Veteran Actress Shirley MacLaine To Appear In Downtown Manhattan Wednesday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Earlier this week, veteran actress Shirley MacLaine, famous for her beliefs in reincarnation as well as career roles in movies like Terms of Endearment, admitted to extreme sexual promiscuity on the Oprah Show.

And on Wednesday, you can meet her. She’ll be in New York City to promote her new book, I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions.

Claiming disbelief in the institution of marriage, MacLaine told Oprah that, although she was married to her businessman husband Steve Parker for 30 years, neither of them were faithful.

“I had other affairs and so did he, but we were very good friends,” the actress said, adding that she once had three sexual partners in one day.

“I’ve had an awful lot of lovers…and a lot of awful lovers,” MacLaine said.

You’ll most likely be able to read about these affairs – and from the sound of it, many others – in her new book. MacLaine will be promoting the work Wednesday evening at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble with a discussion and book signing.

The event begins at 7 p.m. Click here for more information.

97 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
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One Comment

  1. JRE says:

    Maybe she will come back as a decent person in her next life, becuase being a pleasure prostitute all these years is a discrace. And even more of a discrace to make it public as if it is acceptable behavior. Shirley (Pun Intended) she could have attempted to make a better contribution to society other than her acting with her, dare I say, celibrity status. Shame

  2. phillip says:

    i never could understand why shirley mclaine and debbie reynolds had carrers in film. to me they were just two very ordinary women of no particular talents or exceptional looks. like two women you could pass walking down the street and take no notice of. they gave credence to the phrase “they can make stars out of anyone”.

  3. Craig says:

    Obviously she need money so bad…….

  4. Just so you know says:

    She was hot as hell in her prime. I would’ve done her. Rigorously.

  5. pugphan says:

    I must add that perhaps when the aliens probed her, they super activated her libido,
    so it really isn’t her fault. ET didit! smokersodysseycom

  6. pugphan says:

    I’ve always liked Shirl, and at this late date in her life methinks she’s trying to make some dough, also it doesn’t matter to her what peep think. smokersodysseycom

  7. jeff says:

    NO, she was out on a limb.

  8. Jeff says:

    She is a pig…oink oink….wonder if she had sex with aliens too? I think she is a stuck up biatch and nothing too much to be so stuck up about….bye bye shirley.

  9. David says:

    This would be a good story if she was hot in her prime.. but she wasn’t.. Now I’m going to puke

  10. Angie says:

    I thought she had more character than that….if she’s so proud of her adulterous behavior, she ought to be ashamed of herself because that is so disgusting and demeaning. I used to like her but no more. With activities like hers, is she going to tell us about all the diseases she has gotten and passed on to all her lovers!

  11. patVonD says:

    I know she was fond of my mother, Tobi, the body makeup girl.
    I thought she was a great actress; met her on the set of ‘What a way to go’.
    Keep on the path, and sex will release it’s grip on you.

    1. Jimmy says:

      I love that movie. Great cast. Shirley was terrific in everything she did.

  12. Prov says:

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  13. bob says:

    Eric Lynch was her last lover.

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