Probation For Man Charged In NJ Child Sex Case

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man initially accused of participating in the alleged gang-rape of a 7-year-old girl after her 15-year-old stepsister sold her for sex has been sentenced to probation.

Twenty-year-old Timear Lewis of Trenton was among six people charged in the case after the younger girl was allegedly assaulted at a party in a Trenton apartment building in March 2010.

But nearly all were eventually offered pleas bargains to lesser charges after the case began to unravel.

Authorities lacked DNA evidence to prosecute, and the older girl gave varying accounts of what supposedly happened.

Lewis, who was 19 at the time, pleaded guilty to a trespassing charge for being in a vacant apartment without the owner’s permission. He was ordered Friday to serve three years’ probation.

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  1. Moral Truth says:

    It seems like the bloggers here are picking on this man because of his skin color and thats moral truth

  2. survivor030406 says:

    There is no justice in America.

  3. lawyer for a day says:

    I was not aware that humans are a form of currency.

  4. demoncat4 says:

    can see why the guy wound up with probation for one the girl who sold her sister which caused the guy to be accused. wound up losing credibility that hurt the case plus no dna evidence to link the guy it was either a light jail sentence of maybe walking free. sad for the victim who not only got betrayed by her realitive who sold her for money but knowing one of her alleged attackers is free due to not enough evidence

  5. Alisha M says:

    What about the 7 year old’s story, or is she unable to commuicate? Was she raped or not? There would be physical evidence of that.

  6. Da Persian says:

    Unreal. I got into more trouble doing 102 in a 50

    1. lawyer for a day says:

      102 in a 50!! Nice one! Revoked license, thousands in fines, humiliation.

  7. Joe says:

    We don’t know all the facts. Let’s not forget the Central Park girl who was left for dead back around 1989 or so. A bunch of kids confessed, spent years in prison even though there was no dna linkng them either. Later on the real culprit came forth. I’m not saying these guys aren’t guilty…just that without dna, you can’t convict. Newspapers etc. love to sensationalize everything and that’s what’s left on our minds. Now the older girl’s story changes and the case in unravelling. I admit I haven’t followed up on this case at all….but it wouldn’t surprise me if nothing much, or anything happened at all.

  8. Rodin says:

    Lovely. Inspiring.

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