NEW YORK (WFAN) — Of all the groups reported to be bidding on the Mets, one name stands out. Doug Ellin, creator of HBO’s “Entourage.”

And according to the NY Daily News, Ellin “will enlist actors Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Ed Burns to bring their star power to Citi Field” if the sale goes his way.

Connolly, who plays Eric Murphy on the hit show, says he’s a “giant sports fan” and being involved in a franchise “would be a dream come true.”

“Growing up on Long Island, I was a giant Mets fan,” Connolly told the paper. “So that makes it even more of a dream come true.”

Ellin’s group also includes Steven Starker, a co-founder of BTIG; Kenny Dichter, a co-founder of Marquis Jets; and Randy Frankel, minority owner of the Tampa Bay Rays.

“We have a lot of ideas and I think this could be a lot of fun,” said Connolly. “As far as what we would do specifically, that’s something we’ll have to sit down and figure out. There are a lot of talented people from Long Island who are also Mets fans.”

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