Report: Tim McCarver Sorry For SNY-Wilpon Comments

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Tim McCarver didn’t shy away from discussing the Mets’ financial situation during a conference call in March, though according to the New York Post, the Fox analyst is sorry for his comments about SNY’s three-man TV team.

“I personally feel the Wilpons have to sell the ballclub,” McCarver said.

He added: “You have to tell what you deem to be the truth. It can’t be a soap opera about the owners every day, and I’m sure Gary (Cohen), Keith (Hernandez) and Ron (Darling) will keep it between the lines.”

“I saw Timmy a couple of weeks ago and he apologized,” Darling, SNY baseball analyst and former Mets starter, told The Post on Wednesday. “I don’t think he wanted to put us behind the 8-ball certainly.”

The Mets’ owners have been mired a court trustee’s claim that they owe more than $1 billion because they should have known their investments with Bernard Madoff were fraudulent.

“I don’t see how they can escape by selling a minority position, particularly when they don’t allow any control,” said McCarver. “I can’t see any other way for them to go but to sell the ballclub.”

McCarver also called the Mets’ financial situation “deplorable” and “agonizing.”

Is McCarver’s apology good enough for you? Sound off below…


One Comment

  1. The Kid says:

    Hey what happened with Joe Buck and Juanmama pinga, is that name correct? Just when things were getting heated, they split! However, getting back to McCarver, there was a time ehrn he was pretty good, those days are long gone. Tim, hang-up your mike and drive-off into the sunset. Come-on baby, take a hint!

  2. Juanma says:

    La madre tuya cabron!!

    1. El Exigente says:

      Su madre es el chupacabra.

      1. Juanma says:

        Eso fue lo que me dijo la tuya despues que me lo mamo!!!

    2. Joe Buck says:

      JUAN MA MA PINGA!!!, you’re not tough JUAN MA MA PINGA!!! stop your crying.

      1. Juanma says:

        Mama mi culo sucio cabron!!

      2. Joe Buck says:

        Leave that for your boyfriend Juan Ma Ma Pinga, you know you enjoy that from him.

  3. Bell Toller says:

    Tim McCarver must be sued

  4. Pete says:

    joe buck=stupid jerk

    1. Joe Buck says:

      I’m a little impress, a Mets fan who can put more then 2 words together.See if you’re smart enough to figure this out.

      Billions spend in the last 25 yrs by signing many free agents, having the highest payroll in the NL the last 6 yrs with this year at $150 mil, with two overated players in Wright & Reyes who choke and idiots for fans. What does that equal to? It’s not a trick quesion . I’ll tell you dumba$$. It equals to zero championships. LOL, LOL

      1. Juanma says:

        I told you to keep it clean a**hole!

      2. Juanma says:

        Joe Buck _ H**O!

      3. Juanma says:

        You’re the one who started with the insults, I’m just giving it back. Typical of a real yankee fan, they can dish it out but can’t take the heat!

      4. Joe Buck says:

        JUAN MA MA PINGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You told me, L*CK B*LLS

      5. Joe Buck says:

        I’ve given this a lot of thought and feel we need to settle this mano a mano: I say we wrestle. Bottomless, oiled-up wrestling match; like real men should.

      6. Joe Buck says:

        You may be right, maybe this is why the Mets are averaging little over 20 thousand real New York Mets fans a Citi Field while the Yankees are averaging over 45 thousand at the Stadium

        You made me see the truth. You must’ve done some serious research there Einstein to come up with those stats. When you leave home, does your mom put that special helmet on for you?

      7. Juanma says:

        No, but please, feel free to shine my helmet while you’re down there.

  5. ScottY G says:

    He told the truth !! The Wilpons don’t tell the truth so as a Met fan I agree with his comments !!
    The Wilpons should sell the team and ride off in the sunset !! The team needs new blood pumped in it and then the Mets will be relevant again.

    1. Juanma says:

      I agree with you there ScottYG.

  6. Joe Buck says:

    What good is there to say about the Mets. How great there are, how they’re going to win the World Series. I’m sure he rather, like most of all, tell the truth and not live a lie like Mets fans do.

    The good book say “The truth shall set you free.” Free yourselves Mets fans. stop living a lie.

    1. Juanma says:

      Spoken from a typical arrogant yankee fan!!1

      1. Joe Buck says:

        and answered by a Mets moron fan and as always, they cry when they hear the truth.

      2. Juanma says:


      3. Joe Buck says:

        so tell us Juan-mama pinga, how does having your loving Mets in last place? get use to it, they’ll be there all season.

      4. Juanma says:

        You don’t have to get nasty about it, you typical yankee fan! Oh by the way how’s your captain Derek Jetter doing?? Don’t be a jerk! Let’s keep it clean!

      5. Joe Buck says:

        The problem with you Juan is that you are good at insulting people but can’t take it if someone uses a comeback. Stop your crying.

        In regards to Jeter, he’s got 5 rings, helped the Yankees win 5 titles, one was against your lame Mets in 2000, MVP by the way in that series, 47 hits from 3000, .314 career hitter & on his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame, not like that make believe Hall at Chiti Field, that’s for players like Harrelson, Grote & in the future, Reyes, Cooperstown is for the great ones, everyone gets old, in your case you’re probably about 45 but going on to 5. It’s only May, the Captain will be fine.

        How’s last place was my question to you, I see you’re not man enough to answer that question.

    2. John says:

      Who cares how many rings Jeter has? How many times has he been named the league MVP? And how’s he doing this year? Isn’t that all that matters to you?

      1. Joe Buck says:

        Jane, you’ve been taken to school, class is dismissed, now go home and be a good girl.

  7. Steve Carlton says:

    McCarver is a big-mouth, blow hard. I can’t watch games he broadcasts. Terrible. And now, acting like a know-it-all JERK. Retire Tim, just retire. Please.

    1. John says:

      He ALWAYS acts like a know-it-all. I am convinced that he has pictures of some Fox executives in compromosing situations because that is the only way to explain why he still has his job there after all these years. ESPN wisedd up and got rid of Miller and Morgan, why can’t Fox do the same?

  8. peter amato says:

    I stopped watching games he broadcast. He was(and probably still is) a distraction to the game. He and Mike Franscesa(WFAN) should be muzzled, two of the biggest blowhards on the planet.

  9. Clare Kiernan Lafferty says:

    ever since the Mets cut him loose, McCarver has been anti-Mets entirely. Who cares what he thinks anyway?

  10. Eric Soley says:

    Tim is entitled to 2 things, mistakes & his opinion!

  11. Tampa says:

    Deion Sanders!!!! McCarver’s best moment.

  12. Pat T says:

    McCarver is too out of touch these days to really care what he says. He sounds so old and tired on these broadcsts, its a shame.

  13. NYer says:

    McCarver is, and will always be, an a**hole.

    1. chinita says:

      You are right on!!!! I dislike him so much…He never has anything good to say about our beloved METS!!!

    2. Kurt Spitzner says:


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