18 People Arrested For Real Estate Fraud In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The shattered real estate market has apparently created opportunities for scam artists.

Eighteen people – including a former pastor – have been arrested and charged with real estate crimes including reverse mortgage scams, loan modification and deed theft.

Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes said the defendants preyed on Brooklyn homeowners and people attempting to buy homes.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports on the real estate fraud

“In fact one of these offenders, a man named Ralph Baker had the gall – or we would say in Brooklyn the chutzpah – to come to my office claiming that his $1.7 million property was stolen,” said Hynes.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports investigators quickly learned the 61-year-old didn’t own the Brownstone. Hynes said the property was actually owned by another man named Ralph Baker.

The alleged phony Ralph Baker was arrested.

Sen. Charles Schumer describes the scheme one of the more “sleazy” types of crimes, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Hynes said his investigators will not stop until the real estate thieves stop and he gave Senator Charles Schumer the credit for getting the funds to support his investigative unit.

“There is a new sheriff in town and you’d better watch it,” said Schumer.

The Mortgage Fraud and Real Estate Crimes Unit has launched 250 investigations since 2009 and have prosecuted 40 cases.

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One Comment

  1. thoid rahaman says:

    Im glad to hear that those kind of people are arrested from Brooklyn.Now our Queens DA need to take action for real estate fraud in Jamaica, Queens too. Over here their are lot of real estate fraud. I have their name so everyone be careful of those people. Zahangir Alam aka Babu , Rocky Gonsalves, Michael Gonsalves, Shariar Sarker Saiful Islam, Mohamed Alam aka peechy Omar who’s helping them get the routing number from the bank.They are a lot of people involved with mortgage fraud. They are really a big gang they have a connection with higher level. They have too many god father one of their god father’s name is doctor Miah. They just not do credit theft they also do identity theft for credit cards .Here is the FBI case number( Title 18 united states code,section1029(b)(2).)I dont why FBI is so quiet and not doing anything .i hope our queens DA takes action immediately If the queens DA don’t take action its going to be worst of all .

    1. rah says:

      It is a G family thing. Ravi Persaud make sure every wife, man, woman, and child in his family have a houe or some kind of business. His family Richard James, Ronald Malley, Betty Petters and Basknand Motilall is in Jail for Life Insurance Fraud. AD need to check his family in Woodside, Richmond Hill and Ozone Park. Take away all those famcy houses and busines, They are all in real estate and construction business. They cause the country to be in a ression. Nto to foreget his secretar Inshan, Lilowtie Motilall who he helped to get a house at 130-24 Lefferts blvd and also Namdani Motilall and Omardan Pesaud they all need to be investagated. They lide to threaten inocent women and take away people husbands work them hard and used them as straw buyers to buy houses for them. They also have their famous voodoo kali priest lewis panchm who also a straw buy who buy a house for a man at 144 -27 lakewood ave jamaica queens. Ram have been paying for that house for 5 yrs. Then lewis pancham the kali priest claimed the house because it was under his name and Ram lost all teh mone he paid for 5 yrs. This so called priest was in jail in Trinidad for some crime and is being ban from going back into the country. Now he is in UAS at 107-34 Inwood St, making his mischive and getting away. He is the Persaud and Motiall family Voodoo Man.

  2. Maria Parker says:

    It is fantastic time to refinance home mortgage. As Clark Howard says it is very tough to find these low rates for long time. Search online for “Mortgage Refinance 123” they found me THE lowest possible rate.

    1. Keith says:

      Don’t steal – Wall Street hates the competition.

  3. Henny Youngman says:

    Don’t steal – the government hates competition!

  4. angelina says:

    They are still out there this one of the biggiest problems with the capiatisist idealogy its a lincense for fraud. Its every where. Capitialism just does not work anymore and it should come to an end.. Its a dog eat dog mentality. People need to wake up crooks are at every turn. How this country has changed it just not that wonderful country we all knew or loved. Now its every men for him self. Of cause our politician are worthless…

    1. Mike says:

      Capitalism is NOT fraud, you dork. Capitalism is WORKING, regardless of whether its digging a ditch or being an accountant. It is the only system that actually will work for society. Look at the other ways that have failed.

  5. Debbie says:

    It’s a shame that the Senators and Congressmen didn’t become involved sooner. Look at the so called “Rabbi” who was arrested for mortgage fraud by stealing homes away from the elderly, then he went and hired 2 henchmen to kill two upstate men who the one was only trying to collect money that this so called “Rabbi” borrowed. There needs to be more done to those who commit these crimes. They deserve to spend a lifetime in prison for their actions.

  6. DANIEL says:

    well i guess they dont read the holy bible and i guess their parents never taught them THALL SHALL NOT STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. jack Brown says:

      You don’t need to read the bible to know it’s not right to steal from others.

    2. JNB says:

      Give me a break man, we live in the real world, everyone steals!!! In fact, I can bet you that your Pastor steals! Who in their right mind pays 10% of their salary to the church? Its no wonder why these Evangelical big shots wear $5K Armani suits and wear Gold Rolex’s!
      Like it or not, it will never change! Its people like Chuck Schumer and Hynes that are doing a great job in helping to prevent some of the crimes like these. However, many more crimes go unpunished all the time. Specifically the officials at Enron went unpunished and they stole billions of dollars from unsuspecting employees. Many more people had to go from retirement back to work because of those big corporate SOBs!
      The reality is that we live in the “REAL WORLD”, and the majority of us don’t believe in fantasies like the Garden of Eden! The Bible is simply a big book of rules meant to control society or otherwise it would run amok like it is doing now. So regardless if they attended Sunday school or not, people will always be controlled by the power of the almighty dollar and will continue to stick their proverbial fingers in the cookie jar!

      1. dennis says:

        No, not everyone steals.

  7. Mit99ir2001 says:

    More ignorant comments !

  8. f says:

    ONLY IN NY! Real Estate Fraud, also known as “How To Steal A House” !

  9. Lylia Petion Stevenson says:

    There are a few more real estate sleazy dudes in upstate New York and Long Island .They must continue more investigations in the entire state of New York.

  10. KAT says:


  11. ibsmahtuh says:

    DArnMMIT Don’t you know that Real Estate Fraud is only legal if you are wealthy when you commit it?

  12. derney brown says:

    More Brooklyn Garbage.

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