Report: Brooklyn Woman Plans To Sue After Yankee Stadium Electric Shock

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Some Yankees fans may be shocked by A.J. Burnett’s 3-0 record.

According to the NY Post, a Brooklyn woman received an all-together different kind of jolt at Yankee Stadium.

Portia Walton told the paper that she was “jolted” by electricity on April 4 outside of the Stadium’s Hard Rock Cafe. The 54-year-old was in attendance to watch the Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins. Instead, she was hospitalized after stepping on a metal hatch with an exposed power cord.

“I couldn’t get myself together,” she told the paper. “I was shocked that I was shocked.”

A Yankees spokeswoman replied to the Post: “A woman on the 4th alleged that she got a shock. We had EMTs check her out. We insisted that she go to the hospital, and as far as we know she was treated and released.”

Walton and her attorneys plan to sue the Hard Rock and the Yankees for $2 million. She says she’s still dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and lingering memory loss and headaches.

“They obviously didn’t care much about the risk,” said the woman’s attorney. “They care more about selling their expensive skyboxes.”

What do you make of  Walton’s plans to sue? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. Mike A says:

    I went to a game and the guy behind me FARTED and it scared me so i want to sue for 5 million and lawers want to take my case?

    1. Hough en Puff says:

      Ahh you’re just blowing smoke!

  2. myname says:

    She’s having Memory loss… but clearly remembers this happening, right?

  3. Ethan says:

    Why would you sue for $2 million for post tramtic stress, headaches, and memory loss? its not like theses things are going to cost her that much, and she proboly wont even make that in a lifetime. these lawsuits are just ridiculous.

  4. bill says:

    Give me a break. She refused to go to the hospital and went home on her own. PTSD my arse. What a shyster.

  5. JRP says:

    Price of tickets will be going up!!!!!

  6. Native NYER! says:

    Here’s a solution to the problem, very basic, WATCH WHERE YOU STEP! Seems like she saw exposed wires and stepped right on them.. keep her away from wall sockets when eating with a metal fork!

  7. bob johnson says:

    Ms. Walton’s myspace page has the following headline: “hatas luv me and i dont kno wy…”

  8. Roy says:

    Mike E must be the only Lawyer to leave a comment !

  9. Roy says:

    Why not sue for 100 million,that’s why we have lawyers,low life ambulance chasing,useless parasites……………………and ms portia walton is no better.

  10. JNB says:

    It does not state what voltage it was.. most likely it 120v? so 2 million? Definitely frivolous If she was treated and released within a short time? Then maybe a small settlement… UNDER $5,000 And it is highly doubtful that she has any lingering memory loss & headaches? only if she fell and hit her head..
    And yes I agree that if someone files a frivolous lawsuit and loses?Then they should be responsible to compensate the defendant for their legal costs..
    Unfortunately this appears to be a case someone seeing $$ signs and probably eagerly assisted by a ambulance chasing attorney

  11. ttc says:

    yeah so the yankees have to pay her 50k big deal

  12. lawyer for a day says:

    On the stand during cross:

    “Now Ms. Walton, how exactly did you receive this shock?”

    “Shock? What shock?”

  13. Moral Truth says:

    Another Red Sox fan digging for gold at NY’s expense…and that’s the moral truth.

  14. BxYankee says:

    Hey the Yankees paid Kei Igawa lotsa of money. He said he was a pitcher lol

  15. dp says:

    Yet another dreg of society trying to rape the system with a team of lawyers…how pathetic.

    Memory loss, post traumatic stress disorder…..headaches….what a f*cking joke…

  16. Mike E says:

    Scammers? Frivolous? Are you people crazy? Suppose that happened to you with your 6 year old granddaughter – and she was the one who stepped on the plate? What would you do, tell her to shake it off so you don’t miss out on the first pitch? And what would you think if you heard that it had happened to someone else before and they didn’t fix it? How would you feel then? Sorry folks. From what you say about ticket prices and parking, the Yankees are telling you that having a good time costs money and they make no bones about it. Well, negligence costs money too. It’s the only language the Yankees speak.

    1. Josh says:

      Go chase an ambulance Mike.

    2. Trishe says:

      Mets fan.

  17. LOL over this says:

    I think its stupid to be so consumed over grown men playing ball…You fanatics act like you’re the ones receiving the ballplayers salary. And how gay is it to see grown men wearing another mans jersey with his name on it. Hell, if you’re going to pay that much for a jersey at least put your own damn name on it. Bunch of wannabees

    1. mg says:

      You have to be kidding/trolling.. It’s called being a sports fan. You’re acting like sports and sports fandom is some new trend or something.. You think it’s “stupid to be so consumed over grown men playing ball”? Sounds like you aren’t even a sports fan. If that’s the truth, then take your judgmental point of view elsewhere.

  18. mg says:

    To those saying tickets are expensive, sure they are if you buy them off of Ticketmaster.

    Stubhub, people. Stubhub.

  19. Yankeegreedrules says:

    The only thing shocking are the ticket prices, and (worst of all) the parking fees. Boycott Yankeee Stadium!!! Stay home and watch the games. I hope that the jury (I wish I were on it) pays this woman $50 million. That would send shock waves through this greedy sport.

    1. yroths says:

      too high . . . too high . . . too good . . . even commoners know when to use to vs. too vs. two.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      Sorry, ‘YROTHS IS A LOSER MORON’, I agree with yroths. If you can’t tell the difference between to, too and two maybe you should keep your ignorance to yourself rather than advertise it to the world. And, yes, “yelling” at me (all caps) is annoying to me, too.

  20. Mike says:

    Give me a BREAK,I agree with NYer and Steve – these lawsuits are RIDICULOUS!!!

  21. sheky says:

    I say she should get her 2 million…but only if she can switch hit.

  22. Hate Scammers says:

    Memory loss? She seems to remember this event very well and if it was so tramatic, she wouldn’t remember a thing. Just another scammer trying to make a quick buck and get her 15 minutes of fame.

  23. Truth says:

    Great.. now the yankees are going to raise ticket prices or cable tv licensing by 4 million. 2 to the lady whose pubes are now straight and 2 to the damn lawyers

  24. Brian says:

    I think the only “jolt” this lady got was the added hunger jolt for $$. $2MM seriously? post tramautic stress? Did the shock cause her to see $ $ $ because its the Yankees?

  25. Bell Toller says:

    Sounds racial to me

  26. BigDog says:

    Im shocked that she’s shocked, I thought this was ticket price shock !

  27. Peter says:

    whats wrong with a little jolt of electricity ?

  28. Kris says:

    Unbelievable!! The Yankmees leaving an exposed power cord on a metal hatch where someone could get hurt? This kind of negligence is RIDICULOUS!!!!!


    1. Ethan says:

      is that worth $2million? i thought not.

  29. Steven says:

    I got a shock when I took off my fleece jacket. Am I going to sue the manufacturer? These lawsuits are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

  30. DCOnEdge says:

    I’m SICK of these creatons searching high and low for a reason to sue someone. 2 million dollars!!! Seriously? Get a da*n JOB!!!!!!! Get rid of the plaintiff’s lawyers and this country would be such a better, and more prosperous, place!!!

  31. NYer says:

    Just another leech looking for a quick buck – maybe I can find an exposed power cord, I could use some more money!

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