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Expert: Security Checkpoints Near Soft Targets May Soon Become The Norm

A Day May Come When You'll Be Patted Down Going Into Stores

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Counter terrorism experts say a retaliation attack for Osama bin Laden’s death is inevitable. Terrorists are expected to aim for more vulnerable soft targets like shopping malls or museums.

They are places jam-packed with people — pedestrian malls, shopping centers and stadiums.

“Yeah, I feel safe. But of course in the back of my head I know that things can happen,” one person told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Counter terrorism expert Juval Aviv said terrorists seeking revenge for Osama bin Laden’s death will turn to attacks less dramatic than the destruction on Sept. 11 — focusing instead on soft targets like hotels, places of worship and mass transit hubs.

“It’s easier and less complicated to carry out,” Aviv said. “What they’re going to achieve if they’re successful is to kill as many people as possible.”

Security consultant David Boehm said the future could include security check points entering all soft targets — like your local department store. Boehm said even with a police presence, the areas are vulnerable.

“The reason they’re called ‘soft’ is because it’s so easily accessible to anyone. There has to be security checks for the safety of all people,” Broehm said.

Added security is a turn-off for some New Yorkers.

“There’s a police presence and they search someone with a backpack. Somebody that looks suspicious, but it’s random. I would go if that if that is the case; not if everybody is being searched,” one New Yorker said.

“It’s better to be safe than to be sorry,” another person said.

Despite the challenges to secure high-volume soft targets like Times Square, security experts said one of the best lines of defense is already in place and doesn’t cost a thing.

“We are millions and millions of eyes and ears. We need to assist the police. We need to assist each other and keep each other safe,” Boehm said.

It’s freedom, coming with an increasingly heavy price.

Would you be okay with security checkpoints outside department stores or places of worship? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. RandyC says:

    I am loving the comments in here. It seems that the majority of us are realizing that we lose when we give ourselves over to this tyrannical system. We need to continue speaking out in as many forums as possible. Our friends and neighbors need assistance waking up as well. This isn’t a left/right issue but a human issue. Hopefully we can reach a tipping point as a society to say no to these usurpers of our country before they perpetrate another 9/11 or get us into a world war. We are up against sociopaths but we are the people! Wow, kinda fired up.

    1. T LEE says:

      Every time we allow the government to add a “security” measure to our lives the tango’s win another round. This is supposed to be a free nation, not a suppressed police state ala George Orwell’s 1984! ENOUGH is ENOUGH already!!

    2. D Franklin says:

      EXACTLY. Left, right, democrat, republican – it’s all irrelevant. We are all Americans and America need us to be united now.

      Our government, financial system and media are all corrupt and sick, we need to straighten this mess out before it becomes terminal and kills this country.

    3. ManinNH says:

      No more loss of freedom to the bullies. Stop the tyrannical takeover of our country. Read a book. Do some investigating and help keep America the Home of the FREE!

  2. JADA says:


    1. Adam says:

      Until you realize cyber-terrorists have hacked into your favourite website and stolen all of your credit card info (Thanks for the wakeup call Sony)! At least you’re less likely to be physically harmed in front of your computer. Just be on the lookout for RSI’s.

  3. JustAnOkie says:

    Keep it going jarhead. This friggin’ idiot nomercy doesn’t have a clue. Justice at the end of a barrel is the only way to solve this problem. I live in a rural area and I know what a “suspicious person” looks like. That doesn’t mean I will necessarily act, I will, however, have heightened security. And God help the fool that has the nerve to mess with me or mine. Semper Fi Marines

    1. CitizenSlave says:

      Spoken like a terrorist.

    2. Brian says:

      Yep… Spoken like a true terrorist. “Justice at the end of a barrel” is the most unAmerican thing you can possibly say. It spits on our Constitution. YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO SAY “Semper Fi”… You ARE NOT A MARINE.

      1. Jack says:

        They deserve to say anything they want. I believe that’s covered in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. And before you state that you can not say anything you want that’s wrong. You can always speak your mind and in fact lie but you will pay the price in a civil court. Example: Some people believe that you can not yell fire in a theater but you can if there is a fire and if not you can still yell it anyway but will pay the price if anyone is injured in the process.

      2. Diane says:

        Actually, justice at the end of a barrel would be a good thing for many places. Did you realize the police are not compelled to protect you? This was from a court case that I believe went all the way to the Supreme Court. Look at the gun-free zones, where does the violence start? And where does the crime go lower? Gee, where they are not outright banned (in violation of the 2nd amendment). I guess, using your reasoning, Brian, the founding fathers were terrorists, as was the militia called up by the several states for our freedom.

        Do you realize what the bill of rights is actually for? or are you a sheeple, wanting to stay ‘safe’ at any cost, including your natural rights? Go drink some more kool-aid. Or in Jim Jones’ case, grape flavor-ade

    3. Ed-M says:

      You mean God help YOU because the ‘fool’ likely will be a fellow Marine or ex-Marine who’s better armed than you… AND imbued with Government authority to arrest your ***!

