NEW YORK (WFAN) — Tim McCarver didn’t shy away from discussing the Mets’ financial situation during a conference call in March, though according to the New York Post, the Fox analyst is sorry for his comments about SNY’s three-man TV team.

“I personally feel the Wilpons have to sell the ballclub,” McCarver said.

He added: “You have to tell what you deem to be the truth. It can’t be a soap opera about the owners every day, and I’m sure Gary (Cohen), Keith (Hernandez) and Ron (Darling) will keep it between the lines.”

“I saw Timmy a couple of weeks ago and he apologized,” Darling, SNY baseball analyst and former Mets starter, told The Post on Wednesday. “I don’t think he wanted to put us behind the 8-ball certainly.”

The Mets’ owners have been mired a court trustee’s claim that they owe more than $1 billion because they should have known their investments with Bernard Madoff were fraudulent.

“I don’t see how they can escape by selling a minority position, particularly when they don’t allow any control,” said McCarver. “I can’t see any other way for them to go but to sell the ballclub.”

McCarver also called the Mets’ financial situation “deplorable” and “agonizing.”

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