Teen Struck By Train In Union Square Subway Station

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A student on his way to high school stumbled and fell before his head was struck by a downtown 5 Train just before 8 a.m. Friday morning.

Adrian Rodriguez, 18, may have been hurrying to catch the express train at the 14th Street-Union Square Station before being hit, sources said.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones speaks with straphangers at the station

The Bronx student was headed to his cooking classes at Marta Valle High School on the Lower East Side.

Al Jones of 1010 WINS explained that as the track curves around Union Square Station, a number of narrow spots are created on the platform.  It was likely at one of those spots that Rodriguez fell.

“I’m mean it’s so close to the tracks, I mean it can happen. That’s insane,” one woman told Jones.

EMS officials said Rodriguez was knocked unconscious and is in extremely critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.

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One Comment

  1. victor says:

    the kid died ….steve is an a hole to say something like that .that kid was not running he fainted head first when the train hit him…r.i.p adrian

    1. SAMIAYA says:

      noo hee was running and he triped over hiss foot and fell

  2. VICTOR says:

    to steve that boys name is adrian and he died..what you said is very disrespectful .If i knew who you are ill hunt you down..but god knows what he is doing thats why i dont know you r.i.p adrian we gonna miss you..

  3. Christine says:

    Steve you are the rude one. Is there a cabbie willing to run his ass over as he walks from w. 4th street to 19th st. for me??

  4. Miami Florida Police department are the ones to blame for 9/11. Police corruption.watch the video Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  5. M .J. Leclerc says:

    I hope the young man recovers .
    I have found that people are nice to me and my wife who
    use the subway daily,she is blind and uses a walker ,we usually
    have help from everyone when we use that very station to
    go to Beth Israel Hospital.
    I went to HS at 78 Catherine Street and rode that subway in the
    1950’s we rode in between the cars then it was the IRT line and
    yes we pushed each other around playing chicken. Amazing I
    am still around, and no one cared what we did on that subway either.

  6. floyd bannister says:

    the union square station is frighteningly small and crowded….sometimes i also walk rather than waiting on that platform.

  7. concerned says:

    i know the teenager personally and he was rushing so he wasn’t late for class. that comment is disgusting. please pray for him

  8. Rodrigo says:

    I go through this station everyday and I agree that people are animals most of the time. We are actually all guilty of it at some point, we get so wrapped up on our own worlds with our headphones and such that we become insensible creatures basically. HOWEVER, I CANT BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE WOULD SAY THAT THIS PERSON DESERVED THIS ACCIDENT. IT IS ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING THAT NOT ONLY WOULD SOMEONE THINK THIS WAY, BUT ACTUALLY VOICE IT TOO.

    1. Eileen says:

      It is surprising. Everyone who cares, let’s all pray for this young person whoever he or she is. Jesus loves him or her very very much! (And most of us were 18 at one time.)

    2. Battered says:

      Stop with “we.” A am not you. People are NOT “animals” — they’d be more polite if they were. I don’t wear earphones unless I am sitting down, and keep the volume low then. I’ve been stepped on, body-slammed, and almost knocked down by twiddlepoops with iPods and cell phones. YOU may have been one of the passengers who did that, or hit me with backside, newspaper, briefcase, or backpack!!!


    @ Cathy…From the looks of things perhaps you should have been running with this young man to SCHOOL.


  10. Big Nard says:

    Steve is correct.
    People are very disrespectful and rude on the subway these days. I have been riding the subways since 1974 and manners are getting worse on the subway. At times I think I am in a third world country underground in New York City.

    1. MRS. I. UNDERSTAND says:

      @ Nard..The only thing big about you is your ignorance and lack of decency.
      Why is it so difficult for people/MORONS like you to stick to the subject.
      It is quite obvious that you have some sort of phobia when it involves
      period. For an idiot like you who claims to be riding the NYC subway
      since 1974 should be used to the hustle and bustle. This young man
      was doing something productive…Trying to catch a train to make it to
      school on time.
      WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE..? Crawl back under your rock !!!!

