Sheen Rips NYC On Stage In Connecticut Show

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — After being booed and heckled throughout an entire show at Radio City Music Hall on Friday, Charlie Sheen earned a standing ovation in Wallingford, Conn.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports on Sheen’s show in Connecticut

Sheen admitted that his first show in New York City was an embarrassment, but his Connecticut crowd roared the entire time for the former “Two and a Half Men” star throughout his “Violent Torpedo Truth Tour.”

He continued mocking New York City for the show on Friday, leading the crowd in chanting “Blank NYC” and also struck back at the hit television show’s producers.

Sheen is back at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday night.

Did you go to his first Radio City show? If so, tell us what you think in our comments section below.

  • C-Doll

    My boyfriend and I saw Charlie at Fridays Radio City show. We LOVED Charlie, and his stories/memories, but there were a number of drunk a-hole hecklers that should have just stayed in the lobby or stayed home ’cause they made it hard for the rest of us to hear Charlie. Someone should have thrown them out! Just wanted to set the record straight that it may not have been one of your favorite shows Charlie, but we loved u anyway! #Winning!

  • Steve

    This guy is hilarious. He can get on a stage, and do nothing but rant and rave like the (drug-addicted) lunatic he seems to be.
    Heaven knows – he is making lots of money off of this – G-d bless America!

  • Hale Merry


  • JJ

    Charlie come clwan we know you are gay

    • Kareema Huit

      Looks like JJ is spoilin’ for summa that violent torpedo!

  • John V.

    I was at show on Friday night. One word BORING.

    As for residents of other cities….I guess they are just easily amused.

    I kinda felt bad for Sheen while he was getting heckled. But those feelings quickly subsided as he kept reminding everyone how much money he has. His whole act was just stories of his adventure in hotels, airplanes etc.

  • Trishe

    Who cares what he thinks or says. I just want to know why this continues to be news. Its a waste of space.

    • Hee Haw

      because people like you comment on it which generates more publicity

    • Charlie Sheen


      You love it! Now, come to papa.

  • Sal

    Is it me or is Sheen going nut’s, he is a very good actor but keep
    the guy off stage.

  • Steve

    Just buy or rent the DVD or Blu-Ray of “The Rookie” (1990) where Charlie Sheen plays the strait-laced young police partner to Clint Eastwood’s ornery veteran. It’s one of Clint’s underrated films (pure escapism) and Charlie does some of the best acting of his career playing the straight man. Here’s the trailer:

  • Joe

    Ct people are nurds boring people so put Charlie on stage in ct and they wake up and cheer anything because they are so boring and are bored to death in ct let them stay there with Charlie

  • anna

    I don’t know what is more embarrassing.. get boo-ed in ny or get cheered in ct.. maybe he can stay in ct.. PLZ

  • ES

    Wow he looks older than his dad in that pic

  • Ian

    It’s CT people. They find paint drying heeelarious.

  • ex- Vatican Assassin

    He’s now using his tour to plea for his job back….Stick to your guns show-producers. You don’t want to show the world that this kind of behavior is acceptable. Class and integrity is a valuable quality not to be overlooked.

  • stu pidazzo

    I was a witness of the trainwreck in Detroit. What’s so predictable about an addict who can heal himself with his mind in seconds is that when his performance suck as they did in Detroit and NYC he pouts off the stage like a lil brat and cuts his show off early. Oh, he does have to mention “I already have your money dude”. I like you Charlie but do you have to become such a Duesch-bag (sp?)

  • Count Yob

    A network-approved substitute word is frack, as in “Frack NYC”. It preserves some of the sound and earthy flavor of the original Saxon word while satisfying our censorious overlords.

    • badman

      Count Yob for prezzz in ’12

  • ricktvpass

    In the entertainment industry it’s all about numbers. The more people you get to love you or hate you the more money you get. Thus, Charlie is winning big-time.

  • boredwithsheen

    take the money for a ticket & donate it to charity!

  • william

    Las Vegas and Miami are more exciting than NY? Sez it all about you. I’ve been all over the world and can say NY is the “coolest”, most unique city on the planet. I lived there for a few years but left after it got old. For a visit, no other metropolitan area in the world comes close.

  • Guy

    I’ll get off my high horse to call you a loser. Deal with it you are a tasteless loser.

  • Zahdio

    He could have dangled a button on the end of a piece of string to entertain these people.

  • nj

    time fornthe old drunk to retire .hes just not cutting it anymore .whats a matter charlie no booze

  • Mike

    That’s his schtick. To get an audience on his side, he rips the city he “performed” in previously. He did the same thing in Chicago after bombing in Detroit. All his shows suck but this act gets the lemmings on fired up.

  • box211

    Looks like Wallingford must be the new financial and entertainment capital of the world!

  • NY Sucks

    Everyone that’s mad is clearly from NY…so ill talk slow and dumb down my words so you can understand. I’ve been to NYC before most boring 3 days I spent. Its not anything compared to LV, Amsterdam, Miami, Rio, Seoul and others I’ve been to. NYC sucks deal with it guys I’m sorry to be the one to inform you its time you owned it and got off your high horse.

    • Heywood

      Thanks for the comment Charlie…

    • Frank

      Cool story bro.

    • TalkSlowly

      In addition to the attitude, “ill talk slow” says a lot about you. So does the fact that you’re enamored by Seoul, but found NYC to be incredibly boring. Based on the cities you like, I’m guessing that your tastes gravitate toward the superficial (and illegal?). Do you have a lot in common with Charlie Sheen?

  • Rev mallard

    It was nuts I got the new tiger blood playlist app to continue the intensity.

  • Rory Calhoun


  • zowie

    How sad for charlie and what does that say about Connectiut

  • Brian

    This is probably because the Ct crowd consisted mostly of suburbanites who would love to brag to their neighbors saying they saw a “celeb.” In NYC we have too much going on to praise stupid performances.

  • H Panhead

    Charlie is a NITWIT

    • Charlie Sheen

      Oh, yeah? Well, your breath smells like doody!

  • DAD E O

    If your there to heckle throw them the hell out. Just listen to the mans story. what do they expect a song and dance man. he never promised you that only the truth.

    • Martin

      And the truth is he sucked

  • Mark DuPriest

    The Connecticut crowd is easily entertained.
    Some people have class and others do not, it’s not a function of wealth but of behavior.

  • Mark Harris

    This guy needs a buttermilk bath.

  • Chuck Sheen Sucks

    What a piece of S.H.I.T…..

    • Devenio

      Who the hell would pay to see this train wreck? Why? Is everyone waiting for him to drop dead on stage? Waiting for his head to explode?

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