Feds Investigate Sex Assault Claims At Yale University

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The federal government is investigating complaints by Yale University students that the Ivy League school has a sexually hostile environment.

They also allege the university failed to adequately respond to incidents of sexual harassment.

Allegations have emerged that cast a shadow behind Yale’s venerable walls, reports CBS 2’s Rob Morrison.

In a shaky video, Yale fraternity brothers chant sexually-charged slurs like “No means yes” and pose with a sign reading: “We love Yale sluts.”

The images are just part of what has become a federal investigation into whether Yale has a hostile sexual environment.

“What we’re saying is that Yale, in its failure to respond to both public and private instances of sexual harrassment and sexual assault, has said to the campus ‘this is OK’,” said plaintiff Alexandra Brodsky.

That belief pushed Brodsky, Hannah Zeavin, and 14 other men and women at Yale to file a complaint, charging the university has repeatedly failed to take action on harassment and sex crimes, including rape.

Author and Yale graduate Naomi Wolfe spoke out Monday on The Early Show.

“The grievance procedure is not transparent. You can’t find out in any given year what’s been reported, how many rapes, how many allegations of sexual assault, what kinds of crimes,” she said.

The school refuted the charges, adding in a statement that “Yale does not and will not tolerate sexual harassment.”

If the charges are true, the school risks losing more than $500 million in federal funds for violating Title 9, the federal mandate which bars any school from discriminating based on gender.

“I don’t think misogyny is funny. I don’t think bigotry is funny. I think hateful speech can have a huge impact,” said Zeavin.

Yale was an all-male university until 1968.


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  1. lamb4life says:

    Alexandra Brodsky and Hannah Zeavin are leaders and all around heroes to anyone who has ever experienced any type of oppression in their lives. I hope that this case serves as a wake up call to not only Yale (for which I’ve lost hope for anyway) but America at large for cowering at their own moral convictions and ignoring their own people’s cries for help. I also hope Yale’s Marketing and PR department has a whole lot of fun explaining this one to their sisters, wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts as they scramble around arguing with eachother plotting their next deception. And shame on Naomi Wolfe.

  2. lamb4life says:


  3. kendra says:

    oh that id why there they are like that…cause they used to be an all male school until 1968….well now everything has changed that doesn,t make any sense to to me personally….and i hope they do lose funding for the school cause it,s nothing but a big joke to them….cause know one shouldn,t tolerate any kind of haressment

  4. tony says:

    why would a kid from Yale ever throw up a gang sign? Is there anybody left out there who even tries to be genuine anymore?


  5. anna says:

    if they were stupid enough to make this video, the university was stupid enough to accept them, I feel $500M is a fair penalty, do you?

  6. Solo says:

    This is what hapens when capitalism enters academia.
    Way to go….

  7. Jackie Chiles says:

    Oh, but, their such good boys.

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