Monzo Minor: Hey Rangers – Enough Is Enough

By Brian Monzo
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Enough is enough. As the Rangers skated off the ice last night after a 6-2 thrashing by Islanders, everyone was aware of the task at hand. With four games remaining (Flyers, Thrashers, Devils and Bruins) and, holding a three point lead over the Hurricanes, the wins need to come. However, right now, the goals need to come.

After scoring 17 goals in three games, the team has now scored five goals in five games. With the exception of last night, the effort was there in the previous four games. Last night, in the 2nd and 3rd periods, it looked as if there were eight Islanders on the ice. There was no room. The reason? There was no forecheck by the Rangers. No grinding by Rangers. The things that made the Rangers the hardest team to play against were not being done, making them an easy team to create chances on and get a W.

Let’s take a look at the previous three games before last night. The Rangers battled the Panthers for a 1-0 win in typical Ranger form, with hard work and grinding. They then lost in a shootout to the Senators, 2-1, but again, they battled back and got a point. Wednesday, they played that same style of play and lost to Buffalo, 1-0, thanks to rookie goalie Jhonas Enroth.

The team now has two days off before heading to Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, a war which will be shown nationally on NBC. The last time the these two teams played, it was the same scenario, and the Rangers beat up the Flyers, 7-0. Though not likely to happen again, the same effort is needed.

Coach Tortorella has to get this team set to push for three wins out of the last four games. Every Ranger fan remembers what happened the last game of the season last year, with the Rangers playoff hopes on the stick of Olli Jokinen in a shootout. That image still makes me sick. The best thing to come out of that day was I was so disgusted, my now fiancee felt bad and took me to my favorite pizza place (Vic’s in Bradley Beach, NJ). Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get the bitter taste out of my mouth.

I can’t go through another pizza pity party next Saturday when the Rangers host the Devils in the regular season ender at MSG.

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One Comment

  1. Ranger Rick says:

    Islander Andy get real… your pathetic team hasn’t even won a playoff series in over 18 years. Talk about embarrassing! You also, once again, lost the season series to the Rangers including a 6-3 pounding two weeks ago. Last night is all you got…Enjoy your golf …Again

  2. Rex Walker says:

    Where is the new Messier? Let’s get it done.

  3. Islander Andy says:

    Rangers may put in the effort, but lack the balanced scoring of Your New York Islanders. While the Rangers continue to be a perpetual bottom seed, the Isles’ are proving their future is far more promising. Last night was just a small taste of things to come Ranger fans.

    Cheers to sincerely hoping you miss the playoffs in far more embarassing fashion this year.

    1. Barry the A says:

      the pattern has been the same since the all-star break: contending team starts to slump and falls to the brink of playoff elimination, then turns it around and gets back into the race. Buffalo, Atlanta, Carolina, Toronto all have followed the script.
      Now it’s the Rangers turn. They will turn it around before it’s too late and make it to the second season.

    2. Brian Monzo says:

      I disagree — the Rangers scoring is not NOT balanced. If you look at their stats, it is pretty balanced out …just not enough of it. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Great post Monzo! After all the good this season, how scary to think we may get the exact same result as last year. Going to be a long week and you can bet the Devs may hav a shot at knocking the Blueshirts out next saturday. Two slices please!

    Paul “The GM”
    Hockey This Week

    1. Brian Monzo says:

      You’re gonna want an entire pie.

  5. Louis Carabini says:

    BUFFALO — So now it appears as if the Rangers will be in a fight to the finish to make the playoffs and all because they simply dont have any . But the fact is the Rangers have scored a total of three goals in their last four games. So can the Rangers have an identity as a hard-working team and be outworked twice in three games?

  6. Christopher Decker says:

    This was the first time IN MY LIFE that I’ve turned off a Ranger game before it ended. I’ve haven’t seen such a lackluster performance by this team since the pre-lockout era. What was once a 7-point cushion on the 9th place Carolina team on Tuesday, is now a 3-point nerve racker just 3 days later.

    Let’s be honest, though. The past 5 games where they’ve scored a total of 5 goals has been a somewhat of a lucky streak where they’ve gotten 5 points. The work ethic was there, yeah, but you can’t win if you don’t score. I don’t care HOW good your work ethic is, if you can’t convert and execute, it all means nothing.

    I am now left with more gray hairs and an additional skip in my heart for the rest of the season because the Rangers can’t just make things easy.

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