Man Brandishing Fake Pistol Shot By Police In The Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -Police shot a man brandishing a fake pistol at Grant Highway near 167th street in the Bronx early Friday morning.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports: One witness said there was a rowdy, fighting crowd outside a club near the scene

img 51291 Man Brandishing Fake Pistol Shot By Police In The Bronx

Crime scene and shell casing markers in the Bronx, April 22, 2011 (credit: Juliet Papa/1010 WINS)

Mamdou Balde, 21, was transported to Lincoln Hospital and is in critical but stable condition.

Balde was shot multiple times. He was hit in the arm, foot and groin.

Police said they responded to a call of a large fight in front of 1263 Grant Highway shortly before 3:00 a.m.

Initial reports suggest a crowd of people had been partying in a nearby club. A brawling group spilled outside into the street.

When police responded to the scene, they say they spotted Balde with a gun pointing it at the group of people. They demanded he drop it, and when he refused, police opened fire. They fired 18 shots.

Police say the gun Balde was carrying turned out to be an imitation 9mm Beretta pistol. The fake gun was recovered at the scene.

A woman who identified herself as Nina described the shooting.

“I basically heard the gunshots and the people running and screaming right after the gunshots,” Nina said.

Three officers who were involved in the shooting were reportedly transported to a hospital in Westchester. It is standard procedure for officers involved in a shooting to be taken to a hospital for examination.

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One Comment

  1. lulu says:

    Who planted the gun on this dude?

  2. Rod in says:

    Send it to a fake hospital.

    1. kurvamach says:

      unfortunately (yes, unfortunately) the surgeons and nurses saved the life of this idiot and he’s stable now. there are hard-working and deidicated people working at Lincoln and they save the lives of idiots like these numerous times already. dont discredit them. who knows, you might need to go to this “fake” hospital to save your life someday.

  3. Lancelot Link says:

    Perhaps that groin shot will prevent this idiot from reproducing. See there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.

    1. Ben says:

      I wonder if this fine young man could be black?
      Oh excuse me that might be racist?
      What is it with these freaks, take them out of the jungle YES, take the jungle out of them NEVER..

      P.S. With what I have read in the news this weeks I would like to suggest:
      If you are (white) stay out of McDONALDS?

  4. mj says:

    i’ll tell you what …. give ME a bullet proof vest , shot gun, pistol, mace, taser, night stick AND a license to kill and i’ll do VERY well without the police thank you

    1. High I.Q. says:

      Hey mj it is people like you that makes this city great. If not for this city who knows where you would be. You have said that phrase “give me” your whole life. You would never be able to make it west of the Hudson or east of Brooklyn or Queens. I do not want to see you go hungry so stay right where you are. No other city will ever give you as much as this city already has. Please do me a favor do not have any children. Keep up the good work and give me, give me, give me.

      1. mj says:

        hmmmmmmmmm… lets see … i’m a college grad , working in the medical fiels so far i’ve done quite well for myself … so much for your attempt at profiling lol. btw anyone who feels the need to advertise their IQ has to make one wonder lol. also i once awoke in the middle of the night to a man in a ski mask standing over my ed . did i quiver and cower and call for the police ? not quite, i jumped out of bed and chased his ass down the street. of couse once the cops DID show up they were useless as usual

      2. Joe Shmoe says:

        MJ: Makes you wonder about someone who has to “Brag” about their degree and the field they work in.

        Another man, a ski mask, your bed, his ass…….. I rather not ask.

  5. jimbo hector says:

    Hey noone he didnt get what he deserved getting killed or at least permanently paralyzed is what he deserved. The cops didnt have to say a word if your hold a gun real or fake you drop it when you see cops. As for the gun what kind of idiot walks around with a fake gun? If it were real I could respect that. I hope he dies there is no need for an idiot like that to be on the street.

  6. karen says:

    the cops were justified. this perp was waving a gun, did not follow orders to put down the weapon. in the interest of protecting the group of people this loser was pointing the gun at, and protecting themselves, after his refusal to put down the weapon action was taken. actions have consequences. he’s being treated (most likely at taxpayer expense) at a hospital, and will have his day in court. all he had to do (and chose not to) was put the gun down. no tears for him

    1. mj says:

      yes we all KNOW that the police NEVER shoot / kill an unarmed person

      1. KPMc says:

        Well no… people they try to avoid killing… but low-life POS animals are fair game. Takes ’em off the city’s dole and you save on court and rehabilitation costs. Win-win!

        Here’s a tip… if you embrace prison culture from your clothes to your hair to your neck tattoos and gangsta’ lifestyle… your a POS low-life animal. Lead poisoning is in your future.

