Rockland County Legislator Wants Gas Tax Cap

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – As the price of gasoline continues to rise across the Tri-State, a Rockland County legislator is trying to introduce a bill to cap the county’s sales tax.

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Ed Day said there’s no way that Rockland County gas stations can compete with the price across the border in New Jersey. That’s why he wants to cap the county sales tax on gasoline at $2 a gallon.

“What people need to understand is you drive across the border and see all the gas stations in Jersey with lines of vehicles with New York plates,” he said.

In Jersey, the county can’t collect any of the tax from those drivers, and Rockland County residents can’t take their current 3.75 percent tax any longer, he said.

“Right now, we’re over 40 cents a gallon between us and New Jersey,” he said. “We should do our part to minimize the impact and do the right thing for people who are trying to make ends meet.”

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    Has Mr. Day disclosed how he expects the County to make up for the revenue lost by lowering the gas tax? Has he offered SPECIFIC spending cuts or replacement taxes? Of course not.

  2. Bum says:

    Rockland county officials are the most corrupt of them all. This legislator finally wakes up one day and notices people get gasoline in New Jersey. They have been doing this forever. But now that they are going bankrupt, they are looking at anyway possible to get money. And they don’t care how they do it. All a bunch of idiot self protecting corrupt liars. The bill will not stop people form getting gas in NJ. Gas will always be cheaper in NJ. Maybe he can propose a bill to lower his over-inflated salary. Bum

  3. ed. P says:

    With the tax so high and so many people still buying gas, why is NY State still broke, Or why are are roads crumbling.

    Where is our money going? Why are all the politicians rich? Why do do newly elected official go into office with moderate means and come out wealthy.

  4. cygon says:

    I did not know that some politicians are capable of thinking logically.

    1. Chaz says:

      Yes, some are. Unfortunately, Ed Day isn’t one of them.

      His plan would save 10 cents a gallon. When the difference is already over 40 cents, what good will it do?

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