Police Say Pilot Jason Maloney Referenced TV Show After He Landed On Beach Near JFK Airport

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Is it a case of life imitating reality TV?

Pilot Jason Maloney was at the controls of a small plane that made a water landing near the beach of JFK airport Monday night. The plane landed in the surf off Rockaway near Beach 65th Street. NYPD emergency crews pulled Maloney and a passenger off the plane. There were no injuries.

LISTEN: Raw Audio from the Cockpit (courtesy LiveATC.net)
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Maloney took off from Farmingdale. Newly-released audio of his conversations with an air traffic controller shed new light on the incident.

In the early part of the tape, Maloney can be heard asking the controller for permission to low-fly along the shoreline.

“Just let us know if we’re up in your grill, you know?” Maloney can be heard saying as he approaches John F. Kennedy Airport.

Maloney then asks permission to drop a passenger off at JFK. The controller directs him to ask the Port Authority if – and where – he could do that.

In his next communication with the controller, Maloney says the plane’s going to drop a little lower by the shoreline. “If you lose us, we’re still with you,” he says.

“This might be crazy, but are we allowed to land on the beach?” Maloney asks.

“I don’t think so, unless it was an emergency,” the controller replies.

“I’m a paramedic,” Maloney says. “Is there anybody I can ask?”

“Those are all public beaches, you’re only allowed to land there in an emergency. Otherwise you’d probably have to have some type of prior permission and have it closed off,” the controller says.

“Any private beaches around?” Maloney asks.

“I couldn’t tell you that, but probably not here in the city limits.”

“Alright, just tell us when we’re in your way, and we’ll get out of here,” Maloney says.

Maloney then announces his plan to go a little bit lower. On the heels of that announcement, he says “My engine may be running a little teensy-teensy bit rough.”

The controller asks him if he requires any assistance.

“Nah, you know what, we should be fine, but I’m going to make a precautionary landing, is that alright with you?” Maloney says.

The controller then tells him it would be at his own risk.

“Yeah, ok, we got that… yeah, we’ve got a sick passenger, so we’re not going to declare an emergency but we’re going to land on the beach,” Maloney says.

“Well, then that would be an emergency,” the controller replies.

After asking if everybody is ok, the controller tells them they’ll be sending police.

Police say that after they responded to the scene, Maloney brought up the TV show “Flying Wild Alaska.” The show features rough landings.

A police spokesman says Maloney said to a detective “What’s the big deal? It happens all the time in Alaska.”

“Welcome to New York,” replied the detective.

What do you think of the landing? Was it a real emergency or did Maloney just want to land on a beach? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Big Dave says:

    What an irresponsible spoiled BRAT……This guy is the tipical smart ass that likes to play with fire and brag about it. He shouldn;t even be able to posess a medical certificate…..Next time he wants to get from point A to B he should take a BUS……

  2. American Aviator says:

    Great! Currently, with the way things are in our industry, this is just what we need for GA General Aviation. [Sarcasm]

    Knuckleheads like Maloney fuel negative public sentiment towards small airplane operations. He and his ilk cast a dark shadow over competent, hard-working, legally-responsible pilots like me and others.

    Hey Randy Babbitt, spank JM with a suspension/revocation and post the glorious event on YouTube.

  3. JMC says:

    Reckless Endangerment is a felony. Did he rent the plane or steal it. I doubt it belonged to him.

  4. BigEd says:

    Put him in jail!

  5. Phouse44 says:

    Who cares about the wasted resources, they are wasted everyday which is why this city is in such a financial hole. This guy just lives in his own world with no consequences, hopefully up until now. How was he planning on getting the plane off the beach?

  6. Moral Truth says:

    Why is everyone railroading Mr. Maloney this was an emrgency landing and thats the moral truth.

    1. CFII TONY says:

      no no no I am a pilot and if he really had a sick passanger, he was a hop skip and a jump away from Kennedy Airport (almost right on top of it). They would have cleared him for an immediate landing with an ambulance waiting for him.

      1. Moral Truth says:

        I want Mr. Maloney to impregnate me nad thats the moral truth.

  7. Punch him in the gut!! says:

    If this person did fake this Emergency Landing, everyone who was involved in any way should be allowed to punch him once anywhere they want. Maybe then he will learn respect for our laws and our citizenry.

  8. Jason Maloney says:

    As you may have already guessed, I’m a spoiled tool. I hope they do send the bill to my pop, he’s an idiot as well.

    1. Voice of Reason says:

      Jason (if you are indeed “the” JM), it sounds from your comment like the whole thing may have been a cry out for your neglecting daddy’s attention. It’s too bad that you feel the need to endanger others to do that.

  9. Jeff G says:

    That was very irresponsible. I have a hard earned pilot certificate and I could never think of doing something this stupid.. Not even to impress the most beautiful woman.
    I hope they don’t let him go unpunished.

    1. iflyhi says:

      @ JEFF G definatly agree. hope faa pulls his ticket for ever

  10. CFII TONY says:

    Not only is the FAA going to revoke your pilot certificate, but the Port Authority is going to send you a bill and/or file a lawsuite against you for all the resources and time you wasted. You might even be charged with filing a false police report since the police were called by the tower to respond to your “sick passenger”. I hope you never fly again. Where will you decide to land next time, on the Long Island Expressway???

    1. Responsible_Pilot says:

      This jerk makes GA look bad. I vote him off the island! Revocation, prosecution, restitution.

  11. doc says:

    F*cking show off to the girl on board. Send the bills to his parents. The dad will have a heart attack.

  12. Flipper says:

    PROSECUTE to the fullest extent!

  13. ATP Pilot says:

    Time for the FAA to pull your certificates, you idiot!

  14. Idratherbegolfing says:

    Good job Jason. Way to use up valuable resources for your personal pleasure.

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