    2. Art says:

      I am very put off with this article.
      The freak waves what any normal person would think was a gun.
      The police shoot and hit him multiple times.
      He goes to the hospital and seems to be doing better?
      Something is Very Wrong here?
      1. Are the Police using underpowered ammo?
      2 Are we wasting taxpayers money trying to teach these officers how to fire their weapons?

  7. none says:

    Unless you where there shut up cause I was if he could hear them say put the gun down he would.. He was trying to stop our friend from being jumped..did they check that a phone call came from a pay phone too. The cops are out of control.. They do have a badge to kill. If you are black you should be scared to walk the streets.. If u by any chance bought your child a fake gun you should get rid of it cause nowadays you cannot own anything.. Now let’s see what raymond kelly is going to do about this.. Oh yea we already know.. Nothing… Cause we all know what he did when they killed shawn bell.. But why did they fire 18+ shots at mamdou balde???

    1. Glenn says:

      none ??????????? Where were you when God was giving out brains..Oh on the welfare line I forgot. Sorry.

    2. High I.Q. says:

      None you have a room temp. I.Q. How you are alive today is beyond me. It is amazing how you lasted this long in life being so dumb. Simple tasks like crossing the street and stepping onto a subway platform are dangerous situations for somone like you. Please thank the good lord for looking after you for so many years. By the way good luck trying to figure out the room temp. I.Q. relationship.

    3. Vic says:

      NONE is either an illegal or a colored guy without a brain to think with.
      What I am afraid of is to try to get a Big Mac without being assaulted by a band of black beasts>

  8. tellitall says:

    bs as usual ok cop tells you too drop gun its fake but you dont drop it bs a white dude in nyc stabs 4 kills 3 no shots fired white guy high on meth fires at cops and emt no return fire by police hmmm in the words of that famous forensic specialist dr lee somthing wrong black man with a gun you die police commendation an award apromotion a attaboy award

    1. KPMc says:

      You’re missing several periods. Too bad your mother missed hers. She should have aborted.

  9. Chris says:

    Have any of you people commenting here ever been involved in shooting someone and/or ever had a gun pointed in your direction?? If the answer in ‘no’ then keep your ignorant comments of what you think the police should or should not have done. Bottom line is no one got hurt except the idiot toting around a fake gun….He only has himself to blame and he obviously was out to intimidate.

    1. MJ says:

      < has had a gun pointed at him AND I'M STILL HERE

  10. Larry Schwarz says:

    The Police had no way of knowing the gun was fake.Seems like they were justified.The guy should not have been brandishing a gun,fake or not.You play with Fire,you get burned.

  11. mj says:

    wow ! you’re SO macho

  12. mj says:

    sorry i don’t think police should be able to shot unless its to return fire OR if it appears to be immenent dager to someone like a gostage .. i know all yo pro police people are going to jump all over this but like i said sorry that my opinion the cops are out of control and basically have a license to kill

    1. mj says:

      shoot ^ danger ^ hostage ^ damn my fingers aren’t working today lol

    2. Bob says:

      How much more ‘imminent’ is pointing a weapon at a crowd? If the suspect had a real weapon and the police waited until 4 or 5 people were shot, you’d be sniveling about them not protecting the public!

    3. Steuben says:

      Ummm…that’s when they are allowed to shoot. Someone waving a gun around in a public place = imminent danger. If the person starts shooting, even if its not in the direction of anyone in particular, stray rounds can go through windows and kill people who are sleeping in their beds. It happens all the time. This happened in the Bronx, not in some field somewhere with no houses around.

    4. Greg says:

      You’re an idiot. If someone is pointing a gun at a crowd of people, you want the police to stand there and wait to take the guy out? I really hope that some day, your child or spouse is standing there when someone is pointing a gun at them, and the police stand there and wait for him to shoot and kill your kid or spouse BEFORE doing anything to stop them.
      The guy had a gun, he was pointing it at people, he refused to drop it when commanded, and the police took the guy out before he could hurt innocent people. They were absolutely right in their actions.

    5. Ray Kelly says:


      yes, the police should use water pistols if they’re not being shot at, or if the perp holding a real-looking gun appears to be a nice guy.

    6. KPMc says:

      You deserve no place in civilized society.

  13. Rana says:

    “Common Sense” is the common idiot for making assumptions / declarations without all the facts. Hinkley fired 6 rds in 1.48 seconds. 3 LE could fire 7 per in less than 2 seconds.
    “Jen” you’re an expert huh? Doubtful
    “Mike Steede” way to throw the race card into this from left field. MLK & Fredrick Douglas would be proud.
    “L” sounds doubtful you’ve ever been in a shootout or had the training either. All else being equal action always beats reaction so one cannot just wait until the end to figure out what the intentions are.

