Toddler Killed By Car In New Square

NEW SQUARE, N.Y. (AP) — A 2-year-old girl was struck and killed by a car in the parking lot of a supermarket in New Square.

Ramapo police say the toddler was with a parent when she was hit at around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Ramapo Police Lt. M.J. Reilly says the car was moving slowly and the incident appeared to be a “tragic accident.”

People who knew the family told the Journal News, of White Plains, that the little girl had been named after a grandmother who had been killed years ago in a terrorist bombing in Israel.

Police say the circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

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  • Cris

    They had two kids hit by cars in that town yesterday and one last week. Another kid died because his sibliings locked him in a closet and a shelf fell on him. Considerng how small that town is, they have an incredibly high rate of child deaths, because of “accidents”. Children need to be supervised and because they have so many, these kids are being supervised by siblings, just a few years older. In any other community, CPS would be investigating neglect but because of religion, these kids are allowed to die. Truly very sad.

    • Alan

      I do a lot of service work in homes in New Square and K-J. And I’ve witnessed many parents neglecting there children and neglecting danger. No Carbon-Monoxide detectors, leaving babies and toddlers unattended for long periods of times. No child guards on windows, leaving doors wide open unattended where toddlers walk or crawl out., certainly no child protection on stoves, refrerigrators or outlets…. This has nothing to do with religion. Parents who shouldnt be parents because they dont know right from wrong.

    • Rod in

      So you’re saying this town is a SPECIAL town full of SPECIAL need folks. All breeding more SPECIAL kids?

  • Glad I'm not a chihuahua

    Blaine, I have no intension of disrespecting the dead. It was tragedy to everyone including me. It was horrific..

  • Blaine Fiedler

    Wow, thanks for being relevant. This was a low-speed parking lot accident in a very Hasidic neighborhood, not a small dog.

  • Glad I'm not a chihuahua

    Opps! I miss-spelled ‘running’ Sorry!

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