L.I. Residents Want Conn. Nuclear Power Plant Closed

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – East end residents on Long Island want a nuclear power plant in Connecticut to be shut down.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports on residents’ concerns

Residents are rallying around an effort that would force the closure of Waterford, Conn.’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant, which is located just across Long Island Sound.

“You have to see what’s going on in Japan. It’s obvious. You have to shut it down,” resident Jim Hennessey said. “Before I was kind of neutral about nuclear power because there was never any problem, but now it’s just too dangerous.”

A Suffolk County legislator is pushing the Connecticut evacuation plan to be expanded to include the east end hoping that would ultimately force the plant’s closure. One resident said evacuation here is a fantasy.

“No escape from the island really,” he said.

Another resident expressed concerns about Japan’s ongoing nuclear radiation scares.

“Every day we read the paper that the radiation has shown up further and further away from Japan so it’s definitely something to think about,” she said.


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  1. Linda says:

    Americans are the most uninformed people on earth due to the controlled media empire. Saying nuclear power is safe is ignorance and hype from corporate propaganda. Why are cancer rates escalating? Lyme disease began spreading started after the nuclear accident at Millsone in the 70’s. Doctors theorize that it caused the tick that used to be benign to mutate. Wake up Connecticut and USA. Every plant is a disaster waiting to happen. Many US plants are on earthquake faults. Brilliant. We have morons running the country and our energy planning.

    Solar and wind can take up the slack if the government would start funding these safe technologies instead of nuclear. There is simply no safe way to store the waste which is toxic for thousands of years. I care about my kids and want them to have a life. Read Helen Caldicott and Dr. rosa Lee Bertel. Google them and educate yourselves. Good book Deadly Deceit on Health dangers of nuclear.

  2. Michael says:

    I think Eugene forget to take his meds today…

  3. Mr.Philip Philips says:

    The further it gets the lesser it becomes.Did they not test atomic and hydrogen bombs in the oceans a long time ago so whats so big about this small spill . Why has no one died yet. Fear is the mind killer let it come and when its done we will still be here .It is the one who carries the decease who dies of it. and it is not the decease but the fear that takes the life. ‘So live and live still and stay with it to the end.

  4. steve says:

    To all you Long Islanders that want to shut down Millstone:
    1. How about you pay for any increase in pollution or rates now and in the future
    2. Pay for all costs for decommissioning that are not funded right now.
    3. Pay to build any plants needed for replacement power
    4. Pay Dominion for lost income on their investments
    5. Pay all employees, contractors, and subcontractors for lost income for the rest of their careers.
    6. Pay into a fund for the cleanup of all bodies washing up on the shores of CT from the fictional Tsunami. Our power plants will be intact because we have an island full of dummies who are going to “catch the wave” first, we won’t see any of it.

    Do all the above first and then maybe, MAYBE those of us in CT will talk to you.

    1. Eugene Wagner says:

      Steve, do you live anywhere near the plant? Because if you do, your STUPID comments only serve to prove there already is radiation leaking from the plant and its affecting your brain. If you don’t live near it, well, I guess you are just prone to making STUPID comments.

      1. Jeff Rosen says:

        Calling someone’s comments “stupid” because you don’t agree with them, let me guess, you’re a liberal, right?

      2. Eugene Wagner says:


        Yank me.

  5. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

    If Americans actually understood how solar energy and wind energy are the products of the largest, unregulated thermonuclear plant anywhere in 7 light years, they wouldn’t be happy until we all lived underground while the government tried to extinguish the sun. We could all be cooked in 30 seconds(the whole planet) if we got in the way of an errant thermonuclear blast from a rotating quasar or infalling debris causing x rays from neutron stars or black holes that have been traveling for millions of years, just to wipe us out and boil our oceans.
    Life is full of risks but nuclear energy is one of the most harmless, statistically and in raw numbers.
    Nuclear power is the ultimate natural, clean energy outside the surface of Sol. If we don’t use it, everyone else will and we will end up victims of Mexican, Russian and Caribbean nuclear power accidents which we will have no legal power over.
    With our own nuclear power, we at least can use it safely, as we have since the pop-gun at 3 mile Island which killed no-one.

