Official: FBI Examines Pimp’s Laptop In Long Island Serial Killer Probe

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The exploration for additional remains and investigation into a possible serial killer on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach continued Thursday as search teams pursued the case by air,  land and sea.

Crews have uncovered at least 10 sets of human remains along the coastline in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including a skull, the bones of a toddler and the remains of four missing prostitutes.

Police believe a serial killer took the lives of those women.

Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith said investigators were looking at 18 specific sites, but found nothing of “evidentiary value.”

akeemcruz 370x278 Official: FBI Examines Pimps Laptop In Long Island Serial Killer Probe

Akeem Cruz (credit: Cumberland County Police Department)

In addition, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press that the FBI has searched the laptop of Akeem Cruz.  Court documents identified Cruz as a pimp, who posted ads online.

That official told the AP that Cruz was not a suspect in the prostitutes’ disappearance, but was last seen with Megan Waterman at a Holiday Inn Express in  Hauppauge last June.  Waterman was one of four dead prostitutes found along Ocean Parkway last December.

Cruz’ attorney, Robert Napolitano, didn’t immediately return a telephone message on Wednesday. He said earlier this week that his client — currently imprisoned in Maine for a cocaine conviction — would have granted permission for a search of his computer. Napolitano said his client has cooperated with investigators.

Former Nassau County prosecutor Bruce Barket told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan about how the most recent discoveries — that included a human head and bones – have thrown a curveball at investigators.

“The difficulty, of course, if now that we have six other remains, apparently of dramatically different ages…and perhaps different genders,” said Barket, who believes two or more killers may have involved.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: FBI In The Air And Dogs On The Ground

The FBI flew in aircraft from Virginia with high-resolution imaging equipment.  The technology has the ability to verify or rule out suspicious objects and pinpoint evidence from thousands of feet away.

The planes have finished their work for the day and the photo scans are expected to take about 10 days to process. Officials said that anything deemed suspicious in those scans will checked by officers on foot.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall Reports On How The FBI Is Aiding The Search For Clues And Remains

“The Aviation Bureau has identified a significant number of items that are not natural to that area,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter.

Police said the items were found at Tobay Beach in Nassau county and they did not yet know if they were human remains.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With More On What The FBI Plane Scans Will Help Accomplish

“It’s unknown at this time. That’s what were doing here today. We’re going to clarify what those items are. What they are not are natural,” said Krumpter.

“Collectively we hope to find the resources and find evidence here that will lead us to the apprehension of whoever committed these murders,” said Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

About six New York State police officers were also assisting in the ground search Thursday.

“We have information that was shared with us by Suffolk Ccounty. When they find something, a different piece of information, we extend down here into Nassau County and we look at the same areas they’re looking at,” said Capt. Louis Webber of the New York State Police.

Law enforcement sources told CBS News there may be two patterns and two killers, perhaps separating the first four and last six sets of remains.

The first remains found Monday morning were about 1.5 miles east of the entrance to Jones Beach on Long Island. Later in the day, a skull was found several miles away.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: The FBI Is Taking To The Skies

“I’m not going to get into names for obvious reasons but we are doing a lot of interviews,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer.

Investigators told CBS 2 about the profile they’re developing of a potential suspect. He is believed to be a white male between the ages of 25 and 40, intelligent, savvy and street smart.

Divers also returned to Hemlock Cove Thursday, where they worked in pairs along a grid between Oak and Gilgo beaches. the scuba teams searching for any evidence.

Their hours-long, grid-by-grid search for more remains and for Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance first sparked the investigation, turned up empty on Wednesday.

Do you think there are multiple killers responsible for the bodies dumped by Long Island beaches? Leave a comment below.

  • Jeannie

    I find it hard to imagine more than one serial killer working together. That seems highly unlikely to me. Maybe its not what we think. Sex slaves are brought into this county all the time and if the girls don’t do as they are told they are murdered. That would account for more than one person……………..just a thought.

    Or it could be gang related………………..

  • jascott

    No one is being disrespectful to the victims. The story now is about the UNSUP. It’s sad it happened, it’s been happening for centuries, senseless murders/deaths. People behave as if serial killiers are a new phenomona. They’re not new and people have been victimized by them pretty much since the dawn of time. But being a curious person, like some others posting about “Who Done It”, it’s natural to prognosticate who this person could be. So, relax on throwing darts at people who are doing the wondering.