      1. BigEz says:

        @ Mrs I. Understand
        It’s my birthday tomorrow.
        Will you bench press me?

      2. MRS. I. UNDERSTAND says:

        @ BigEz..Humor..I like that..Laughter is Medicinal.
        As a mother of four sons..Well, anything is possible for me.
        Happy Birthday by the way..mine was March 30th..ENJOY.

        That’s what life is all about..

      3. BigEz says:

        Thanks Mrs IU
        Happy b day too!
        I bet your still hot 😉

  11. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    hey lets throw stevie under a train or bus..yuppie lavae…see im really a sweet guy after all..and what happened to that other yuppie creature called nina?

  12. Jesus Sister says:

    “Steve” is NOT Human. “IT” is a computer program. Anomally, “Coded” to search, respond and “Engage” the public to gauge “Negative” reactions and “Rate” them to use for Data Mining, Data Warehousing, for “Profiling” Human Beings and Their Emotional Behavior and Raging Dysfuntion. Just the WWW on its mission keeping the World on its Very Sick Toes! THINK about it, Humanoid People… if we were in a Real forum, face to face, would any of these “Computer-generated MORONs have the Human Nerve to be so cruel, unethical, immoral, PERVERSE, depraved, and Hearless, Souless, Spirit devoid of any shred of Empathy and Compassion, In Person???? NO. Plain and Simple. I have been posting forever and EVERY SINGLE SITE is MONITORED!!!!! Now, you can say Anything You want and usually, your Email Account HAS to be Attached.. Want to KNow Why??? THINK About IT! DUH!!! Why do you Think C Sheen is making More money AFTER being Fired? Why do you THINK we are reporting lower Unemployment figures while MORE people are being Laid off… Think About… But, No, most of you will Still WASTE Your Brain Power and i TIME on AI like this instead of Looking at Getting Off The Grid!!!!!!!! Just a Human Being you actually Is One and CARES.

  13. BK Mom says:

    Steve you must live a miserable existence!!!!!! You definitely do not have kids and if you do, you are a horrible example to them it this is what you teach them. I saw when they were bringing that young man (baby actually) up the stairs out of the train station. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. As a mother myself I prayed for God or whatever higher power to give that poor baby’s mother the strength and guidance she and her family may need to get through this. I lost my sister a few years back in a similar accident and our family has not been the same. I pray they do not have to go through what we did.

  14. BigEz says:

    Cathy black – is there any chance you can use F7 in future?


  15. brooklyn4ever says:

    Steve, you are an ass.

  16. SAMANTHA says:


  17. Ca says:

    Are you kidding me, its’ a kid you idiot. Am I reading that correctly,” it serves him right. ” That is a rotten thing to say. Pray for a miracle instead you jerk.

  18. carolyn l says:

    who every said that it was good for him should think about if it was there child how would feel if would have fall in to track and die so be care for what come out of your mouth

    1. BigEz says:

      Steve probably suffers from erectile disfunction and as a result is mad at the world and that’s why he says unkind things.

  19. lisa says:

    what a tragedy!! fast recovery best of luck!!

  20. Wolf says:

    I have been suggesting for years that the subway stations have gates similar to monorail stations. They do not open until train is stopped. These trains fly into the stations, they need to slow it down. The MTA is so disorganized. Money hungry lazy people is all MTA is. Hire some illegal imiigrants for ten dollars an hour and watch how fast the stations get cleaned and things improve. Get rid of MTA and it’s money hungry unions.

    1. Concerned says:

      I agree with you Wolf! gates at the platform are a solution. I hope the child is okay.

  21. jtorres says:

    Rushing or running for a train is unwise but to say it serves him right is horrible. What if he dies from his injuries? Does that mean that in your opinion the punishment for running for a train, accidentally stumbling and suffering a horrible accident is death? I find it hard to believe you’ve never run to get into a train before the doors close. Everyone has somewhere to be so everyone rushes everwhere, incuding the subway. It’s called being a New Yorker.
    That said, it was an accident and I hope the kid recovers

    1. RP says:

      I agree with you Torres and Steve that is very insensitive.

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