  6. man22 says:

    Too many sock puppets responses!

    It’s a fact that Millstone is a sham, badly managed, which spends more money on PR than on safety.It is a thorn in the area for many years.

  7. Re says:

    For you ve-e-ery few Long Islanders who want to shut down a Connectitcut Nuke Plant, well, you might as well give it up right now and consign yourselves to adolescent wet-dreams. Our neigbor to the north is still home to the Eastern Establishment, as they used to be referred to. Nothing in New England of major importance moves this way or that without the combined consent of the “powers-that-be”. That also means “citizen’s actions”, like the pitable declarations of the effette,aged, and socialist anti-nuke crowd. They tried this at Shoreham 30-yrs. ago, and while admittedly beaureucratic mismangement and union corruption defeated it more than “citizens’ action”, what you have on L.I. since then were ever increasing high taxes across the board, high energy costs, high food prices, etc. In other words, less of a capital-generating power source. The cost of fossil and and renewable energies are hyperinflationary; always have been. Clear-headed residents of Connetticut will not allow you to impose the idiocy youv’ve chosen for yourselves on them. COUNT ON IT!!!

  8. paulieeee says:

    USA has laws that require nuke plants to have enough on-site energy to shut them down. Japan doesn’t have this, and that is why when the power went they were not able to cool the reactor.
    Nuclear power is still the cleanest energy in terms of emissions, and has come a long way as far as nuclear waste. Most waste is recyclable now, and as time progresses with more investment in the technology it will only get better.
    I prefer the US not go back in technology, and instead continue to progress.

  9. Oneil says:

    How is it that Americans oppose drilling for oil on and offshore, dont want solar farms and windfarms in their area, oppose construction of dams cosumes more electricity and oil per capita and now wants to shut down nuclear plants. My question is how do you plan to survive?

  10. observer says:

    The disaster in Japan shows us that even the world’s most technology country is utterly HELPLESS to control a nuke plant once things go wrong…

    It seems to me, we should not be running power plants we can’t control if something unexpected happens. This technology is clearly too dangerous.

    And here in US, we too have Nuke plants on active fault-lines, like the Diablo Canyon plant in California. You’d think it would be shut down until lessons are learned from Japan. Where are our leaders standing up for citizens?

    The reality is, all types of power plants have dangers… but at least we know how to shut down other types of plants when things go wrong. A technology that can get away from us – go out of control – leaving us helpless to even shut it down – that’s just plain foolish…

  11. Howard says:

    All you people who want to shutdown all the nuclear power plants here is what you do. Take your homes and businesses off the grid to makeup the 20% of power that is generated in this country by nuclear power then we can shut them down without affecting the rest of us who want cheap reliable power.
    Also there are dozens of nuclear reactors in the Naval base in Connecticut. Should we close the base also or is National Security not a concern.

  12. junior russell says:

    Typical response of people who get paranoid from misinformation. Unfortunately the media is somewhat to blame for this. Face it people you are more likely to get killed by a Cat 4 hurricane on Long Island than a Tsunami, also if you do get a Tsunami the whole of Long Island will be washed away you included radiation will be the least of you concern.

  13. Josh says:

    If you want less nuclear, you want either more oil, coal or more expensive renewable energy sources. Last I checked, many on the East End didn’t want wind farms spoiling their million dollar views. So pick your poison America and accept the consequences.

  14. Joe says:

    Here we go again shut a plant cause there was an accident in Japan well let’s shut the L I E there was an accident this morning let’s shut middle country Rd there was an accident last nite then some people should get a life and do something to occupy there time instead of think what could wrong in this world O M G

  15. Wally says:

    If you really want to shut dwn the plant you need to raise some money and purchase the plant from Dominion. Once you own it you can shut it down of not – it will be your choice.

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