    For the person saying EVERY profile of a serial killer is a middle aged white male, serial killers usually kill within their own race. If these were black prostitutes it would stand to reason the killer would be black.

    The partners in crime theory doesn’t hold water. There Was Ng and Lake, Bittiker and Norris, Corll and Henley, the infamous Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole. All of these partners killed women, never men and women. Either the man and child was killed because they were witnesses of the killer or they were killed by someone unrelated and unknown to the serial killer.

  • story

    I am sure the police have some kind of lead on this killer, they must have contacted craiglist and got some record of who called who and developed a pattern on the same person or number calling for dates or if they had a pimp in common. There has to be more information than what we are getting there is too much for there not to be more in terms of information.

  • polaroid

    You know what this is.

    This is prophesy.

    The thousand years is over.

  • Elizabeth

    WHERE ARE YOU DEXTER??!! we need you…

  • lulu

    Did these women have a personal belongins, jewelry, watch, pocketbooks, so he would have taking trophy.
    Plus, serial killers usual like all the attention, he never tried to contact police,
    to give himself a name or leave a clue. Most of them want to get caught. Also w/all the concert down there no one saw anything!

    • cms

      Hi LuLu

      You stated that they usually like attention and did he contact the police. I’m not sure of that, however he did contact one of the victims sister and taunted her over the phone.

    • profiler

      no not all serial killers do that only the narcissistic personality type does those things and actually its kinda rare, like the zodiac and b t k, the majority of serial offenders are sexual sadist who live in fantasy only emerging from it to plan and act out there vicious sexual attractions

  • Scott

    I was discussing this the other day with my mom and said to her that I thought it was multiple killers working together. I’m guessing that’s not common, but it has happened. I also thought it was law enforcement not becasue the killer(s) were so smart (like the media had said and knew police tactics). But becasue the girl who knocked on doors there, despite being so out of it, as soon as she heard that the man, and then woman were going to call the police, she took off running. I didn’t take this as she was out of it or drugged, so she didn’t know what she was doing, I took it as DESPITE being so out of it, when she heard ‘police’ she knew to flee for her life. Still confused as to why you would dump them there though. Would seem if you didn’t want to get attention, there would be better ways to get rid of a body. I think it may be multiple killers working together. Possibly one is afraid and wants it to end so the dumping ground is a way to draw attention to it without becoming a ‘turncoat’? Whoever it is, I think it is (an) authoriy(s) figure(s). Government officials or police sadly. I don’t know the area, but from what I saw, they say it’s kind of remote and some of the areas are thick brush. Seems like it would be very risky to leave a car parked along side the road without getting noticed, so maybe someone was dropped off with the victim, then picked up again after they disposed of the victim. However, if that IS the scenario, it doesn’t really tie in with my ‘one killer feeling guilty’ theory. Atleast two would have to feel that way. And that means there’s more than 2 killers. And as far as the possible infant being there. Now you’re talking even crazier stuff. Possibly occult then, or a prostitute who couldn’t find a sitter and brought the toddler along? VERY bizzarre case. I guess the truth is always stranger than fiction.

    • ami

      The area is not as remote as described at all. It’s probably the most popular beach area on LI. The area where the bodies were found is however very, very densely packed with bramble. Not a place where you would find nature trails. Cars are parked along that stretch all summer long- would not be uncommon for a car to be parked there at all or seem out of place. I doubt even when the temps reached the high 90s and with all the humidity that any smells would be detected- the constant breeze from the beach and distance to the shore where people visit the beach from the brambles. Unfortunately, I believe that if poor Shannon had not been a drug addict and prostitute with mental health issues, this case would have been treated more fairly and with much more aggression from the beginning. Why did it take cops so long to get to the house where the gentleman called the police??? utter bull shiit in my opinion. It’s notable to add that suffolk cops are the highest paid in the country… A half hour to arrive where a young woman was screaming to be saved and someone was trying to kill her? A disgrace, completely unacceptable.