    1. mj says:

      PERP….lol you guys crack me up . you’ve seen one too many episodes of csi lol

  14. Mutualdisrespect says:

    Todays lesson?
    “Man who point FAKE gun, have REAL hole in head”

  15. Gregory says:

    Good shooting; the stupid is still alive. It’s obvious that the police did not shoot to kill. A civilian in self-defense would have probably shot this fool dead.

    1. Hill Street Blues says:

      Gregory SAID: Good shooting; the stupid is still alive. It’s obvious that the police did not shoot to kill. A civilian in self-defense would have probably shot this fool dead.

      Hey Greg, say hello to Marsha marsha marsha for me…and tell her that when deadly force is used, IT IS ALWAYS USED TO DROP (KILL) THE THREAT.
      Good shooting= live perp? ummm no. GOOD shooting = dropped threat, live Officers and innocents.

  16. Joey says:

    Its not extreme right or extreme left. Every situation is different in detail and requires good quick judgment. If the man had the gun pointing and refusing to drop it…then disable his ability to shoot. If he had the gun, brought the gun down and stopped pointing it..he shouldn’t get so many bullets holes right away. If he dropped the gun..he shouldn’t get any bullet holes. Was he in the process of letting the gun down..what happened really? we don’t know…cause this article does not say details.

  17. JFAR says:

    Gee, let me guess…….the guy with the gun was black? How long til Al Sharpton talks s–t about this idiot being shot unfairly. I dont usually side with the cops, but this time, they had every right to spray his ass down.

    1. Tim R says:

      JFAR, Alladin called: he wants his carpet back..please GO FAR!, racist twit!!

  18. COMMON SENSE says:

    Police target practice all the time! Does it really take atleast 21 shell casings to disarm someone or put the down or make them a non threat to you! Also remember the word BRANDISHING doesnt mean pointing at or aiming! Deaf or dumb, it doesnt take that many shots to secure the situation!

    1. Rana says:

      “Common Sense” is the common idiot for making judgements / assumptions without all the facts. Hinkley fired 6 shots in 1.48 seconds so 3 LE could easily shoot 7 shots per in less than 2 seconds.
      “Jen” where you there? Are you qualified to render professional opionion? Lame!
      “Mike Steede” way to throw the race card to something you’re ignorant about. You’re an embarrassment.
      “L” by that time it’s too late. All else being equal action beats reaction.
      I’m glad to see most folks commenting have a more logical / resonable approach to this incident.

  19. Max says:

    When an officers life is in danger and there is someone who obviosly doesnt care about his, then why should they think he cares about theirs? Fake or real, the gun was at the scene, officers lives were in danger. Just the feeling of the man being a threat is good enugh cause. Unfortunately, there are guns that very realistic, and Im sure this guy new that. He wanted this to happen. Suicide by cop is what Im guessing. Its just sad that people go this route, it effects the officers too. They are not the bad guys. People say they are now, but the day a gun is being put in your presence and an officer shoots to protect you, fake or not, they’re the hero.

  20. Jen says:

    In general cops are too quick to shoot. They should shoot in self-defense not be the offender. This man and his family should sue! No body’s life was in danger here. This is real life not a game that a cop is big and bad and can do whatever they want. Think who is really the bad guy here?

    1. Sam says:

      Jen you are an idiot. I would be so quick to shoot if someone has a gun pointed at me, fake or not. John below was right. As far as suing. Give me a break. So this guy who essentially committing suicide family should get a payday?

    2. cgg says:

      you are an idiot…and the word is nobody’s not no body’s…

    3. 4Jen says:

      Jen sounds stupid. If the cops allow the suspects to shoot them first, how the hell is he going to defend himself when he’s lying in a puddle of his own blood. How about you let someone shoot you first, then you try to defend yourself by shooting back. Stupid!!!!

    4. Steuben says:

      Are you serious? Shoot in self defense only? So what you’re saying is, if someone has a gun pointed at you and a cop is standing there, he should throw his hands up and say, “Sorry, he’s not a threat to MY life, so you’re out of luck.” You just said you’d be ok with that.

    5. HUGO says:

      You are a very stupid person. We can tell by the way you write. You should get a toy 9mm and wave it around in the street.

  21. john says:

    this headline you will never see – OFFICER SHOT – OFFICER THOUGHT GUN WAS FAKE AND DID NOT SHOOT.

  22. Deon Davis. says:

    The human did not act like he was going to rob the gas station or he wasn’t even was going in a car to hit the highway. Monkey see monkey do. End of story.Friday in God we trust.

  23. High I.Q. says:

    Question: Who brings a fake gun to a gun fight?
    Answer: The village idiot.

