her parents by putting her in foster care while her parents live back in Guatemala?

    We should send you to foster care if you love it so much. Foster care is a last resort. Foster care can be devastating to some individuals. How about you get off your soapbox for a moment and show some concern for the child.

    1. Moral Truth says:

      Her parents being here ilegally is a criminal offense and thats the moral truth.

    2. ann says:

      what concern did the parents show for the child. Responsibility starts at home

    3. Ann Marie Kellett says:

      So your response is to reward the illegal actions of her parents? They broke the law, they did it willingly should their child be a get out of responsibility card? The INS was correct, she could stay here as a citizen but Mom and Dad have to go. This child wasn’t deported, unfortunately she has to pay the price of her parent’s irresponsibility and criminal activity. Oh and if they had the funds to send her back to Guatemala for a visit why didn’t they spend that money hiring an attorney and trying to fix their immigration staus?

  34. Moral Truth says:

    Its bad enough these people are always illegaly coming into the United States. The girl needs to be in foster care.

    The parents and grandfather need to be deported out of the United States immediately. They are in the country illegaly and thats the moral truth.

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