New Jersey Looks At Lifting Garden State Parkway Truck Ban

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Right now, six-axle trucks are banned from driving on the Garden State Parkway north of Exit 105 at Tinton Falls.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller On The Cost-Benefit Analysis

However, New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson tells the Asbury Park Press that they’re looking into what would happen if they lifted the restriction.

Officials are comparing the differences between the additional wear and tear on the limited access toll roadway and how much money commercial trucks could generate for the state.

One state transportation expert says commercial traffic is a real breadwinner because trucks pay proportionally more than cars do because of their weight.

Many parkways in the area ban commercial truck traffic, in part because some of them have overpasses with low clearances.


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  1. Sal says:

    If the GSP is opened to truck traffic, truckers will use it as an alternate to the turnpike whenever possible because of the lower tolls. When traffic on the GSP because unbearable because of this, the answer will be to match the GSP tolls to those of the turnpike.
    And THAT, my friends, is what this is all about – raising tolls on the parkway.

  2. Leonard says:

    Don’t these Atlantic City tour buses use the Parkway? Aren’t they roughly the same size as trucks? I’d rather trucks use a highway than local streets.

  3. jack tripper says:

    its a Parkway……….not designed for trucks…………..have you seen how narrow these lanes are as it is??? this would be extremely dangerous the state is running out of money and god knows the mafioso politicians in NJ aren’t going to be suffering from this……..have fun NJ shore goers! hahaha

  4. Wolf says:

    Wow!! Leave the GSP alone. NO TRUCKS. At least the truckers still support the local food spots and service areas along route 1 and 9. And can you imagine the drive from NYC to AC if you add how many trucks to the mixture of Friday afternoon traffic? If anything, allow them from 11 PM to 5 AM Monday to Friday.

  5. Beerbandit says:

    I read some of the posts and do we have some of those problems on the turnpike, Route 78, Route 80 or Route 295? I praise the folks who are thinking out of the box and trying to generate additional revenue for the state of NJ. Of course safety is one of the concerns that they will have to address.

    1. tom says:

      Ummm, do you ever drive on the turnpike? It gets extremely congested every day during rush hour, and I’m sure the GSP would be even worse if trucks were allowed. Especially when it snows, I’ve seen countless accidents with trucks jack-knifed all over the turnpike, crushing cars, blocking exits. Putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy is NOT the best way to go about raising more revenue. I’d even prefer paying more in tolls rather than having to deal with more trucks on the GSP…!

  6. Debra says:

    Are these Politicains Crazy or what. GSP would be a mess more than it is now….

  7. Tom says:

    Additionally, there are many sections of the parkway that still have substandard 11′ wide lanes (12′ is considered standard). This includes some areas south of exit 105, as well as the express lanes from MP 117 to MP 126 (the shoulder was paved over and the lanes were narrowed in order to create the 3rd lane back in the mid 90’s). Good luck trying to navigate around huge trucks with these tiny lanes, I can only imagine the number of accidents that would result each day…

  8. Roy says:

    why not call it the Turnpike,and expect the worst………….death by tractor trailer,insanity at it’s finest..thank you Governor Christie….moron

  9. barbara says:

    A lot of people won’t go to Atlantic City or the ocean beaches if trucks are allowed on the Garden State Parkway. The Garden State Parkway will get extremely dangerous expecially on the Driscoll Bridge. The truck drivers are speed happy along with the bus drivers. These drivers are exempt from all speed limit laws for some reason or other. No more NJ for me if this happens.

  10. HR says:

    The GSP is already over taxed at rush hour, and anytime the weaher changes to inclement it is a horrible commute experience. Adding Trucks, who for the most part, ignore the weather challenges of these commutes will create havoc, and unfortunately, loss of life. I think this move may increase revenue from the trucks, but the hassel wil cause folks to move out to The NJ Turnpike, or in Northern and Central NJ spill onto the NJ Turnpike or 1/9, which are overtaxed.

    Leave it alone, it isnt worth it !

  11. Will says:

    I’ll tell you what will happen: MORE FATAL ACCIDENTS.

    Even aggressive Commercial Vehicle inspections won’t slow down these trucks carrying dozens of tons among smaller passenger cars…

    But of course this is more about money and raising revenue,and far less about safety, right?!

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