  4. Michael says:

    Leon Panetta is perhaps THEE dumbest guy on the planet! Are you kidding me? Look at him!! Is he not the poster child for STUPID?

  5. Michael says:

    I would be ok with the naughty area patdowns IF Big Sis was doing it!!

    1. lilly says:

      Admit it Michael. You have always dreamed of being forcefully fondled at every doorway in America.

  6. JarHead says:

    How come the trade center didn’t collapse from the fire in 1975? I guess it was a special fire that didn’t heat steel. I know, it was a conspiracy theory fire.

    1. CHUCK says:


      1. bob says:

        nope. you’re stupid. the fire in 75 burned much hotter and longer than 911. keep eating fluorine with your diet. sheep.

      2. tJack says:

        So, are you suggesting that demolition crews use jet fuel instead of explosives?

      3. Terry says:

        @chuck jet fuel is 3/5 kerosene. It’s very cool burning. Steel has a very low specific heat (the amount of energy needed to raise one kilogram of the substance by one degree centigrade).

        Due to the low amounts of energy that jet fuel could have added to this system, the most it could have raised temps is 495° F.

        Need proof? Do the math for yourself.

  7. Gibbs Bentley says:

    Welcome to ØmeriKa.

    If you are still watching the Old Media you will be as free as they tell you are.

    1. Cruzer says:

      That is the truest statement here. To add to that I will paraphrase something a US president once said: Those who trade freedom for safety, will have neither freedom nor safety.
      Those who can be bothered to think about this a little will see how very applicable this is to today`s USA and the rest of the “free” world.

  8. welovetheUSA says:

    Maybe now the security will focus on Muslims …instead of 6 year old white children.

    1. says:


      Obama says that would be “insensitive” to Muslims.

  9. M J says:

    Security check points should be voluntary on the part of the business and not mandated by government. Invasive searches should concentrate on suspicious individualizes based on profiling. And why are we allowing, even encouraging immigration from those parts of the world that hate us? We should tighten up immigration laws and not offer citizenship to potential terrorist and their sympathizers. If we hadn’t already let so many dangerous people in this country we wouldn’t have these concerns.

    1. Jack says:

      If it’s voluntary they will come up with a security rating system to shame businesses into to accepting the over barring security. Good citizens will not want to shop at a business that has a F security rating.

    2. Mark W says:

      This open immigration is part of Agenda 21, the plan to bring America down to the living standards of the Third World, in an attempt to create a North American Union, and later, world government. Ever wonder why a simple thing like closing the borders can’t seem to be done and why border patrol who actually DO their jobs get rewarded with prison? Once I read up on Agenda 21, the ‘world sustainability plan’, this all became clear to me.

  10. potvin says:

    If these kinds of attacks were easily doable I think they would have been done before now.

  11. ElvisinOregon says:

    I find the whole thing a little fishy. All the conflicting stories and the whole “burial at sea”. So we take over 10 years and spend millions to get Osama and when we do we just dump the proof overboard? Does anyone else find this bizarre? And if he was truly killed and they did give him a 40 minute ceremonial burial at sea, that ticks me off too since the 3000 on 9/11 got no such consideration from Osama.

    Why are we always worried about offending Muslims and Islamic sensibilites when it doesn’t matter what we do or how we do it….they STILL consider us their enemy and they will still try to kill us.

    Unless the whole world gets to see the body there will always be Osama sightings and the Muslims are already claiming he isn’t dead. Like when Elvis died, no one saw his body, they just said he died and since then there have been thousands of Elvis sightings. It’s called closure people!

    Thank you, thank you very much!

    1. Dedra Galyon says:

      As soon as I heard the report I knew it was phony……OBL suffered from Marfan Syndrome which causes early death and requires dialysis several times per week for hours at a time. How could he run with two of the machines (which were needed) in the mountains and caves ?–no electricity to run the machines either. He could barely walk and the proof is every picture of him shows him leaning on a stick….typical for a Marfan sufferer. Dr. Steve Pieczenik met him in Dubia in 1998 and was informed of his condtion as he was being treated in an American hospital there. CIA agents visitied him on a regular basis. The good doctor worked for Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and HW Bush under such notables as James Baker, Cyrus Vance, etc. Tom Clancy based his character John Clark on Dr. Pieczenik! How’s that for impeccable credentials? He says he knows for a fact, and will testify in a federal court hearing, that OBL died from complications of Marfan’s in Dec. of 2001. Fascinating information.
      BO just resurrected a dead man for politcal gain and to further speed up his agenda. Not all of us are sheeple and so am glad you posted.

    2. USMC-Dave says:

      Actually this is smart on Obama’s part. This will keep everyone talking about Osama’s assassination and not Obama’s economy. This guy is savvy.

    3. Jack says:

      Here is another thing that’s rather odd. The FBI has never listed specifically the 9/11 attacks as one of Usama’s terrorism acts.
      From the FBI website itself.
      Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.

      Bin Laden is the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda, “The Base”. He is left-handed and walks with a cane.