    • Lorraine

      I agree with what you wrote. I am from that area and I can tell you one thing about where the bodies were found. It’s not uncommon to see cars parked on the side of the road there and honestly, no one really stops. At night, the road can be pretty desolate so maybe that’s when they would dump the bodies. During the daytime, especially during the summer months, the road would be extremely busy… anyway, just something I thought I would share.

      • cms

        Hi Lorraine,
        You mentioned you are from the area, where these bodies were found. Were you there when Joel Riffkin was killing women? The police stated it is possible some of the remains may be his victims.

    • cms

      Hi Scott,

      You make some great points! With regards to dumping the bodies, I have a feeling that this person(s) may have used a boat. Thoughts?

      • Lorraine

        Hi CMS..

        To answer your first question, I was young when Joel Rifkin was killing in the area but I do remember the news stories. I believe that if what is stated is true about some of the newer remains that they found had been there for a very long time (i think I read one article where it was stated roots were growing around the bones) then yes, it could be quite possible that some of the remains could be his unfound/unknown victims. As stated earlier, the area where the bodies were found can be accessed by boat and by land but it’s not a main thoroughfare land wise for most people, unless you live in the area or are going to the beach. You can only access Ocean Parkway by bridge and there are basically only two ways to get on and off the parkway. I like the boat idea.. you would blend a lot more, especially in the summer time as it is an extremely busy area in the summer months.

  • Alex

    Thank you – I was going to comment on that!

  • Kris

    >>>>”Do you think there are multiple killers responsible for the bodies dumped by Long Island beaches? Leave a comment below.”

    It’s impossible to tell. Without knowing the methods the killer used on his victims and being able to spot similarities, it’s hard to say. If they were all strangulated with rope for example – that’d tell me it’s just one person. If half were strangulated and half were stabbed to death, I’d say two people.

    But again, you’d never know – they may be changing methods to stay on top of an investigation.

    We just have to wait for the police to make an arrest, we won’t know before that point in time.

    • Spelling Bee Champ

      Isn’t the word “strangled” and not “strangulated?”
      The act is “strangulation” but one “strangles.”

      • John

        I thought so too. However, it appears that ‘strangulation’ has been misconstrued into a verb form so frequently that, guess what, ‘strangulate’ is now a verb. That’s the English language for ya. Go figure. Now we have ‘strangle’ and ‘strangulate’ meaning exactly the same thing.

    • cms

      Hi Kris,

      You are right, now one knows until they are arrested. This is a huge game of cat and mouse at this point!

  • kIarussi

    It’s estimated that there are around 150 serial killers active in the U.S. at any given time. They aren’t a rare phenomenon just many of them are never detected and caught. The chances of two serial killers operating in the same area with such a large population(in surrounding areas) is statistically possible. It seems that the body dump area is a fairly “good” one since they went undetected for so long.
    It’s not far fetched that two killers saw the area and both identified it as a good drop area. Also I haven’t seen anything that tells what the timeline was between the bodies, could be they were operating years apart and would never have even known of each other.

    • lissa

      This make the most sense to me as well. I feel it could be more than one and they don’t know each other. The child could be unconnected all together. Like you stated a desolate area, dark, and the water.

    • doug steele

      Yeah, I think there was a bit of an overlap with Night Stalker and somebody else in LA killing people. I recall that it’s happened in the past for sure.

    • profiler

      no no that estimate is way off, its about 40 offenders active in the us and that is the f.b.i actual statistic report you can read their reports on their website

  • Mets Fan

    Meanwhile, the Nassau County crime lab was too busy fudging evidence to really investigate crimes. They can’t even be trusted with evidence from DWI and drug cases and had to SHUTDOWN by the Feds. Forget about real crime!!!!

  • Kris

    I think the profiling is the most damaging thing to an investigation possible. They profiled the DC sniper incorrectly, and I submit that gave investigators tunnel-vision. Instead of speculating – they should put those brainiacs in the think-tank in the lab to analyze real evidence.

    • cms

      Hi Kris,

      You are dead on with the profiling comment. Everything is speculation at this point! I was just thinking. The killer is probably loving the attention as they are usually very narcissistic. He could be reading these posts right now, who knows!

