CBS 2 Interview: Mezzo Soprano Joyce Didonato

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The Metropolitan Opera offers an array of performances each week and now they’re offering an experience on screen in HD. Mezzo soprano Joyce Didonato joins CBS 2’s Emily Smith with the details.

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  1. jgdm says:

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree with your comment and I would that while she is an American singer she is not some spokesperson/ambassador for the Met. The interviewer should have done some research in order to ask her more questions about HER as an artist and her new disc, her blog, her future plans or what have you. I appreciate the enthusiasm but this interview could have been so much better. The way she was cut off was rude. I mean it’s not every day that an Opera singer of her caliber has the time and energy to sit down for an interview! Singing the type of music they do is like running a marathon…and she specializes in Rossini which REALLY requires a lot of skill. They should have used her time more wisely! Pop singers are pretty much “milked for all they are worth” these days when it comes to interviews and most of the stuff they talk about is very drab and trivial, yet when someone like her comes along all she gets is two minutes? LAME.

  2. Gaulimauli says:

    Ms DiDonato is a major star, and to give her barely 3 minutes is not very respectful. Fortunately she is quickwitted and made the best of it. The snippet from Le Comte Ory is a distraction rather than a visual aid. The “messo”, oh, well, what do you expect.

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