  12. J says:

    Enough of the security checkpoints, x ray machines, and grabbing my junk already. I think I’ll just carry my .40 Glock more often, and keep my AR15 in the trunk in case anything goes down in my presence..

    1. Ed says:

      I’m with you on that. Conceal carry permits can certain help with the unnecessary expense of TSA checkpoints. You can’t put these everywhere, our government is broke and they need our help. I feel much safer when shopping when citizens are allowed to carry weapons who have been background checked and know how to use them properly.

      1. Han says:

        I doubt we’ll be able to carry concealed if they have security checkpoints outside of every bus stop and Wal-Mart store. It’s just an excuse to implement their Orwellian police state. Even so, I feel a hell of a lot safer armed with my Glock 19 than I do with an overweight mall cop groping my girl friend outside of Macy’s.

    2. Lightness says:

      Hey where’s all the “if you don’t like being searched don’t fly” Liberal Lefty weakling sheep now? I don’t see any “if you don’t want to be searched don’t eat” posts…. yet. BTW I agree with the sentiment and the passion but I would respectfully caution you against advertising..

      1. kathleen koblensky says:

        can you name those liberal lefty weaklings sheep that said that…because I do remember hearing that spoken on the news//

    3. Sarah Peters says:

      You are an idiot wingnut GUN CONTROL NOOOOOW!!!!!!

      1. Cindy says:

        Sarah, with all due respect, a lady should be armed at all times. I am a female police officer in Burton Michigan, and I instruct a concealed carry courses tailored for women. . I have dealt with far to many rape/assault/homicide cases that I care to admit to, all of which could have been prevented had those young ladies been armed to protect themselves and received proper training to handle the situation. From one lady to another, it has nothing to do with politics. It;s about keeping safe and protecting your self in a man’s world.

      2. Lilly says:

        Some one is an idiot. It is the one who would disarm everyone – except the criminal who does not pay attention to your socialist laws. You want to leave everyone defenseless?

        It is unconstitutional to disarm everyone.

      3. Jack says:

        Gun laws only disarm law abiding citizens but criminals and politicians would keep themselves armed. Odd that the only two groups would be criminals and politicians. As if they are different.

      4. Jack says:

        There is gun control now. There are over 10,000 gun laws on the books. The problem is they do not fully enforce, prosecute, punish or pursue firearms violations. This fact is part of the plan though. Adults are being treated like children on a playground. If one child kicks sand then all the children get punished and barred from the sandbox. Gun crimes are being allowed to happen to give reason to hinder the 2nd amendment.

      5. Diane says:

        Gah I hit the wrong button. What I meant to hit was “reply” not “report”. 😐 so much for old age. Gun control has created high-crime areas.

        The Texas capitol building allows for CCL holders to go through security, keeping their handgun. What a better way to protect others. It’s also been found, through studies, that some women carrying concealed, keeps other women safer, as the criminals are not sure *who* is actually carrying. I believe it was in the rape statistics, in the book by John Lott “More Guns, Less Crime”. You should perhaps do some studying and reading before you peep about it.

    4. Betty says:

      Remember Charles Whitman? It was armed citizens who helped keep him at bay until the cops could take him out. Terrorists beware of US!

      usconcealedcarry dot com

    5. Rich says:

      There’s no option to “Report comment as awesome.” 😦

  13. ken says:

    Only if these security check points ONLY check white Christian, legal US Citizens…Children and Old Folks prefered. But if these security check points will check/search illigal aliens, minorities, or muslims….then hell no to the extra security. That would be bigoted and violation of rights.

    1. Dedra Galyon says:

      Well put, Ken!

  14. jerseyjoey says:

    Well if malls lose business over fear monging Gov agencies whos only concern is justifing there jobs then so be it, Just what America needs: more lost rights and more gungho cops. Wow america kills the enemty and Americans pay for it in panic and punishment from the people who protect us, take a flight now, tsa will rape your kids next in the name of protection. I need no Cop to protect me.

  15. Joe Doakes says:

    Agreed. See Switzerland.

  16. WB says:

    Someone with these posts suggested that every citizen should be armed. How about the millions of mentall unstable citizens, should they be armed as well?

    1. Bob Frost says:

      They could be armed already. If being law abiding is the only criterion, “only outlaws (and “MILLIONS of mentall unstable citizens”) will have guns.

    2. fred says:

      good catch – amend that to everyone but registered Democrats

    3. 18Echo says:

      If a person is legally judged as mentally unstable then they are not allowed to legally to have a firearm now. If they ignore that law then law abiding citizens arming themselves changes nothing.

      The folks that oppose people being armed usually go on and on about being hurt in a cross fire (as if being in a shootout is some how worse than being in a massacre.) Regardless, I think we that are armed should respect their wishes.
      I promise that if I’m at a mall when an attack occurs, I will get MY family to safety and call 911 for the people that chose to be defenseless.

      To be clear. If you being shot at provides a distraction that I can use to get my family to safety. So be it, I’ll call the cops ASAP. I hope they get there in time.

      As for security points, the simple fact is that a determined GROUP attacking a mall would go through a security point like a hot knife through butter.

