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New United States Postal Service Proposal Unfair To Staten Island Residents?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The United States Postal Service is considering a change in the way it handles mail on Staten Island, and residents are leery of the plan.

The so-called consolidation would move operations at the Manor Road Processing Center on Staten Island to Manhattan and Brooklyn. The process is likely to delay the time it takes for residents to get their mail.

“They’re punishing you for living on Staten Island,” one resident told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Under the change, mail bound for Staten Island would first head to the other boroughs for processing.

“I think it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Why should it go to Brooklyn or Manhattan? It should just be sorted from here and disposed from here,” Michelle Costantino said.

“Now they move it to Manhattan to move it to Staten Island? It doesn’t make sense to me,” Joanne Schiffner said.

The Postal Service, however, argues the plans does make sense because of what it says is a 20 percent drop in mail volume since 2007.

A spokeswoman said, “With declining mail volumes and growing deficits, the postal service has an excess capacity of equipment, staff and facilities to process a declining volume of mail.”

As fuel costs rise, some workers have also questioned the wisdom of trucking mail to other boroughs just to bring it back to Staten Island.

Postal union representatives said the move would definitely mean slower deliveries.

“It’s going to affect parcels to the customers. It’s going to affect Social Security checks to the customers. It’s going to affect first class medication that people rely on,” Vincent Sapone, of the Mail Handlers Union, said.

A union spokesman said under the plan, no postal workers would lose their jobs. Some may be reassigned to other boroughs, but a decision isn’t expected for several months.

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One Comment

  1. Carol Sportello Dilg says:

    i would like to see a list of post office closings in the bronx

  2. Luis Quinones says:

    What The USPS is not telling U is that they’re looking 4 ways to “cut corners”.They’re 7 Billion Plus in debt—–and rising..Why?It’s simple.Abuse of Authority.No accountability and lack of responsibility. Don’t forget the millions of $$$$$ in union greivances,fines and court awards(mostly over stupidity).The same Mgrs. and Spvrs. who commit these sins,over and over do not get fired nor repremanded.Don’t believe me?Ask your Union,he/she will tell ya’.

  3. GGL says:

    This is a form of discrimination against the people who live in Staten Island. It is not only unfair, it is probably illegal to treat Staten Island residents differently than other areas.

  4. rusdkoloipo says:

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  5. Joe says:

    Shipping mail to Brooklyn and Manhattan that originates and is headed to Staten Island is a cost saving measure?? What on Earth is going on here? Equiptment not being used in Brooklyn and Manhattan should be shipped somewhere else in the country where they do need it? Wouldnt doing that be more cost effective then playing back and forth with mail and wasting gas, maintenance on vehicles and wear and tear on plus almost certainly needing more Postal drivers. There are 500, 000 people living on Staten Island and thats a whole lot of mail. Does the Postal Service have any ties to the MTA by the way?? They are the undisputed waste and mismanaged money leaders in the free world.

  6. victor sindoni says:

    Living in Staten Island is a nightmare, You can not leave this Island unless,
    You pay a 13 dollar toll, to get to another Boro,, If you travel to New Jersey,
    you get socked with an 8 dollar toll.. Staten Islanders are being abused by
    state local & federal politicians.. The newest abuse, post office, whats next?

  7. Captain America says:

    The Postal Service has been termed “snail mail”. Adding further delays to delivery will further reduce dependency on USPS. If they are really interested in saving money, why don’t they ship Manhattan’s mail to Staten Island? Land is cheaper and construction costs are lower than Manhattan’s.

  8. Bottlenecks says:

    Why doesn’t everything just get sorted in NJ before it heads anywhere in NYC. It makes more sense. Everything else we depend on is essentially “sorted” in NJ: fuel, freight, containers, including food, cars, clothes, and other goods. I bet everyone would get their mail a lot quicker.

    1. Capt. Bill Black says:

      I am a Vietnam veteran and worked for the US Postal Service for 12 tortuous years. It is the poster child of inept, incompetent, and wasteful business practices. Its management could not get a job at McDonalds, yet run a multibillion dollar corporation. It should be privatized and turned over to FedEx or UPS, and run like a profitable corporation does. Fire everyone in management from the Postmaster General (what a joke) down to the supervisors on the street. The poor carriers and clerks suffer abuse that is unimaginable from these morons.

      1. Joseph A. Della Ferra says:

        Who is the postmaster in Staten Island? Is it Carmen Fede, of Nutley, NJ? He had me wrongfully terminated after 22 years as a letter carrier. Fede, and supervisors and spouses, Deborah Fortunato and Stephen Sholander, conspired to have me fired. They first cost the USPS $50,000 in back pay I was awarded before the unethical threesome finally succeeded. John Slattery, you should contact me if you want to investigate an interesting story. I reported Kenneth Benaquista, a manager at the Belleville Annex in Belleville, NJ, for extorting $700 in cash from Bill Tinger, an inexperienced letter carrier. I lost my job and my pension. Benaquista, a criminal, has received more than $400,000 in pension benefits he should have forfeited due to his scam.

  9. Obviously Unimportant in SI says:

    Great. Just Lovely. We pay NYC taxes just like Manhattanites, but we very little for it. We do not get street cleaning, no snow removal, no subway, very poor bus service, and there are few job opportunities in our boro. So we either have to accept long commutes, or pay the MTA’s required extortion rates for express bus fares, or pay obscenly high bridge tolls to get to our homes after work. We had to take the city’s trash for decades. NOW we have to put up with “mail-bussing.” Here’s a better plan: bring Manhattan’s mail here for sorting then WE’LL bring it to you. Gee, you’d think a Republican Mayor would be wanting to look out for his cronies in T-ville.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    People fail to realize that the plan to move the mail off of Staten island is just the tip of the iceberg. The real plan is to make room for some of the smaller post offices on the Island. Which would not only create delays but wreck havoc on the neighborhood. Local businesses would be effected. Parking and Traffic along Manor Road and the surrounding streets would be a nightmare. People need to know the real effect of this move by the postal service

  11. T says:

    We need to get our elected officials involved. If you don’t want to lose the service “Do something now”. The Staten Island Plant is at the top of the list for productivity, and the reward is to shut them down.We should be processing other boroughs mail. Our numbers are better than theirs.I don’t care what the Post Office says,processing the mail off the Island will impact service

  12. liz says:

    I live on Staten Island, and this really SUCKS. I get my medication by mail – NOW WHAT!!!!????? You know, that is why so many people are moving out of New York – High taxes, services diminished, it just is horrible!!! I will fight this tooth and nail!!!

    1. Paul says:

      liz, this already happens now. Try mailing something to yourself – you’ll see the stamp cancel from Brooklyn. So most mail goes there first anyhow – it won’t slow anything down.

    2. PJR says:

      Liz, I fully agree with your comment.

    3. Joseph A. Della Ferra says:

      What does the Staten Island Postmaster have to say about this plan?

  13. Madison Parks says:

    You don’t live on Staten Island, you kind of just sleep there.

  14. AJM says:

    ““They’re punishing you for living on Staten Island,””

    Haven’t they been punished enough, then?

  15. Dale Auburn says:

    Why should Staten Island have faster mail service than everybody else??

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