NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A familiar fright returns and two birds of a feather flock together in South America on the big screen this weekend.

“Rio” is the story of Blu, voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, a macaw who’s been living a quiet life in Minnesota. When he and his owner find out there is another in Brazil, they head south.

She is Jewel, Anne Hathaway, a bird with a bit of an attitude. But they get to know each other quickly when they’re birdnapped.

From battling a minion of miniature monkeys to learning the basics, it’s one thing after another as they make their way back home.

Also out in theaters this weekend is “Scream 4.”

Ghostface is back, and so is Neve Cambell as Sydney Prescott, now a celebrated author who returns home to Woodsboro, the site of the now-infamous murder spree.

No surprise, murder and mayhem still follow Sydney, which means Dewey and Gale, series stars David Arquette and Courtney Cox, along with a whole new generation may not make it to the closing credits.

Out in limited release as well is “The Conspirator,” starring Robin Wright, Kevin Kline and James McAvoy, and directed by Oscar-winner Robert Redford.

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