      1. Lilly says:

        Who is going to decide who is “mentally unstable?” You are dreaming of the KGB and don’t know it.

  17. Political Atheist says:

    If you think the economy is on tenuous legs now, just wait. This will make people even less inclined to go shopping. This will kill brick and mortar. Internet shopping will increase exponentially. Funny how “conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones was so ahead of the curve on this and now CBS is reporting on it. Chalk up another “theory” that’s become fact. People need to resist this or we take another huge step to the Police State noose tightening around our necks.

    1. Dedra Galyon says:

      Great comments!

  18. Jim Bob says:

    You sir are CORRECT

  19. 2nd Amendment Practicer says:

    I hope nothing happens. But if those fkers try something, I hope it’s within 50 yards of me and my sidearm. I legally, safely, and responsibly carry concealed every day.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      50 yards? Do you mean 50 feet? 50 yards with a pistol that is one tough shot. If you can do that you should try out for “Top Shot!”

    2. Michael says:

      What a stud you are!!! OMG you are turning me on!!!

    3. 2nd Amendment Practicer says:


      With my massive barrel staring you in the face, you will understand the true majesty of the amendment for which I am named!

  20. Jane says:

    Joe W. —You and none of you have no idea how many terrorist attempts on this country have been stopped since 9/11. Because of some exceptional men and women in intelligence this nation has been “safe” since the twin towers. This is what Pres. Bush put into place and it has worked. But as one intelligence operator told me…”we can’t stop everything and it is not a question of “if” just when” With our “relaxed” illegal immigration policy, we have had an open door and they are among us. It is not that they have not attempted in this country since 9/11, it has been they have been stopped. You don’t hear about it? As he further told me…if Americans knew how many things had been stopped and where, the economy would falter and people wouldn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. So silently thank those men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep this country safe so that you can go to the mall, the movies and to church. It’s not just the military everyone should be thanking.

    1. Matt Chappel says:

      Everyone can try to legitimize this all they want… But when it comes right down to it, we are NOT free anymore. We live in a police state… All because we bought the lie that we need government to protect us.

      Meanwhile we don’t even have PROOF that OBL is even dead. They’re already telling us we’re in danger of terrorist attacks, but we haven’t even seen the body. America should be OUTRAGED. We should be marching in the streets. We’re losing our rights for the sake of “safety”. THAT is a bigger tragedy than 9/11 will ever be.

      1. says:

        And you never WILL have PROOF, because that weasel in the White House just declared he will NOT release photos.


        Because the jerk says it would be “insensitive” to Muslims!


      2. OSC says:

        I’m not concerned about proof. I know enough to believe he is dead. I question if he was alive when we “got him”.

    2. bob says:

      you silly brainwashed clown…get back into the kitchen where you belong and stop spouting off your unverified bull$hit.

      1. chris says:

        She is exactly right. Way to go with your “barefoot and pregnant” analogy, moron. I and many others have specific knowledge regarding a multitude of threats that were stopped. Its you with unknowledgable bull$hit.

        What’s your argument Bob? You think they got bored? Didn’t feel up to it anymore? Decided they liked golf better? Too tired – required too much energy? Do you really think they wouldn’t have hit is if they could? No. THEY CAN”T DO IT.

        And its not the TSA. Its our human intelligence operations reinstated under Bush that is doing the leg work. Kudos to Obama for saying yes and taking that murder out.

    3. fred says:

      right – nice logic there – no one knows how many rabid kangaroo stampedes they have “stopped” either. Let’s award them for that – considering someone who has done nothing can get a Peace prize, I don’t think that’s a stretch.

      1. D Franklin says:

        Good call Fred. Not many people know about the rabid kangaroo stampedes. . Let’s bomb Australia after we take care of Pakistan. F it – let’s just bomb the whole world and put all Americans in jail so we can be sure that we are safe.

    4. guammike says:

      Jane – Nonsense. To say that we as a nation are under constant attack and if not for the brave and tireless gropers and grabbers of the TSA, Americans couldn’t muster the courage to overcome their fears to get out of bed and go, eh, shopping is ridiculous. The bloom is off the rose. Most rational adults have long since come to the realization that molesting toddlers and the elderly at airports hasn’t made anyone safer and this is being done because the Government considers the citizenry the threat.

    5. cb says:

      M.I.B. bless you

    6. CB says:

      M.I.B. bless you!

    7. RandyC says:

      Jane, go back to sleep ooooor WAKE UP!!! Every terrorist attack or foiled attack that has occurred since 9/11 has been provocateured by the FBI and intelligence agencies. If you read past the headlines on every terrorist plot that has occurred, you will find that there was a government intelligence hand nudging the perpetrator along. If you want your kids growing up in a world where authority figures can probe them with hands down their pants so your scared ass can feel secure, you are hopefully part of a shrinking class of people who don’t understand what it means to be American.

    8. karl anglin says:

      Under Obama, the Border Patrol is
      being stopped from doing their jobs.

