Judge Judy Says She Thinks She Suffered A Mini-Stroke

Popular TV Judge Implores Women Not To Ignore Health Signs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For the first time Judge Judy is speaking out about a health scare that landed her in the hospital and she’s admitting she suffered a mini-stroke.

She’s known for feisty one-liners in her courtroom. But back in March, it was Judge Judy Sheindlin’s health that took center stage during a show taping.

“And the people that had watched me for 15 years noticed something was wrong. And without asking, which was probably a good thing, because I would’ve said ‘don’t go there,’ they called paramedics,” Sheindlin told CBS 2’s Katie Fehlinger.

The following is from the 9-1-1 call her colleagues made:

Caller: “She’s awake and she’s breathing but she just doesn’t seem like herself. They’re saying it seems like she’s about to pass out right now.”

Dispatcher: “She needs to lie down, OK? Somebody needs to get in there and tell her to lie down.”

Sheindlin, who is originally from Brooklyn, thinks she may have suffered a transient ischemic attack — or a mini-stroke. Earlier that day, she experienced double vision, which quickly disappeared. But while filming she began speaking in what she described as slow motion.

“The director called back to my dressing room where I have an executive producer sitting. And he said to him ‘is she loaded this morning?!'” Sheindlin said.

“Those symptoms could be a sign of a stroke — or the beginning of a really large, major stroke. And that’s why you really don’t want to ignore them,” said CBS 2 chief health correspondent Dr. Max Gomez.

Millions of viewers witnessed similar symptoms just weeks earlier when KCBS reporter Serene Branson suffered what appeared to be a mini-stroke — live on a post-Grammy’s newscast. Branson’s episode was later diagnosed as a migraine.

“So there are a lot of things that it could be, some of which are lethal and some of which are not really that serious,” Dr. Gomez said.

Doctors released the 68-year-old from the hospital after a day of tests. And now, she said she feels fine.

“But it was a very good lesson and something that women — especially women — tend to ignore, little signs of something wrong,” Sheindlin said.

They are little signs that Sheindlin is encouraging others not to disregard.

Earlier this week Judge Judy signed a deal to stay on the air through 2015.

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  1. Mohammad Abdul Aziz says:

    Your Honour, Rest and more rest is what you need at this time and I hope that you will listen. I watch your every show and wish we had you here in United Kingdom.
    May you have a speedy recovery.
    Best regards
    M. A. Aziz

  2. margaret francis says:

    Dear Judge Scheindlin I hope by now you are fully recovered and feeling in the bst of health. I love your shows that I watch everyday here in England, although I am Scottish. How I wish to God that we had judges here in England just like you. There would be an outcry in this country because of all the do gooders. I have been trying to become a magistrate for the last two years. Maybe sometime soon I will be able to come to U.S. and come to your courtroom. Take care and God bless

  3. Outch says:

    Outch! I hope our loved Judge is better now.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Hope She stays on till then. She a women with a lot of fire. That is one of the things that makes her such a great lady. Also I know this is of the wall, but I have no other way to get help, I gave my kids to there father around 5 years ago so I could work and go to college, To make a better life for them. And the tables you might say have turned to were he has had no running water sence winter of lasted year. Already went to Child protetion services and had police at him house and all that and sence the childrens needs are being met there is nothing they can or will do. Sence they hsve been in Sioux Falls Sd for so long that it is agains me by the laws of there. I can’t get any help besided legal advice. I have to go threw Sioux Falls, Sd. For my devorce and keeping my kids. Unless able to keep them here for 6 months. We have been seperated sence 2004. All I want is what is best for my for kids mentally,physical, everyway That I can and being with there father is not doing it. Legal aid in Sioux Falls wont help, Because the person I had talked to was being biest, And all that. Have been trying to get another person for there to call me but deadend. PLEASE if anyone can help! They do not deserve living the way they have. And unfortunitly I am running out of time before they have to go back. promis2keep@yahoo.com Eveything else I have been trying to help the kids out as landed in a dead end. PLEASE ANYONE JUDGE JUDY if you have the time. I NEED HELP> God Bless Stephanie Ellis

  4. Middle class Working Stiff says:

    The second part of this days’ show, involved a man that didn’t pay his nanny.
    You asked him how he took care of himself since he was unemployed.
    He eventually stated that he received unemployment benefits of $200 per week.
    You made a comment that he was fortunate because he got paid for doing nothing.

    Yes, Judy, we are beneath you. You are saying that everyone that has lost there job and receives unemployment benefits, gets paid for doing nothing.
    I understand that you are the highest paid female in the TV entertainment business, as well as a lot of other categories, but I think you forget that W-2 citizens pay into a system that is supposed to provide emergency funding in the event you lose your job legitimately. I don’t think I am that different from the majority of good folks that have lost their jobs. I started working at 14, and I am still paying into that system, and I am 60 years old. I am very fortunate that I have not had to use that benefit.
    I agree that their is abuse of this system, but no one gets to decide if they want to participate. Our government decides that for us. I have max-ed out my requirement each year for the last 30 years. If something happened to me and I needed to apply for that benefit, the $200-$300 per week that I would qualify for, based over a six month period, would not begin to cover my contribution into the system.

    Please reconsider your position, and have a little respect for the middle class people who funds the majority of programs that our government mismanages. I would not be a bit embarrassed to apply for these benefits when and if the time comes.

  5. Aofsletten says:

    Be well, Madame

  6. Jane Nyatt says:

    Dear Judger Judy, I am a retired English teacher and often watch you tell off the liars and stupid people as I could never do to my students. I particularly admire your efforts to correct their grammar when you cover your ears at “me and my friends . . .” Tell them “me” can never begin a sentence. I hope your helath will continue to let you be at top form. Hurrah for the truth! Lane Hyatt

  7. Joan Blutreich says:

    Dear Judge Judy,
    I am 66 just about your age and like you I am a New Yorker. I watch you reliigiously and if I cann’t, I tape your show. You are truthful, fair and a hoot to watch, you are just what the doctor ordered. Speedy recovery and continue what you are doing for many years. Here is to your good health.
    Fondly, Joan Blutreich

  8. M. A. Aziz says:

    Your Honour as a 77 year old who experienced a similar medical condition may I wish you a speedy recovery. I wish you were in the UK as a judge as I watch you daily. Have a speedy recovery Maam.

    Aziz M. A.

  9. Patrick Jinks says:

    Dear Judge Judy, i am a 63yr old man and i think you are absolutely wonderful. you speak my language. you are my morning fix [i dont do drugs, smoke or drink] your wit and wisdom is enough for me. i do hope that you are feeling better now, i wish you good health and a happy life. yours Patrick Jinks.

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