Mother Faces Man Convicted Of Brutally Raping, Killing Daughter

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In a fiery courtroom faceoff, a heartbroken mother lashed out at the sentencing of the monster who brutally raped and killed her daughter.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman was in the Queens courtroom as the woman confronted the killer through a translator.

“Come back my daughter! My only child!” the mother said.

Even the most hardened courtroom observers were wiping their eyes. The mother, Guihua Yu, had traveled from a remote part of China to confront Carlos Cruz, 29, the man who beat, raped and killed her daughter last May.

Guihua Yao said her 23-year-old daughter, Yu Yao, had just arrived in the land of her dreams – America.

“You beast! You have destroyed our lives!” she said.

Then, Judge Richard Buchter tore into Cruz.

“You violated her in the most horrific and disgusting ways,” he said.

Judge Buchter told Guihua Yao during the sentencing that he would have wanted to grant her request for a stiffer sentence, but that his hands were tied. He gave Cruz 22 years to life, but said Cruz deserved the death penalty.

“We had torture, we had sex crimes – you heard the sentencing,” Judge Buchter said, admitting that he was affected by Guihua’s words. “I really had a hard time keeping it together.”

At one point, Yu Yao’s mother said said that she had a dream – that her daughter came to her, but her face was all bloodied, and she was standing at the location of the murder. She had never been there, but she later visited the scene of the crime, and she said it looked the same – except that her daughter will never come to her again.

Judge Buchter rebuked Cruz’s lawyer in court when the lawyer said Cruz had no prior criminal history. The judge said Cruz is scheduled to appear in Manhattan for a sexual assault charge next month.

Cruz offered an apology for the murder that fell flat in the courtroom, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“First of all, I would like to ask for 1,000 times to forgive me for all of the pain,” he said through an interpreter.

“It doesn’t matter how much he apologizes, he can’t return my daughter back,” Guihua Yao said, through her translator, outside the courtroom.

Outside court, members of the Chinese American community surrounded the grieving mother.

In many ways, the 23-year-old immigrant, moving to the U.S. and full of hope, symbolized the promise of the American dream – a promise shattered by one callous act.

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  1. Nick says:

    Spics happens. Especially when you let them out of the cages.

  2. David Goldstein says:

    Another deSPICable hispanic.

  3. BETTY says:


  4. Roy says:

    Hopefully he will recieve his Death penalty from the other State Prison inmates!


    My condolenses to the Yao family.He is a cold blooded killer not to mention a rapist in the worst evil way.HE NEEDS TO BE DEAD.NO MERCY.KILL HIM.

  6. nyc says:

    Probably a Illegal hispanic immigrant. Deport him to China to get punishment ! Oh ,I forgot I think New York is a sanctuary city and you can’t ask someone if they are Illegal ! Tooo many violent crimes ! Our society is in the toilet !

    1. Sonya Madrid says:

      at nyc, its horrible when things happen and all people talk about is there legal status her in the us, it just shows the racism here in the us, you should be ashamed of even making such an uneducated comment, this woman lost her daughter and all you can say if he was legal or not, shame on you!!!

      1. Newsflash says:

        He IS an illegal alien.

  7. Raymond says:

    Please, please REMOVE THE rod OUT! You will feel so mouch better, twerp.

    Condolences to the affected.

  8. dfghjkl says:

    you should be ashamed of yourself for making this comment. no one deserves to be raped and beaten to death. i suspect you made this comment because the victim is chinese and you are probably trash

  9. skng says:

    this man should be beaten and hanged for all he has done. all this poor family wanted was the american dream.

  10. L. Woods says:

    The misogonistic behavior/acts against women continues unabated! The Penal system is already overwhelmed by dregs of society lijke this beast., and now [it] has to be houised and fed for the next twenty-years!? Hopefully, the kind of ‘Justice’ for animals like this will prevail! As a father of three-daughters I can truly sympathize with this poor woman’s wretched cry! This society needs an enima, and this animal is part of the “ilk” that needs top be eradicated!

  11. Tired of this says:

    We are seeing a trend in savage attacks and that is because punishment it too lax. A guy like this regardless of prior conviction or not should be given the death penalty when shown guilty.

  12. Truth says:

    He’s lucky his ass isn’t going to jail in China. His body would be in the next sweet and sour soup!

    How do you know he is illegal? I know Spanish speaking people who are born here and still not speaking much English.

    Wrong is wrong and he should have gotten the death penalty. A life for a life! Plus we would spend less tax dollars feeding them.

    1. Newsflash says:

      From the NYDP:
      Cruz, 29, pleaded guilty to the attack on Yao, 23, as she was bringing home groceries in Flushing on May 16 last year.

      The drunken and high illegal Mexican immigrant dragged her into an alley, repeatedly struck her head with the length of pipe and used the bloody weapon to savagely sexually abuse her as she lay unconscious.

  13. SM says:

    Many men in prison have daughters. This guy, if he isn’t sorry yet, will be soon.

  14. justice says:

    Please people, learn to spell

  15. kendra says:

    what he did is unforgivable in this country and when he goes to jail there going to get that azz in jail so don,t worry to the young girl,s mother and *karma is abeast hear in the usa…and they are goin to rape that azz in prison y,ll see.

  16. RIP says:

    Deport Carlos Cruz illegal ass to China, he didn’t belong here and attacked, sexual assaulted, and murdered a Chinese Citizen. I am sure the Chinese government will give him a fair tail. At least the Fed should prosecute him for the death penalty since he violated federal law by being here illegally and commenting torture, raping, and beating this poor girl to death with a pipe in the process.

    1. sdfghj says:

      i agree. deport his illegal ass and save the tax payers money. he should be tarred and feathered.

  17. Nick says:

    Read Rodin’s posts. He’s born stupid. Nobody can possibly working that hard at being that stupid.

  18. Jennifer says:

    @Rod in

    You are insane. That animal raped and killed a girl and you dare to spout such garbage? I am always reading hispanic posters making excuses for hispanic criminals. I’m sorry but raping people is not ok in America.

  19. merry says:

    it’s pity and the beast should have a death sentence

    1. jb says:

      please! go troll somewhere else. he is a murdering rapist. you, are a tool.

      1. jb says:

        damn this was posted to the wrong comment. sorry! meant for the idiot that posted under you. stupid cbs

  20. Jonathan Norman says:

    This is horrific.

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