  21. Lori says:

    Instead of patting me down at Sears, why don’t you bring some of our troops home and station them on all of our borders…start with security there first…

    When I go to bed at night, I don’t leave the front door wide open and then lock my bedroom door.

    1. Donna Franklin says:

      Exactly, that is why we know this is BS. If “terrorists” were really a threat then the US borders would be closed – just like your front door.

    2. nyc says:

      Great analogy ! You are 100% correct. We can kill bad guys all over the world and can’t even secure our own boarders ! What is the number of Illegals now ? 25 million ?

  22. Kevin says:

    Don’t you feminized nanny-state loving fools “feel” safe now? I think It is time to take most of the baby boomer retirement / pension funds and give it to poor defenseless women and children (oh and minorities), right?

  23. 1amWendy says:

    Would I be okay with security checkpoints outside department stores. No way. Living in a country driven by paranoia whose response is to institute a police state is not living and is no better than the totalitarian states that our leaders constantly rail against. If we really are the land of the free and the home of the brave then I suggest we act like it.

    1. Greg says:

      Well put!

    2. DDogbreath says:

      I agree between this and the failed “war on drugs” we are living in a police state. Where else can you live where they will kick your door down over a plant proven safer than Aspirin?

  24. Jack says:

    I think they’ll go for something newly symbolic, a cruise ship perhaps, because of the burial at sea.

  25. Norman says:

    What they are going to achieve is getting every muslim in this country hung from the lamp post in and around America,along with a lot of their enablers.Americans will not tolerate the killing of their families on their own soil and anyone who thinks otherwise is a damn fool.You can bet these politician will not be so politically correct as to let a nation stand that send people here to kill our women and children,that country will be vaporized.

    1. ajk1941 says:

      Well said. In today’s world, the state of mind of many here in America would justify a blood bath to follow the next attack. Most of us are fed up with the attitude of our politicians and will feel justified in any actions taken after another attack. So, I say, bring it on, and experience the rath of the quiet American…

  26. JGreen says:

    “Would you be okay with security checkpoints outside department stores or places of worship?”

    NO, I would not be. I am an American citizen born and raised. A professional, mild-mannered suburbanite who never causes any trouble. I don’t own a gun and have had no problems with the law.

    At some point, (if this trend of over-zealous security in the name of my or “the children’s” safety) is taken too far, I, and hope many of my compatriots in the silent majority WILL stand-up and say enough. When and if that day happens, all this nonsense about keeping me safe will be out the door because we will no longer be listening nor believing what we’re being told.

    Meanwhile, I haven’t seen any of the major security increases being discussed. So, for the moment, its just talk.

    1. Donna Franklin says:

      And ten years ago woudl you have believed that parents would let their children be strip searched before getting on a plane? No, but there you go, it’s happening now. It’s enough already IMO

  27. Jesse R Smith says:

    “inch by inch, row by row”

    Bit by bit they play the fear card to strip away the freedom of America. This whole Bin Laden thing is a political/sociological move to take us a step further to worldwide totalitarian government.

  28. Hank Warren says:

    More fake terror so the US will continue to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    1. Donna Franklin says:

      So right Hank. Unbelievable how insane this all is.

  29. Joe Doakes says:

    The Day After . . . Part Two

    May 3, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    When we won WW2 what happened? Did President Truman issue orders to protect the indigenous population from domestically based Nazis or Imperial Japanese? No. Did President Truman use the word “I” 5,000 times in a speech to the nation after we made the tough but necessary decision to drop Atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? No. So why do you? America is a team, divided now because of your failed efforts to lead this nation, that, for lack of a better word elects the President. So why do you insist on taking credit for things you are not doing and not standing by decisions that will make a doctor, a hospital bed, and a gallon of gas more expensive?

    See that is the real rub Mr. Obama. Sure the liberal left can hope to resuscitate legions of useful dope smoking idiots to vote for you, and to be fair most will, but in the end there is this other party that has it’s ears on, I’m not talking about the big ones you are sporting. Recently Mrs. Pelosi remarked how she wished that elections did not matter; in essence she was hoping for a dictatorship lead by a liberal socialist that stood for “social justice.” Now that is some of the most un-American sentiment I’ve ever heard expressed. Elections must matter, because of all the peoples of the Earth, of all the countries of the Earth, the citizens of The United States of America deserve to have the final say on whether we place that final nail in our coffin as a nation in the form of “Obamacare,” or we choose the wiser path. When I was in my formative years a man named Ronald Reagan was the President.

    Mr. Reagan did what ever he could do to remind us, the American people, that it our success wasn’t his doing. On his desk he had a plaque that read “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” People of your political stripe hated Mr. Reagan and worked against his efforts. Of note is a movie called “The Day After.” This movie depicts nuclear devastation and subconsciously blames President Reagan for it. What we really had though was peace, then victory, and prosperity. Even for the defeated Soviets as they focused not on building bombs, but oil rigs and trade. Not all good trade, but at least their main focus was not dropping a hydrogen bomb on the White House. The American people know exactly what you are, and the political class thinks you may not win. By November of 2011 we will both know whether or not you are going to face a primary challenge. You see Mr. Obama we no longer live in an era when we are only given a limited number of media choices, we have changed the channel on you so many times no matter what you do, other then change your mind entirely, will we ever click back.

