During a break, Craig couldn’t help but notice some disturbing things going on in the control room in which inhabits Al Dukes, Eddie Scozzare and the lovely Dominique.

Al had his shirt lifted up, exposing his back to Eddie, while the two of them giggled like school girls.  Al explained to Craig that he is concerned with the back hair he has recently started growing and he asked Eddie if it was noticeable. When he told him it was, Al then wanted to know what he should do about it.

Craig suspects it was a feeble attempt by Al to woo Dominique, which is possible I guess, considering Al is 41 and still single.

Craig suggested, in the form of a song, that maybe Al should make a trip back home so his mother could help him take care of his ever-increasing back hair…

LISTEN: Al “Hughes” Dukes is Growing Back Hair (B&C 4/19)

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