Man Convicted Of Murder In Newark Schoolyard Slayings Trial

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 20-year-old man has been convicted of murder and robbery in the execution-style slayings of three college-bound friends in a Newark schoolyard in 2007.

A jury found Alexander Alfaro, 20, guilty on 16 of the 17 counts.

Earlier Tuesday, controversy involving a female juror nearly caused a mistrial on the fourth day of deliberations.

Prosecutors said the woman didn’t acknowledge in a questionnaire before the trial started that she had a criminal case pending. Alfaro’s attorney moved for a mistrial, claiming the prosecution acted improperly by researching the juror’s background more than a month after jury selection.

The jurors reached the verdict less than an hour after a judge denied the motion.

newark schoolyard slayings Man Convicted Of Murder In Newark Schoolyard Slayings Trial

From left: Victims Terrence Aeriel, Ioefemi Hightower and Dashon Harvey

Dashon Harvey, Terrance Aeriel and Iofemi Hightower were shot execution-style behind Mount Vernon School, weeks before they were to attend Delaware State University.

The prosecution claims Alfaro played a part in the robbery that preceded the killings in Newark. Alfaro testified he watched the robbery but didn’t take part. He said he was coerced by his half-brother to bring a machete to the scene.

The jury began deliberating last Thursday after a four-week trial. On Monday, it was re-read testimony from a cousin of Alfaro’s who said he told her about the August 2007 attacks the following day. The woman had described how six suspects circled four friends and demanded that they lie on the ground and give up their valuables.

Six men and boys were charged. Two are serving multiple life sentences, and three more await trial.

Alfaro admitted in a taped statement that he slashed one of the victims with a machete before all three were shot execution-style, but said he was coerced into giving a false confession when he was arrested two weeks after the murders.

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  • Moral Truth

    I never said Mr. Alfaro was never involved in the crime. One of the jurors lied about her criminal background this prevented Mr. Alfaro from receiving a fair trial and thats the moral truth.

    Steve you are the loser

  • Hamhock

    Retroactive crime prevention. How does it feel to taste their own medicine???

  • Apple88

    This is why he is being charged for what he did Vicarious Liablilty Define: When one person is liable for the negligent actions of another person, even though the first person was not directly responsible for the injury.

    • Kem_Esq

      Vicarious liability does not apply in criminal cases. He was charged with various counts of conspiracy to comment robbery, armed robbery, felony murder (i.e., murder arising during the commission of a robbery, arson, rape, and a few others I can’t remember right, robbery makes it a felony murder)…and possession of a deadly weapon…

      • Apple88

        How does it not apply to criminal cases when two people were shot and one hit with a machete than shot. If that’s the case than he wouldn’t be guilty on Murder charges against the ones that were just shot only.. Due to info stating he didnt do the shooting.. This is called injury like the definition says he wasn’t the one who did it but he accountable for being there..

  • fred

    sounded fare to me ,lock him up and trow away the key ,good bye losser killer

  • The Good Samaritan

    He definitely was at the crime scene but his lawyer does have a right to appeal for a mistrial because of the juror that lied. I believed Moral Truth mentioned this also.

    The victims also were hanging out in a school yard at night listening to music which constitutes to loitering. Its a sham this happened but hanging out in a school yard after dusk can turn tragic it did here.

    I do not condone what happened

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  • Moral Truth

    I live in my parent’s basement. I don’t bathe, not in the traditional sense. I try to be ‘weird’ on message boards. And, as if you couldn’t surmise, I am an @-hole. And that’s the Moral Truth.

    • Jack Black

      You are one of the few who speaks the truth and people can’t handle the truth.

  • Jenny

    I have to agree with Mr Morality that Mr. Alfaro didnt recieve a fair trial.

    • niklu52

      “Alfaro admitted in a taped statement that he slashed one of the victims with a machete before all three were shot execution-style”

      Ya, not fair at all for the victims. bone head

    • Bridget

      Sorry Jenny, he received a fair trial. He admitting being there, he admitting slashing the victims. When you are a part of a group and are participating in the crime in whatever capacity you are guility of murder. Even if he got a new trial. He would still get convicted not because of his race, its because he is guility.

      • Moral Truth

        Bridget the confession was forced.

        Sounds like you dont like spanish people and thats the moral truth.

  • Moral Truth

    He was convicted because he is Spanish and thats the moral truth.

    • Dan Te

      I thought he got convcsted because he was part of a gang that murdered innocent people?

      • The Good Samaritan

        That is true to DanTe. It was innocent people loitering in the schoolyard listening to music.

        The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    • Steve

      Sounds like that because you’re probably Spanish yourself, he deserves to be let go. Face it, you’re just as BS as he is. Your head is too far up your a$$.

    • Eletto

      He’s not spanish idiot, spanish people are from spain. The moral truth is that you’re ignorant.

  • Justice

    You are an A** H*** moral truth. but you right lets find Alfonte not guilty and let the family of the victims deal with him. He wouldnt make it down the court house steps if he did this to someone in my family

    • Moral Truth

      its illegal to take the law into your own hands and thats the moral truth

  • mikeyg

    Listen here jerky Immoral truth you sound like a candidate for the A.C.L.U telemarketer caller job. This crackhead would lie about anything so he would not have to do life in prison. And to give the B.S its a shame the murders happened you could could care less about these people all you care about is writing something negative about this story.Jerky. chisel chest , rubber neck.

  • Soap

    He needs to be chopped into little pieces and fed to his fellow prison mates.

  • Moral Truth

    It is a shame that the murders happened however Mr. Alfonte did not receive a fair trial. This conviction needs to be overturned since one of the jurors had a criminal record and lied about it.

    He also was also coerced by detectives wanting a phony confession.

    An appeal is a must and thats the moral truth.

    • Bob Fowler

      Are you really such a pathetic person that you must seek attention on message boards? Everything you post is done for the sole purpose of having someone notice you. I don’t recall you ever making a statement that wasn’t an attention plea.

      You apparently are not either moral or truthful, so even your name is just to make people notice you. For your sake I hope that you find a life beyond the limits of your keyboard. It must be horrible to have no affirmation in your life, except for the reactions of people on the internet. Good luck.

    • Bridget

      Moral Truth, I have a feeling you will be changing your name. You are such an a$$ hole. Coerced by detectives. Yeah I believe that one. Someone said it correcly, you are an attention seeker. He was not convicted because he is hispanic. He could have been pink with purple polka dots and he still would have been convicted, and yeah thats the moral truth

      • Moral Truth

        Bridget I dont need to change my name. Why cant you admit that there was convicted juror on the jury and thats the moral truth.

      • Steve

        Don’t fall into the trap Bridget…M.T is a loser. Justice has been served, none of the perps will EVER see the light of day ever again and they will rot like they are supposed to. Enjoy the rest of the week Bridget :)

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