    We’ve had it.

    Or as my father used to say, “If you don’t clean up this f-ing room I’m throwing everything the f- out!” Well, he did. And the American people are going to take your toys away on November 6, 2012 because, brother, you are making an f-ing mess, and there is not a garbage bag big enough to clean it up if we allow you to hold onto the Presidency.


    Joe Doakes

    1. Mune Shadowe says:

      You sign the letter “Respectfully”, how are you able to do that when he has no respect for the people of this nation?

      1. rtt says:

        There is a difference between respect and Acquiescence, he may be a mush mind but he is human, that fact however ooes not mean he has no boundaries – if I may be so bold to suggest, I think that’s the point.

      2. Lilly says:

        Holder has special feelings for his “people.” Depends on what color you are if Obama respects you or not. Holder puts his “people” above the law.

  30. Nogmo says:

    “It’s freedom, coming with an increasingly heavy price.” hahahahahahahaha The novel 1984 wasn’t suppost to be an instruction manual. CBS News is the ministry of truth. Freedom is Slavery, War is peace

  31. mike says:

    kinda funny that this is what the..”conspiracy theorist” have been saying was gonna happen

    1. nogmo says:

      yes. we knew this was coming… This is the new freedom in America.

    2. Donna Franklin says:

      I know – it’s a weird day in America when Alex Jones is the only one asking legitimate questions LOL It’s too crazy to believe but it’s happening. Our country is dying and we are just standing by watching it happen.

  32. Joe Doakes says:

    That’s why I left NYC. This nation is not prepared to fight for it’s freedom anymore. We must define and destroy the enemy so we can live as free citizens. We did it in WW2. We must do it again. The fact that we will be at war with Islam should not be an issue. They are at war with us. They’ve been at war with us. Why are we so slow to realize what is happening?

    1. nogmo says:

      Your brain washed…

      1. Joe Doakes says:

        I wish I was. I wish I could just take the happy idiot pill and go back to the days before Islam attacked us with our Airplanes. I wish I could go up to those towers and take photographs of them like I used to. But thats a fantasy.

        Remember it’s easier to imagine one is safe and secure then deal with the reality and then do something about it. That’s tough. It takes leadership. We don’t have that.

      2. Jimmy says:


      3. Donna Franklin says:

        Joe – do some research. Watch more than one news station and read more than one newspaper/blog. Become an investigate reporter yourself – don’t just accept what someone tells you, assume that they have an agenda and VERIFY.

        Realize that people all over the world are basically the same, we all want the same things, a decent life, to live in peace and pursue our dreams. Don’t assume that because you are an American people want to kill you because you are “Free” – people don’t want to kill other people for no reason – there is always more to the story, do the research and find out what is really going on. Start thinking for yourself.

      4. gdf says:

        @ Donna

        What makes you assume he is assuming? Are you one of the smartest people you know by any chance?

      5. Lilly says:

        You’re brainwashed with political correctness. You don’t want to name the enemy nor admit the long history of this enemy attacking Americans. Rather than all of us lose our freedom to protect the nation from Islamic attack, lets focus on the Muslims – where the terrorism problem is.

    2. karl anglin says:

      Because of political correctness.

  33. Bill W says:

    Since 9-11, terrorists have had a multitude of opportunities to hit soft targets, such as crowded malls at Christmastime. But they have not done so. The terror threat in the USA has been grossly exaggerated. We always seem to have bogeymen after us, yet most people fear the idiocy coming out of Washington DC more than anything.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      Faisal Shazad’s (son of a pakastani officer) attempted attack on Times Square? They want the big one next. Remember Osama was in Pakistan for six years, that’s an awfully long time to be in a country with nuclear weapons. They are a very patient foe.

  34. virginia says:

    not interested in being sexually assaulted by the “good guys” before the bad guys blow me up ?
    white house – evict all the illegals and known terrorist types and stop inviting all these into the country if your serious about security

  35. PepperAnne says:

    “They who give up essential LIBERTY to obtain a little temporary SAFETY deserve neither LIBERTY nor SAFETY.” -Benjamin Franklin

    1. Betty says:

      Amen, sister.

  36. Jayne says:


    1. Donna Frankin says:

      Give it a year – we will be.

  37. Dawn says:

    I cannot believe how many American’s are so willing to give up their freedoms. This is ridiculous. Looks like instead of doing MOST of my shopping via the Internet, I’ll be doing ALL of my shopping via the Internet.

    1. Donna Franklin says:

      Maybe we should all just stop shopping until this nonsense ends.

      1. Dawn says:

        Stop….shopping?! Are you insane?!

  38. Bryan says:

    I’ll go one step further John. No special training for concealed carry, just meet the same requirements to be able to own a firearm, which should be relaxed in many states, and you should be allowed to carry concealed. Why should a person’s ability to defend thief life hinge on training?