  24. js says:

    Un sleazenfrink der suptin droot!!! Afrenill din cider snirp!

  25. mike steede says:

    It dont make a difference, he could’a had a wallet, cell phone or been getting married tomorrow, we’re just animals to white cops from Nassau Co.

    1. Foghorn Leghorn rolls his eyes says:

      Now, that, I say that is a nice healthy outlook on life, son!

    2. Sam says:

      You must be an animal if you can’t understand ‘PUT THE GUN DOWN’ and refuse.
      The moron was rightfully shot. He’s lucky he’s not dead.

    3. Steuben says:

      Google “Wallet holster.” While you’re at it, google “cell phone gun” as well.

  26. M.A.D says:

    21 casings on the ground…..ummm, cowboy cops are at it again.

    1. Jeffers says:


      1. You dont wave around fake guns.
      2. Police tell You to put it down, You do it.
      3. You wouldve shot first also!

      1. anonymous says:

        Yes the cops have families to go home to all so. People should learn to do what the cops say.

    2. Steuben says:

      Learn to read. It says 18 shots. Now lets do math. 18 rounds fired by 3 cops = 6 rounds each. Not that many and easily fired in about 2 seconds. 16 rounds in each gun means they didn’t even empty their firearms. This also assumes that each officer fired an equal number of rounds. I know, when it comes to cops its easier to claim wrongdoing rather than look at facts and reason. They should have asked him if it was real first, then given him a hug.

      1. Joe Shmoe says:

        Good one. Don’t try to reason with these idiots.

  27. Turtle Head says:

    Well-deserved, dummy. One less moron. If it looks like a gun and he doesn’t drop it, the cops should assume it is one.

  28. Detective Chan says:

    Man brandishing fake gun often perforated by real bullets.

    1. W.L. says:

      ah so

      1. So sorry... says:

        “Ah so” is Japanese. Detective Chan is likely Chinese. Grab an education while you still can! Can’t get your GED once there’s a headstone above ya!

  29. Val says:

    This is why toy guns that look real are BANNED in NYC. A toy gun has to be a bright color. Sorry, but I’m with the police on this one.

  30. lola says:

    two words: assisted suicide

    1. Max says:

      agreed… he was aiming for suicide by cop, its more common than people think.

  31. Paul Kohloff says:

    drop the GUN fool. just like the other guy stop the CAR.What don’t you understand about stop or drop .

    1. bkny says:

      @1608: by the time he points it at them its too late genius

    2. Educated Professional says:

      PAUL KOHLOFF said: “just like the other guy stop the CAR.What don’t you understand about stop or drop .”

      umm…Paul, I’m next door..your mom is yelling up to you in the ATTIC if you want mini pizzas for dinner again.

  32. DaveBT says:

    How old is this “man” and why is he carying a TOY gun around?

    1. Val says:


    2. Gummy bear says:

      …have you priced real ones on the street..sheesh!

      Between the high cost of illegal narcotics and cheap alcohol, it’s wonder that perps dont “front” with a garden nozzle!

  33. 1608 says:

    I have something that looks like a knife, shoot me. So he didn’t drop it, did he point it at them?

    1. Way cup says:


      When someone is pointing a gun at you and asks you to do something, do it.

      1. L says:

        Brandish doesn’t mean pointing…it means to wave or flourish…hopefully the writer made a mistake by using that word…b/c there could have been any number of reasons why someone coming from a party might have a toy gun…try the obvious first…strippers showed up, one had a cop’s outfit, and it came with a fake gun…So when you say brandish…he might not have even been looking at the cops…cops say drop the weapon…he turns around to find out if there’s really cops there…and they open fire.

  34. nyc says:

    Fake guns look like the real thing and probably made in China !

  35. ProFromDover says:

    Fake guns work great for bank hold-ups!

  36. thisguy says:

    Should’ve dropped the fake gun. You can’t expect an officer to decide if a gun is fake or not, especially when toy guns look as real as they do nowadays.

  37. Yvonne Roberts says:

    Ammadu, Sean Bell > Justified

    1. BROWN says:

      PLAIN and SIMPLE!

      YVONNE ROBERTS>>>> nothing more then a IDIOT!

      why do you feel the killings and the act of violence against these two young men JUSTIFIED…it wasn’t…!

      Its people like you who keep the grass from growing behind the fence…you expose nothing more then ignorance when you open your mouth.

      1. Yvonne Roberts says:

        Common sense u fool

      2. KPMc says:

        Oh I don’t know… maybe it was their criminal activities.

  38. Rod in says:

    They should ban illegal shootings. Just like they want to ban illegal guns.

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