  • Jets Fan

    Does anyone feel safe now that one or more serial killers is out there? How many more young women and children even have gone missing w/o any action? Obviously the county clowns, State Stoopers, and Park Panzies down the road can’t and won’t protect anyone, nor will they investigate crimes until they trip over a mass murder site. At $140,000 a year, this is outrageous.

    Thank goodness the FBI is involved, but egads has law enforcement been sleeping at the wheel like the air traffic controllers? Their problem is they make too much money and they have become inured to work.

    Meanwhile the NYPD is raping, robbing, and pillaging, on duty so they’re no help either.

    I wouldn’t doubt that the sick MF is from one of their ranks.

  • Roni

    If it is more than one killer maybe they are working together. I just don’t see completely separate killers when everything is so similar.

  • Becky

    “Where were the Park Police? Their headquarters is just down the road.”

    That’s a scary thought. Any of them working in DC when Chandra Levy was murdered? Or at Yosemite or any other parks when murders were committed?

  • duska

    In my opinion with the evidence available at least 2 separate killers if not more. First 4 girls were a single killer.

  • Chris

    Go Dexter go!

  • Capt. Don Kragen, NYPD SVU

    Detective Benson and Stabler will solve this one. They are my best detectives.

    • jonny

      send in the clowns

  • LA Lakers

    Agree, this guy is not scary or smart, is just plain sad and pathetic like many other sociopaths before

  • Vaughan

    It may be only one person but with a multiple-personality disorder. The person is obviously mental. It seems as if the crimes are all in one place. I hope they catch whoever it is…and soon.

  • Just the facts

    The DC shooter was Muslim, not Christian.

    • george

      They also weren’t white, or middle-aged. I was being sarcastic. EVERY serial killer profile say it’s a white male. Profiling serial killers is the easiest job in the world. Even if you strongly suspect it may be a female jewish accountant, you say “middle-aged white male”. It keeps the P.C. crowd off your back.

    • doug

      and black

  • ericm

    I’m betting the guy is either dead or in jail.

    • Clarise

      WHERE WERE YOU, ericm? Easy to dismiss the perp as dead or jailed, but WHERE WERE YOU?

  • How Pathetic

    I’m sure who ever did this should be peeing in his pants now that the police was able to find all these people in this location by pure luck, I’m sure this looser coward probably still lives with his mom and has been rejected by everyone since he was a little kid and now he is trying to take his frustration on these poor women, such a lack of confidence and strength, just pathetic, you are pathetic.


    TheBateman @ did it, check the thread on the MISC, add ups

  • chayah777

    the Dr who lives in the area is C-R-E-E-P_Y

  • Jets Fan

    Why must a serial killer emerge before the county cops even move a muscle. Where were the Park Police? Their headquarters is just down the road. The State Police wouldn’t notice a criminal unless he was speeding. What a serious outrage!!! For all the money these clown make, what laws were they enforcing? $140,000 per year for what? They should all be fired.

    What no one filed a missing persons report? Build a 7-Eleven on the beach and the cops will come.

  • TheBateman


    • JohnDoe

      Stop killing fatties you sick freak!

  • CTpump

    Were any of the victims kids? Specifically little girls?

  • Bert Stare


    • Azyzz Shredded

      lolol aware

      bateman dun goofd brah

  • no politics

    why do people have to add politics…and…what the hell is “the one and only you seek” talking about, uhh? I dont understand these comments

  • no politics

    why do people have to add politics…and…what the hell is “the one and only you seek” talking about, uhh? I dont understand these comments

    • Aval

      From what I recall, “the one and only you seek” was porporting to be the killer. Whoe ever posted may regret having done so whether or not actually the killer. Maybe there is more than one. The poster could be the one who called one victim’s family.

  • Jenn

    Where the hell did that comment from “The ONE and ONLY you SEEK” go? It was seriously creepy.

    • Aval

      I read it. I wondered who would post such. It disappeared while I was reading the link by Concerned about all known/convicted killers. Someone probably reported it. Hope it was investigated.

      • Jenn

        I read it a couple times just to be sure I read it correctly. Either someone was goofing around and trying to appear to be the killer, or… Well, you know. Yes, someone probably reported it, and the police will soon be looking into it, if they aren’t already.

    • B

      I tried to copy & paste it before it disappeared, but I was just a hair too late. Wish I could find it in my cache.

