Police: L.I. Woman Kept 100 Cats, 3 Ferrets In Deplorable Conditions

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police said a woman has been charged for housing 100 cats and three ferrets in deplorable conditions at her Long Island home.

Betty Bjorkman was charged with animal cruelty.

Her attorney, Kenneth Beal, denied the charges saying that Bjorkman, 56, cared for the animals and treated them properly.

Police found the animals in her second-floor, two-bedroom apartment. Glen Cove Detective Joe Graziosi described it as unfit for humans or animals.

He said it needed to be condemned and gutted.

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  1. sandbaggaroni says:

    Obama targeted this woman, obviously. there’s a reason why you never hear about black people hoarding and mistreating scores of animals, because the truth is suppressed.

    1. sdghew says:

      Police found the animals in her second-floor, two-bedroom apartment. Glen Cove Detective Joe Graziosi described it as unfit for humans or animals. My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at Ag’e’M’ingle. C’○’M’ a nice and free place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  2. kendra says:

    i woner way she didn,t just give the animals up sooner or later cause it could become guite expensive at time cause i had animals also but not as many as her and it was becoming quite expensive at times….and i was gewtting very sick in the process….so i am glad i got rid of most of them…cause they were driving me to the poor house in the process…

  3. Mr. Armenia says:

    She’s being railroaded because of her ethnicity.

  4. satansbuddy says:

    “I’d do her. She is quite the saucy l’il minx and that’s the moral truth.”

    That has to be a joke. Not even the animals would do this thing.

  5. Lynn says:

    Compassion for these people? What about the animals. These lonely, depressed, etc. people know exactly how they are treating their animals. Their needs come first before their beloved animals. These hoarders are not insane people who don’t know what they are doing. They rather fulfill their own emotional needs first before their so called beloved animals. Any animal hoarder who denies their “pets” from much needed medical care and allows their animals to live in deplorable conditions deserve to be punished.

    1. satansbuddy says:

      I agree with you- the poor animals. However I am not sure if they do realize how nasty it is to not only live in filth, apt is probably covered in urine and excrement, but also how awful it is to the animals. I would like to think she started out trying to do something good for the animals….but it just got out of control. I just don’t really get this animal hoarding thing…

  6. Matthew Miller says:

    sad situation all around

  7. David Flores says:

    sicko, off with her head!!!

  8. Jamie says:

    Hoarders have emotional problems that keep them from getting the help they need. She knew what it was doing to her life and the animals life and was too embarrassed to get help. Making her a news story, putting her out there as a spectacle and letting the public, and the press be mean to her is exactly why she was afraid to reach out for help. Compassion people, compassion!

    1. Sosmart says:

      @Jamie, COMPASSION? For the animals I hope. People like this make me
      sick to my stomach. They know full well they are living in filth and they know
      what they are doing. They are just too lazy and are pigs who refuse to clean.
      They would rather live in filth and that’s fine but don’t involve the poor animals,
      they cannot defend themselves. I guess Jamie, you must live this way also.

  9. NICK says:

    why when the facts present themself, you have a lawyer come along for the money and say there not any problems with her having a hunderd cats. is it because they are blind or can’t smell. to many people are in denial today,

  10. Angus says:

    100cats in a 2 br apartment… wonder if she’ll lose her deposit.

    1. Dan says:

      Haha! 🙂

  11. Rick says:

    Quote: “Her attorney, Kenneth Beal, denied the charges saying that Bjorkman, 56, cared for the animals and treated them properly.”

    You’ve go to be Fkcng kidding me.

    If they didn’t describe this mentally imbalanced hoarder I could have done so with ease………


  12. Moral Truth says:

    The police have no right release this ladies photo. She has not been convicted of a crime.

    This is a violation of her civil rights and thats the moral truth

    1. Michael H. says:

      Mug shots are public record.

      That’s the ACTUAL truth.

      1. Moral Truth says:

        I’d do her. She is quite the saucy l’il minx and that’s the moral truth!

    2. Sosmart says:

      What about the cats’ cival rights?

  13. Sheila says:

    Animal hoarders are depressed and lonely people. Instead of calling this woman names why don’t people learn to become more neighborly and reach out to folks who don’t have a family?

    You can’t change others but you can change yourself.

  14. Ronnie says:

    And I wonder why I can’t find a rental that allows pets. It’s because of lowlife people like this that ruin it for everyone else.

    1. Michael H. says:

      You’ve got to settle for a place that hasn’t been renovated in a while. We’ve got a dog and two cats and had to settle for a walk in 2 bedroom basement that hasn’t been renovated since the ’70s.

  15. Bridget says:

    Besides the animals suffering and the other tenents. The landlord now has the expense of gutting the apartment.

  16. Jack K. says:

    F–king Deplorable Low Level of a human!!!

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