500 Pounds Of Flour Flies Into The Air Covering Cars, People In Englewood

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — One New Jersey town was blanketed with a fine white powder Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t from a snow storm, it was just a flour shower.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: One man was surprised to find his car covered in white

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney: It’s Not Snow!

Witnesses described giant plumes of what looked like smoke billowing out from the silos of a wholesale Italian bakery on Forest Avenue in Englewood.

flour car 500 Pounds Of Flour Flies Into The Air Covering Cars, People In Englewood

A car is coated in a fine dusting of flour in Englewood, NJ (Photo/Steve Sandberg)

“When I came pulling up, it was completely white. I thought it was a fire,” witness Hope Pelczar told CBS 2’s Jay Dow.

The fire department was initially called in but the owner of La Esperanza Baking Co. said there was no cause for alarm.

Frank Queiruga said he was having a silo pumped with 500 pounds of flour but it blew its top when a pipe disconnected.

“The pipe was disconnected. The truck just keeping pumping out….Just blow out into the air,” Queiruga said.

He said it looked like a cloud.

When Frank Carter came out to check on his newly washed Mazda he found it caked in the fine white powder. His was one of a couple dozen of cars that were lightly dusted by the flour.

“It’s just flour. It’s not toxic or anything,” he said. “It’s just something, accidents happen, and luckily it wasn’t something that would cause any harm to anyone. So we just wash our cars and be done with it.”

“If it was a little warmer out here we’d have buns on top of the cars,” another man chuckled.

  • Crafter

    I used to make paste from flour and water for my kids projects. Things will be a gluey mess if it rains on Englewood. If the flour has seeped into areas where there is moisture….problems could occur.

  • p wilson

    I’m from the 60’s – flour power!

  • Roy

    Lets bake a car cake……….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Will

    The news stories on this site are really getting worse every day!! It appears that fifth graders are writing them. Boy oh boy…. I see better writing in my son’s High School paper… pathetic!!

    • daddyq

      Yeah I agree, I am switching to CNN, as if it would be better there. These people are supposed to be journalists. Did they even take English 101? They can’t compose a proper sentence. And if you watch/listen to the TV or radio news, they are just reading these same stories, interrupted by 15 minutes of commercials.

  • I guess call me Guido!!

    As an Italian American I can tell you that this is just insulting. First of all, the owner is Hispanic. What the reporter was afraid to write “in his thick Peurto Rican accent”. That would NEVER happen, not in this day and age, but it’s OK to write that about an Italian!!! I guess political correctness doesn’t apply to us. Unreal double standards!!

    • CBS Jernalissed

      Hi Guido. So…you’re Eyetalian, eh? Did you like-a my story?

      • Guido

        Si, testa di minchia…..

      • Richard Cranium

        Si, testa di cazzo….

    • Sandwich Maker

      You must be mistaken…I have never seen hispanic bread at any store.

      • mari

        Bimbo bread company is a MAJOR Hispanic bread company

      • Squanto

        Ever heard of Cuban bread?

      • Juan In A Million

        Sandwich Maker, what kind of bread do you like… Wonder Bread? You obviously never had a Cuban sandwich. Must be shopping at the wrong stores mang!

      • Half A Loaf

        My ex-girlfriend was a major Bimbo…

  • JGreen

    “Queiruga said, in his thick Italian accent…” “Owner of the Hispanic America Bakery…”

    Why would he have a thick Italian accent when he is clearly hispanic, owns a bakery with the name hispanic in it and, had the fire department respond to La Esperanza Baking Co. which sounds like a spanish name.

    I know, its because all bakers are fat, italian guys who sing o sole mio while baking bread!

    I can see why CBS is so confused about this story.

  • Dandy Lion

    Dan Te, do you also demand a clean-up for dandelion seeds?

  • Stan the man

    What clean up, flour is Biodegradable

  • Dan Te

    So who is going to pay for the cleanup?

    • Miller

      You would not be pumping just 500 lbs of flour into a silo. Our smallest customer can hold 40,000 lbs in one silo.Is this actually NEWS???!!!

      • Miller

        Who would want to eat something from New Jersey any way??????????

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