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Amtrak Removes Equipment From Hudson River Tunnel

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Both rail tunnels leading in and out of New York City have reopened after a derailment caused delays for passengers this morning.

Amtrak said a machine that does track maintenance derailed in the northbound Hudson River tunnel around 4.25 a.m. That left only one tunnel for Amtrak and NJ Transit trains to use between Manhattan and Trenton.

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said the equipment was removed and the tunnel was reopened by 8:45 a.m.

Amtrak trains were running up to 30 minutes behind schedule until the tunnel was cleared.

NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line trains were delayed up to 60 minutes in and out of New York’s Penn Station.

Midtown Direct trains operated to and from Hoboken until the derailed equipment was moved.

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One Comment

  1. Kona Golden says:

    There are 2 tunnels, can you read?

  2. diane virga says:

    Unions have no power because they lack membership.
    I wish they could recruit every person who works, then we all might still have jobs with living wages and benefits… One big union to shove up Scott Walkers ass. and all the union busters..

    1. AV says:

      Right Diane – let’s let the unions have their way, and force companies to pay 5X what a job is worth, to someone who should be bagging groceries at Pathmark. Then we all complain that prices go up, and that companies ship jobs overseas. Unions had their day, when ignorance and a lack of communication and information led to widespread worker abuses. Now it is the unions that are doing the abusing, both on a commercial and a political front. They have become bullies and money machines, often at the expense of their own members, as well as the public at large.

    2. Kona Golden says:

      You must have been educated by a union teacher. You don’t understand the difference between public and private employee unions, do you? I’d bet you didn’t know that Federal employees are generally not allowed to unionize. A Democrat was responsible for that.
      Based on personal experience, I have been a member of 4 unions. I always made far more money and had better benefits when working non-union. The nations laws, that giant poster in your lunch room, has made most unions redundant.
      Your choice, earn more money with better benefits, or work union. Seems like most intelligent people have chosen NOT to join the union.

  3. RichieT says:

    A machine they use for track maintenance, de-rails while they’re using it to do track maintenance. Operator error?

  4. Go Christie! says:

    Ann Marie, T. Jones is the numb-skull! He clearly does not understand teh concept of saving tax payers hard earned dollars on a plan that never made sense in the first place. It was so unions can collect huge amounts of money on a project that would have been purposely late by at least 5 years.

    He must ne one of those union idiots. A stain on the fabric of society

    1. Michael H. says:

      Like your 40 hour work week? Thank the unions. Like your weekends off? Thank the unions. Like your safe working conditions? Thank the unions. Like your paid sick days? Thank the unions. Like your paid vacations? Thank the unions.

      The plan made perfect sense. Have a second tunnel into and out of the city. When one tunnel has train traffic stuck inside, you’ve still got a second tunnel with clear rails. Your attacks on the unions have nothing to do with this.

      1. T. Jones says:

        @ Michael — But the Koch brothers, via their front groups, have instructed folks like Ann Marie and “go christie” to demonize the unions, so that’s all they know. It’s easier than actually thinking and understanding the issues.

        Wonder how they feel about their precious governor wanting to put tax-payer money into protecting the private investments and ensuring the profits of the Xanadu developers? Oh, wait… the Kochs haven’t told them what to think, so they don’t know. Nevermind.

      2. John P. says:

        The plan didn’t make “perfect sense.” The new tunnels would only have given access to 6 new NJT terminal tracks. The other 21 Penn Station tracks wouldn’t have been served.

        Amtrak’s new tunnel plan (currently seeking funds) would allow the new tunnels full access to NYP.

      3. Kona Golden says:

        There are 2 tunnels. Can you read?

      4. Michael H. says:

        OK Kona, have a THIRD tunnel then. Apparently we need it.

  5. KMac says:

    Is this to promote the April 15th theatrical release of Atlas Shrugged?

  6. T. Jones says:

    To every numb-skull who applauded bully-governor Christie for killing the new Hudson River rail tunnel, THIS is exactly why a second tunnel is necessary.

    1. Ann Marie Kellett says:

      Exactly – because as we all know throwing more money into a government/union money pit solves everything. Just look how well it has worked for education!

      1. Michael H. says:

        Talk about a total non sequitor…

        A second tunnel would alleviate these types of problems. Attacking government and unions has nothing to do with this fact.

    2. Tom says:

      Agreed, but the ARC Tunnel plan to Macy’s basement was a disaster. The Gateway Tunnel Plan is 100 times better.

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