  39. Jody from NYC says:

    This idea is absolutely insane and not necessary. I believe security experts should be profiling. It is much cheaper and more effective. Is is a proven method that works as shown in Israel time and time again. Everybody is not equal and therefore should not be treated equally.

    1. Randy from Abilene says:

      I agree! We must get over the political correctness in this country and profile. It would be crazy to have to pass through security to go to church or to the mall.

  40. boscarbrough says:

    The politically correct nitwits in washington would not even recommend putting an imam or otherwise muslim looking trouble maker off a plane for fear of offending someone. If they think they are going to pat down regular everyday americans everytime we go to the mall, they are going to find out they have some real problems on their hands. People are sick of this idiocy!.

  41. nomercy55 says:

    our goverment told us that the airplane fuel melted the steel in the towers,experts have said that,that fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel,so what did bring these towers down,what caused tower 7 to come crumbling down,you want us to believe some guys who live in caves did all this,if you tell a lie long enough,people will believe some research people wake the hell up

    1. Jarhead6981 says:

      Conspiracy addict. The experts never said the heat melted the steel, it weakened it. As the steel beams sagged, they put pressure on the 5/8″ bolts holding them to the steel skeleton of the towers and broke the bolts. Get facts right. And we never went to the moon either, right?…morons like you are a dime a dozen…..and over-priced at that.

      I really don’t expect someone like you to actually research this, but I am attaching a link for you from Popular Mechanics. “Debunking the 9/11 Myths”. Read and learn bunky.

      1. nomercy55 says:

        i already read that article jarhead,your name says it all,youre a sheep

      2. nomercy55 says:

        tower 7 moron…what caused that,pentagon whers the damage from the wings,pensylvania no aircraft remains….

      3. JJNYC says:

        HAHAHAHAHA Popular Mechanics…. NOW THAT’S FUNNY

      4. Jarhead6981 says:

        Gee, thanks for the name calling. That shows YOUR intelligence. You can’t put together a logical argument, just SAY I’m a moron and you think that makes you smart? You said you read the article? So facts don’t make sense to you? I am afraid the future will be gone with those like you in the way of mentally stable leaders…..just like we have now.

      5. Jarhead6981 says:

        Wow, beautiful retort there JJ (that’s called sarcasm btw). Just read the article. It’s called fact, not fiction. And filled with much bigger words than what you seem to have at your disposal, so you actually may learn something. You think Popular Mechanics is funny? Why, the words to big for you, so you make up funny stories to compensate for your lack of education.

      6. oooorah says:

        Carry on Marine! Ijust heard one of these whackos saying that no planes actually hit anything, it was all a faked video… This is amazing as the government has also figured out how to infuse that video into all those cell phone cameras and the minds of all those people fleeing the scene. Laughable.

    2. treebs says:

      God your a blithering idiot. Fire causes steel to fail ALL THE TIME. It does not melt the steel, it yields the steel. I guarantee that in the state that you currently live in your Mom’s basement there has been an instance of a traffic accident with a fire that has damaged a steel bridge to the point that it is no longer structurally sound. It really is not that complicated or far fetched. You just choose to believe some nut job on a random website rather than engineers and scientists who have continually proved and shown what happened to the towers.

      1. nomercy55 says:

        and you believe your govermant,youre a fool

      2. ryuu says:

        @nomind55 – no I believe my own mind – had you one you could reason out how stupid you sound

      3. Jarhead6981 says:

        I’m called Jarhead ‘cuz I literally got my head stuck inside a jar of pickled eggs on a dare. To this day I gag at even the hint of brine.

      4. RandyC says:

        treebs, Jarhead, and ooorah there have been many buildings that have burned for well over a day. The WTC buildings are the only ones that have failed due to fire. None of you are metallurgists or architects and quoting Popular Mechanics is a potent as quoting FOX News, MSNBC, or CNN. Educated people are done with mainstream media lies. Judging by your handles you might respond to a couple of stories that hit close to home. Just as reminder that lies effect us all, remember the Pat Tillman story and then jog your memory with the Jessica Lynch story. Lies are told and people who blindly accept them do nothing to protect the truth. Planes hit two tower but what about building 7? NIST has finally admitted that building 7 fell at freefall, the speed of gravity. I would hope you would take a moment back and consider that the story you have been given might be true in some aspects but not in a few crucial ones….

    3. Alex in NJ says:

      Saw on a TLC program they placed a steel beam identical to the beam in the WTC over a pit of jet fuel and lit the pit on fire. It didn’t even take a half hour or 45 mins for the steel to begin to melt and contort. It took FOUR MINUTES! You 9/11 conspiracy people are idiots.

      1. RandyC says:

        Alex in NJ. Here is science not TV: (2750ºF) – melting point of structural steel. (1517ºF) – maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in atmosphere without pressurization or pre-heating . What you saw was a hoax.

      2. Anuel Jackson says:

        are you sure it was steel, do you know the temperature lead melts about 450 degrees, surely the major media would not lie to the public especially the learning channel, but then again the history channel is becoming a joke, its like they are trying to rewrite history the way they see fit, and who owns most of the media can you say the “Government” OK Mr Rodgers is finished

  42. John says:

    Terrorists win with this consultant’s recommendations.