  • motrix

    dumb ass…this is not what this article is about….go and find another article to cry about the debt ceiling…

  • Roze

    Politics has NO place in this conversation.

  • Roy

    Spoken like a true Ohioan Bill G

  • Dano

    The scuttle butt I get from a cop on the case is that the guy in Oak Beach is the prime suspect.

    • Concerned


      You got scuttlebutt? Get thee to a doctor, stat!

  • Frank Black

    I don’t think it’s the beef.

  • Jamie Contreau

    Have the investigators thought to check the phone records of the people that they found dead? If they were to find the last unknown or unidentified number they may be able to acquire a serial number for the phones that were used. If they can find the serial numbers they may be able to trace them to the stores in which they were sold and possibly security tapes? I mean I’m not sure if it’s possible, but just saying. And also I think if by checking the TOD that possibly it’d be easier in determining whether there is more than one killer. If the times have long gaps in between then it’s a possibility there is. But if the murders are close together the investigators may want to rule out the possibility and turn to a psychological disorder to explain the differences in victims, and the distance in where the bodies were buried.

    • NY_dirtball

      According to Nancy they already did, and there was only one hit; our ravenous friend called one of the victims several times and then he or she decided to play it safe.

    • Roze

      Phone records? I’m sure none of these women were on a Sprint plan…

  • Lori Jacks

    I believe this is the work of one individual, not two. Obviously he has changed his MO somewhat from using the burlap sacks, and now the toddler. I think he is evolving. He lives and or works in that area, because he is comfortable with the area, and is known to people in the area, because he has to have been seen by someone and he is not out of place in the area or community.

  • concerned citizen

    If you haven’t read “There’s Something About Henry” I suggest you check it out right now! I promise you won’t be ale to stop once you’ve started reading. Pretty much explains the “mystery” behind some of the most notorious serial killers of our times.

    • Citizen kane

      Actually I was able to stop reading your ghey article quite easily.

  • None of Your Business

    This is nothing to joke about. You redefine despicable. What if you were the one being dragged into a wooded area to be killed? Would you be cracking jokes then? I seriously doubt it. I think you’d be screaming for help at the top of your lungs.



  • tim tom

    If you have an attractive area in which to dispose of bodies,,, you’ll find them.

  • Pizza Royalty

    What if the serial killer operates with a split personality syndrome? Just a thought…….

  • Daniel P.

    I said from the very beginning that that these remains were probably the result of unrelated crimes. I think there is almost certainly 2 or more murderers, that are unrelated in any way, and that it’s certainly possible that all of these crimes may not be solved.

  • Hank Warren

    Suffolk cops are too busy writing speeding tix than solving this case which is yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Mark6569

      @Hank- Totally agree….The police and troopers are out of control….most of them are braindead robots, taking orders from above… serve and protect? more like to pull over, question, search, and arrest……and you are right on about our civil liberties being taken away slowly….incrementally….when they start DRUG TESTING and GROPING 6 year old girls, than we need to take a collective look in the mirror and figure out that the forces of evil have taken over our government and country…..
      Impeach Obama….stop paying your credit card bills….plant a garden…..stop buying junk from China…..tell your family…tell your friends…tell your neighbors….before it’s too late….The banksters and the NWO are trying to take over….we all need to stand together….united we stand, divided we fall!

    • Bill G

      Just another reason I moved out of that state. One thing I’ve never understood is why northeasteners think they are smarter than the rest of the country when they put up with stuff like this. I don’t think they are any smarter or dumber than the rest of the country but perhaps they are more arrogant.

  • Sam

    It seem’s that this killer loves the beach area to dispose bodies. He know’s the area so well and he could be working as a life guard in that area. Find out which retail store in NYC in the time squre area sold the most disposable cell phones.Many stores do have security cameras.



  • casey

    complete speculation..but the male victim could have been a transvestite? wonder how long his body had been there compared to others?

    • ACDenco

      Maybe the male victim was serial killer #1, dispatched by serial killer #2….

  • Steve

    Multiple killers working independently, and unknown to each other? That would be a huge coincidence, no?

  • Det. Carpenter

    With the information disclosed above, one can not arrive at any intelligent conclusion.

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