Bronx Beating Suspects Still At Large

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The NYPD continued their search Thursday for three young women behind a vicious attack inside a Bronx deli.

Surveillance cameras on March 22 caught the suspects as they walked into the store on Willis Avenue in Mott Haven, grabbed another woman by the hair, and started punching her.

Two other women join in the attack. Police said the victim was slashed in the face.

Police identified one suspect as 24-year-old Britney Sanders. The others have not been identified.

What could have prevented this attack? Leave a comment below…

  • nyc

    Police can’t find three criminals caught on video for two weeks ? I don’t buy it !

  • Jen

    The news is’t telling us everything. These women must have known each other. No one just attacks anyone without words and then a fight breaks out.

  • Bushelfoote

    So…..somebody can just walk up to ya outta the blue and grab ya by the hair,huh?Was the unsuspecting victim just standing there in line?THIS is VERY Anti-Social Behavior to say the least…Must be Something was said for an altercation like this just Blow Up outta Nowhere…..”Ya Shouldn’t have Alledgedly Done It,Britney,Ya Shouldn’t have Alledgedly Done It…..LOL

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