    How about we adopt a much tougher policy on terrorists and treat them as the enemy and give them a swift bullet to the head instead of Miranda warnings?

    How about we allow law-abiding folks who have been background checked and trained to carry a firearm concealed about their person so they may fight back if and when a terrorist or criminal predator attacks, as they do successfully in Israel?

  43. Keith says:

    Let this execution be a warning to those who would pracitice violent jihad and/or stealth jihad in this country

    1. JJNYC says:

      Guess you’ve never read the Constitutuin…

      1. Julie says:

        Why should illegals, terrorists, and traitors have the benefits of the United States Constitution?

      2. dfgh says:

        feel free to quote the portion that you think you have read that justifies your stupidity – here’s a hint don’t Google on “Constitutuin”

    2. Yay! says:


      Exactly! Be warned Jihadists: We’re gonna get you, uh, several years after the fact. So no funny business, okay?

      1. RandyC says:

        We as a species decided long ago that it is a better system to afford people with simple basic rights. The Magna Carta and The Constitution protect people regardless of emotion or prejudice. This is important because all of our founding fathers were technically terrorists had you asked King George. I’m for rule of law and bud guys getting theirs but if you promote injustice then you’re going to create disenfranchised people who do desperate acts. It might feel good to talk tough about Jihadists, terrorists, or illegals but history shows that the tables can get turned pretty quickly.

  44. nomercy55 says:

    first it was the TSA at airports,now its gonna be at the bus stations, train stations and shopping malls.we no longer have any freedoms left in this country…

    1. Jarhead6981 says:

      And I suppose you blame the USA, right? Is that why your complaint is aimed at YOUR freedoms and not your or your child’s safety? These efforts are a direct result of a people saying they want to kill us and you’re worried about f’n checkpoints at the f’n mall

      1. boscarbrough says:

        Jarhead, If you take your family to a mall and there is a group of people behind you dressed in burkahs and turbans etc, they are not going to get searched buddy you will because government doesn’t care if they offend you, Besides why would you be willing to give up your right to defend your family and leave it up to the powers of government to keep you safe?

      2. nomercy55 says:

        youre a moron.why dont we hae a guy standing outside your door when you come out of your house and pat you down you sheep…

      3. Betty says:

        You can have some pedophile pat-down YOUR tot, pal, in the “name of safety” and the “common good.” As a legally armed citizen, I fully expect these “security measures” to disarm me and leave me easy prey for the real terrorists. I’ll do my shopping online and leave the malls to the blissful walking targets. If you are truly a jarhead, then you know what rights you PROTECT when YOU take up arms for our country.

  45. dave says:

    Let’s just go back to profiling

  46. nomercy55 says:

    all this is being done under a false flag operation….

    1. affsd says:

      does it hurt to be so stupid?

  47. Nick says:

    There is absolutely no need for the expense of all this “security”. Just cure that disease called Islam. Put a $1 bounty on each muslime much like we did wolves. Man is great at causing extinction of unwanted harmful species.

    1. Dee says:

      Deport all non-citizen Muslims except those who are clearly fleeing Islamic thuggery. Won’t get them all, but it will help a lot.

      1. karl anglin says:

        Obama loves Muslims too much
        for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. texasbohemian says:

    Until ALL citizens say stop it and quit going anywhere there are already violations of personal privacy nothing will stop and it will get worse! It’s your own fault, people! Stop being cowards!

    1. boscarbrough says:

      You are absolutely right Tex, we have to get people with common sense together and act as one person!

    2. Betty says:

      You are right. Most people have become too lazy and frightened to take upon themselves the tools and skills for their own self-defense. Instead, they rely on the gov’t to protect them… and this is what happens.

      Gov’t: Bend over and spread them.
      Subject: Yes, sir. More please, sir.

      Gov’t: Bend over and spread them.
      CITIZEN: You first, and I have a rolled up copy of the Constitution to ram up there.

  49. Charity Limosine says:

    we already live in a police state.

  50. muggsy bogues says:

    This is 100% the textbook definition of a POLICE STATE.

    The U.S. Constitution will mean NOTHING anymore.

    Anyone who thinks it is a smart idea to trade liberty for safety is a fool.

    The moment we have mandatory checkpoints at these so-called “soft targets”, America ceases to exist and the terrorists have completely succeeded.

    1. Betty says:

      Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. And unfortunately, if we don’t fight back against this, our children and children’s children will think the police state is the accepted norm.

      1. Mune Shadowe says:

        Unfortunately there are all too many sheeple out there going for this and not fighting back and little by little Ben Franklin’s statement will be true.

    2. Bill J. says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      People should be allowed to arm themselves and that should be good enough.

      I’d like to see terrorists try to attack a mall in Texas which allows handguns on the property. These pussified liberals think the government needs to protect everyone and the liberal-light (aka: republican) seem all too willing to follow allong.

Comments are closed.

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