L.I. Cop Hits, Kills Pedestrian In Car Accident

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A police officer was involved in an accident that left one woman dead on Saturday night on Long Island.

Police said a Seventh Precinct officer was operating his radio motor patrol eastbound on Merrick Road in Bellmore when he struck 63-year-old Sherry Lang.

Lang was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The officer was treated and released at a local hospital for contusions to his knees.

The investigation is ongoing.


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  1. marie says:

    This is ridiculous,the 7th precint is corrupt!!! one of their neices works for newsday and thats why its not in there,THEY ARE PROTECTING THEIR OWN!!! This is the 3rd incident in the past two years that they have been involved in ruining someones life and LIVES!!!!! This has nothing to do with hating cops,I DONT!! They have been abusing their power,SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THEM!!!

  2. Newsday Coverup says:

    Can somebody esplain why there has been nothing in Newsday regarding this accident. Does the 7th pricinct own Cablevision now

  3. The Truth says:

    Jack. How do you know?

  4. The truth says:

    Jack. How do you know that happened?

  5. jack says:

    This was a Hit and Run the 7th pct officer left the scene and came back later. I think that should be the big story why the Cop left after hitting this poor old lady. I think man slaughter chargers, and a few others are in order for Nassau finest free 7-11 coffee drinkers.

    1. LIF says:

      an officer hit a person, left the scene, came back and is not in any trouble?

  6. Jerry O says:

    Why does’nt somone find out where he lives. Put an end to the BS. ???

  7. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:


  8. liwingnut says:

    If someone hit a cop that persone would have had some charges thrown at them….Typical BS

  9. Paul Kohloff says:

    if this woman was black,there would be a investigation for sure,sharpton would be there in a heart beat.

  10. Bell Toller says:

    what time did this happen?

  11. Kenny says:

    Now everybody saying he was playing with his radio. now the people who seen him doing this must have seen how fast he was going, or did he blow the red light. Don’t get me wrong i have no love for him just looking a the facts.

  12. Adam says:

    I too knew Sherry Land and her family Howie and their three sons, daughter in laws and brand new grandchild. What a shame, yes we need to know more about the police officer and what was going on but it will not bring this wonderful woman back to her family.

  13. Dan Te says:

    They should check the police car to make sure it wasn’t a stuck gas pedal defect….

  14. The Truth says:

    what does that mean?

  15. The Truth says:

    Daniel P. I hope there is no cover up. How can we believe in a system where cops are above the law and literally can get away with murder. The police officers name has not been released…why? Was there a drug and alcohol test done? In my heart I believe the cop was speeding and not paying attention. How does a cop not see and hit someone at a crosswalk who was wearing a big bright white coat? All the comments about cop haters are ridiculous. A beautiful, important woman was killed by a cop car who was innocently crossing the street. There is something going on that we do not know about. Hopefully THE TRUTH will come out so her family, friends and the community which loved her with get some closure.

  16. Daniel P. says:

    A coverup will certainly ensue. I was with a group of people walking and was struck in a Home Depot parking lot by a car owned by a cop. There were many witnesses. The cops attempted to cover it up by writing false reports with incorrect and incomplete information about the car and driver who struck me.

  17. Bell Toller says:

    NYC Sat night it was crazy driving too many lunatics were out

    1. Jerry says:

      I think the bell is affecting you?

  18. The Truth says:

    Let us look at the facts….women crossing at a light on a rainy night. She got across two of the four lanes and then got hit. The cop either blew the red light or was speeding. Not a cop hater…just going by the facts. I wonder if the cop got drug or alcohol tested. Also there were reports he was doing something with his radio. The speed limit is 35, I am sure he was not going that speed. The cop needs to be brought to justice. He has destroyed a family and leaves a husband, kids and grandchild whose lives have forever been changed…..for the worse.

    1. Rod in says:

      What facts? We at C da BS never report any facts. You read facts in this little article? HA!

      1. The Truth says:

        This is far from the only article on this. I am familiar with the story and where it happened. There is NO way the cop was driving the speed limit. Especially since she crossed at a LIGHT! Something is up. Be a little bit more sensitive to families and friends who is affected by this careless tragedy.

  19. kendra says:

    what else is new he,ll probably be on desk duty…cause cops always get away with murder..

  20. LIGUY says:

    I knew this woman and I am shocked by the news. She was a really nice woman. A lot of fun and not an “old geezer” you moron. It was probably the overpaid Nassau County cop who was playing with his radio and not paying attention. I feel for her husband Howie and their family.

  21. Jack says:

    Just like a 7th Pct Cop, I bet he was looking for a spot to play hide and seek. You can never find a Nassau Cop except in a 7-11, Duncan Donuts or Volunteer Fire Houses hiding and sleeping.

  22. pat says:

    Why not wait to see what really happened first. I’m guessing no since you sound like a typical cop hater.

  23. raspame uno says:

    I hope he is charged with manslaughter the family of the dead woman needs justice

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