Hundreds Rally For New Hospital To Replace The Lost St. Vincent’s

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – On the first anniversary of the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital, hundreds gathered to rally for a new hospital to be built in their community.

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Residents in the West Village are not only angry, but also scared. They said that since the hospital shut down a year ago, they’re afraid if they have a heart attack or stroke, they won’t be able to make it to the hospital in time.

“I always felt safer with the hospital one block away, but now if something happened, I don’t know what will become of me,” Dr. Jerri Nussdorf said.

Hundreds rallied for a new hospital because right now there are plans to open an urgent care center and build condos—something they are going to fight.

“There is nothing an urgent care center can do for us, but fix a cut,” one woman said.

Yetta Kurland, an organizer at the rally, said the community is in a crisis without a hospital.

“It’s plunged our community into a health crisis that we have yet to recover from and here we are on the one-year anniversary of the closing of St. Vincent’s hospital and still no health care solutions. So we’re here today to say our community needs a hospital,” she said.

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  1. Brad H. says:

    Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn were booed by hundreds of people at this rally. There is NO WAY that the Ma’am Speaker will be elected mayor, she is just too unpopular, even in her home district. And even in the face of such voter disapproval, the Ma’am Speaker still does nothing to restore a full-service hospital with a Level 1 Trauma Center to her city council district. Boo !!!

  2. Elaine S. says:

    Let’s close Lennox Hill Hospital and shift it to the West Village. There are way too many full-service hospitals in the Upper East Side, and no full-service hospital with a Trauma Center below 14th Street.

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    As I remember, at the time they demanded a law requiring St. Vincent’s to stay open with absolutely no regard to financial considerations. Of course, they lost that battle.

    Now they want a law requiring that the site be used ONLY as a world-class hospital. If such a law were to pass, nobody would want to buy the site and it would remain vacant forever.

  4. NIck says:

    Instead of rallying. How about PAYING for what you want? Always THEY will pay for things, huh?

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