Navy SEALs In Bin Laden Mission To Be Honored At 9/11 Museum

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Following the death of Osama bin Laden, organizers behind the September 11 Memorial & Museum at Ground Zero say there will a special tribute to the Navy SEALs, who brought the Al Qaeda leader to justice.

Joe Daniels, President and CEO of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center, said the bravery exhibited by the U.S. military in the mission to kill bin Laden will be remembered by those coming to the site for generations.

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“This is an important chapter in the story. This is an important part of the narrative. The book’s not yet written, but this is an important day,” Daniels told reporters, including 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports from Ground Zero

Paula Berry, who sits and the memorial’s board and lost her husband on 9/11, said that the news of bin Laden’s death came as a stunning surprise.

“Osama bin Laden has become sort of a phantom out there — not nearly as a person any longer. So on some level, he receded into the back of our minds and now it comes very forward. Everything now seems very fresh.”

U.S. officials have said the small team of Navy SEALs arrived by helicopter, stormed the terrorist leader’s residence in Abbottabad and hit bin Laden with a barrage of gunfire.

Daniels said he believes the historic milestone deserves a prominent place in the museum.

“Within the memorial museum, I can guarantee you 100 percent the story of tracking down and killing bin Laden will absolutely be part of this museum,” he said.

Berry said that the heroic mission was “history in the making” and that it would all “be part of what happens in the museum.” She said that despite the milestone, it doesn’t quite provide a sense of closure.

“I don’t think that’s what this provides. I guess there is a sense of relief,” she said.


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  1. jtorres says:

    The Navy Seals rock. Whether it’s rescuing a captain from pirates or taking out a jihadist leader, or doing all the dozens of things we never hear about, they are the best. They are the commandos sent in when no one can or will do it and they get it done. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

    1. jbrutal says:

      yes, they are the badasstest mofos in the human kingdom. But Iron Man is seriouser.

  2. Lisa Merriam says:

    Show Your Gratitude…send the Navy SEALs a postcard:
    Navy UDT-SEAL Museum
    Place page
    3300 North Highway A1a
    Fort Pierce, FL 34949-8520

    Though working in secret & seeking no glory, they richly deserve our thanks—so let’s give it to them. It would be so awesome to build a mountain of thank you cards from their fellow Americans (and people from all nations). Please take a moment to write two little words that could mean so much. Tell our finest ‘”thank you.”

    More on SEAL history

    And please pass this on to anyone you know who is grateful for what the SEALs have done in the War on Terror and who would take the time to say thanks.

  3. Words have weight says:

    What editor let that headline slide? Must have wanted to shock people into reading the story. It reads as if Osama is getting honored and the Navy Seals are responsible for getting him honored. All you have to do to make is say what was intended is to change the word “getting” to “killing”.

    1. nathan says:

      Didn’t confuse me but I def see your point Words. The “editing” on this site is a joke. They’re more concerned with traffic and hits than they are with journalism.

  4. Taquan says:

    Obama finally did it….Bush (white man) couldn’t do it…..4 more years!

    1. Michael says:

      Your a jerkoff!

    2. Michael says:

      ….and a racist!

  5. pay wahun says:

    Wow, I was elated and couldn’t believe that public enemy number one could ever be tracked down by President Obama. Obama you’ve got my vote for 2012. I am proud of the decision you made to dispose of his body – you save us lots of money, anger and frustrations had we put him on trial and paying for his legal fees, security and welfare. This is the kind of decision we expect from our president – we are proud of you.

  6. badman says:

    I think we should all be able to eat Osama brains

  7. Jeremiah Taylor says:

    What a horribly written title sentence. Just because writers are instructed to write to a sixth grade level of comprehension doesn’t mean they should write like sixth graders.

    1. badman says:

      how would you rewrite it?

  8. newwong2110 says:

    Is bin Laden REALLY dead, or is this just a scheme of the terrorists?

    I, for one, will keep on guard.
    Even if he is dead, like Hillary Clinton said, it ain’t over. Others will take Osama’s place.

    And what will be the Muslim terrorists’ response?
    If it is bombing USA, then Lord preserve us.

    1. ham07 says:

      They may bomb us, but what are we supposed to do. Let Bin Laden have his way with us? Yes, easy for me to say until I lose a loved one, but you can’t live as a nation and let someone push us around. What if is bully is beating on you, will you not fight back because if you beat him his bully brothers might attack you, so you lie like a dog and let the bully have its way with you?….

    2. jbrutal says:

      don’t belive the pithcers. this is NOT Ossama. it is Fred Gwyn dressed up. they shot him right thru the eye.

  9. brooklyn4ever says:

    I believe that there was reward money waiting for whomever took the lowlife down. I hope that that still holds true and gets split among the brave SEAL’s who risked their lives.

  10. Trish says:

    He is not dead….No Body?? Dumped in the ocean?? Come on now…. wake up people. Our governement is the most dangerous to us and lies the most. Our government needs a complete re-vamping.

    1. D. Cheyney says:

      …strike force delta, next target is insurgent TRISH, who obviously is un-American and dangerous. Take her out at all costs and dump her in the Hudson River.

      1. red baron says:

        Answering with threats is un-American. Believing in conspiracy theories is our right.

        Who’s the terrorist now?

      2. clemenza says:

        people who believe in conspiracy theories are communist and most of them are plotting to take over the U.S.

  11. nyc says:

    Many people including myself knew he was in Pakistan and not living in a cave ! I think the $25m bounty shoud be split up equaly among New Yorkers !

    1. red baron says:

      new york sux!

      1. jbrutal says:

        so does jersey worse

  12. Glenn says:

    Why is it awaiting moderation, does the truth hurt Pakistanis? Just wash you @sses and get on with life.

  13. Pinny says:

    The Navy SEAL who put the bullet in bin Laden’s head can some day proudly tell the story to his grandchildren.

  14. Fred cruz says:

    I have never been more proud of the armed services as i am today. Special thanks and prayer to the men and omen of the United States Armed Forces, and a pecial “job well done” to the SEALS!God Bless America. Semper FI!!

    1. Trish says:

      Where is his body? Did you see a picture of his dead body with a bullet hole in his head? Why are Americans outside partying? We are acting just as foolish as they did on 9/11 when all of Bay Ridge was beating up the arabics for screaming and partying and burning the American flag in the street. I watched on TV this morning and saw the partying and cheering going on in the city. There are many many more Osama’s coming our way anyway. This supposed “killing” that I dont believe happened did not stop the terrorism and never will

      1. Gordon Sperber (W. New York) says:


      2. jbrutal says:

        its true the real question is, where is his wang? bc if they lost it he can still technically have children, even if his head is dead.

      3. Michael H. says:

        Trish wants to see the long form death certificate, I suppose.

    2. jbrutal says:

      Obbama told them to do it he deserves the credit.

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