Teachers Furious Over Bloomberg’s Proposed Budget

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York City teachers will meet on Monday to protest Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed budget that would call for more than 6,000 teacher cuts.

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In his $67 billion budget plan, teachers would bare the burden, and Bloomberg has said that it’s not his fault. Instead, he said it’s the combined cuts from the federal and state governments that forced him to his budget.

A fired-up Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, addressed a packed room of union members in Manhattan.

“Enough is enough,” Mulgrew said. “This city is for all of us, not just a very few.”

Frustration is growing among teachers who fear the massive layoffs, and the union vowed to fight for teachers’ jobs, reports CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

“The kids will have double problems—larger class sizes—and not have any of their service,” one special needs teacher from Brooklyn said. “The testing scores will continue to go down.”

Charlie Lansing said if children do not get a proper education, then they will turn to a life of crime.

“Because they have no education, they will go out robbing, stealing, selling drugs. Everything,” Lansing said.

Mayor Bloomberg said it’s all about the numbers. According to the mayor, the state budget reduced education spending next year by $1.2 billion, while the city also lost $850 million in federal stimulus money that’s used to support teachers’ salaries.

“If the state was spending the same amount of money on education, we would not be talking about layoffs – but, sadly, that’s not the case,” the mayor said.

Bloomberg’s budget could also force the closure of 20 fire companies.

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One Comment

  1. Landparent says:

    My understanding that this deficit is because the millionaire’s tax wasn’t renewed this year. Bloomberg has promised that if Albany renews the millionaire’s tax he will still lay off thousands of teachers. That is because he has his hands in the charter school cookie jar and stands to make billions for the corporation of the DOE.

  2. sonny carson says:

    Wallcott is Bloomberg’s token uncle tom patsy.
    Draft Charles Baron for Mayor.

  3. Mike says:

    Bloomberg being elected for a 3rd term is unconstitutional!!! He is on a power trip. Hie wants his claim to fame to be that he was the one to break down the unions! The rich always trying to crush the poor!

  4. Jane says:

    Children need someone to educate, help, motivate and inspire them and that’s what teachers who care do! As teachers, our job is to not give up on these kids.

    1. marx engels says:

      The Rich no longer want to subsidize this society. FDR saved this country from totaliarinism and saved capitalism for the Rich until Reagan began dismantling the Middle Class starting with the PATCO Air Traffic Controllers Strike.

  5. Patrick Boucher says:

    Education is a RIGHT not a privilege A RIGHT that needs to be available to all.

    1. the doomsayer says:

      Show me where it says that in the US Constitution. In the Bloomberg / Trump / Nikki Haley / Bobby Jindal World of Tomorrow only the Rich and Rich Asian Foreigners will be able to afford an education for their privileged children, and your children and grandchildren will work in sweatshops making soccer balls. All American kids want to do is listen to rap, hiphop, smoke dope and play video games. Most foreign kids especially Asians and Muslims are respectful and sit quietly in the classroom.

      1. Jane says:

        Yes education is a right! Students should be able to receive the best education possible! Laying off thousands of teachers is certainly not helping that. That just means larger classroom sizes and losing a lot of hardworking and dedicated teachers!

  6. Eleanor says:

    Why doesn’t Mayor Blumberg contribute something from his billions
    for nycity school? Why is no one approaching the issue of the
    incredible salaries Wall Street people are still getting. Want to
    comment on that?

  7. Trishe says:

    Sorry, but reason the city is sinking is because of the unions. The mayor donates lots of money and if he donated to the city for teacher then we will have this conversation over and over again year after year. It needs to stop, just get rid of the unions and all perks that come with it.

    1. JEN says:

      You should thank the unions….because without unions we would not have policemen,sanitation workers ,firemen, and teachers. They are difficult and low paying jobs. Who would want to put their life on the line?? Who wants to clean streets and pick up heavy garbage? And you obviously you have NO IDEA what a teacher’s job involves! Try doing it for one day then talk. Just like I don’t judge a stockbroker’s job or an accountant’s job …people shouldn’t judge a teacher’s job. The amount of tuition teachers have to pay and the amount of education they require to become an educator and the overtime which requires 6 hours a day….does not compensate what our salaries pay us. So who will do the job if there are no benefits???? DO YOU REALLY THINK SOMEONE IS GOING TO GO TO COLLEGE TO EARN A BA THEN GO BACK EARN A MASTERS, THEN GO BACK TO EARN 30 CREDITS ABOVE A MA ….AND WORK OVERTIME WITH NO PAY AND BE SCRUTINIZED… ALL FOR $50,000 A YEAR AND NO BENEFITS???? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A TEACHER AND EARN THAT AMOUNT!

      1. Teacher says:


      2. Trishe says:

        Sorry Jen, I disagree with you. Because of the unions this city is heading the same direction as the big “3” car companies in Detroit. It is the unions that create havoc, look at the snow storm mess. I am tired of paying taxes to a bunch of people that complain every year and want more.

      3. Trishe says:

        Jen, I forgot to mentioned, you said you make $50,000 a year, the janitor in your school makes $70,000….it should be the other way…yeah, I blame the unions.

      4. Jen says:

        Trishe..REGARDING the snow storm …you can blame the mayor for that! If you remember he did not declare a state of emergency for NYC.. underestimating the size of the blizzard. I suffered no less than anyone else…as a matter of fact I was stuck in the blizzard during a commute ..but I don’t blame the unions or sanitation workers By the way I pay taxes too!

  8. duhhh says:

    why are you surprised? we have been lowering the standards for years now so that nobody feels bad and now education is deemed useless. It looks a lot like the fall of the Roman empire.

  9. Gianna says:

    Why is it when civil workers fight for their rights it’s considered “belly aching”, “whining” or “complaining”. In other professions or positions it’s considered being assertive. Look, plain and simple, we signed on for these jobs because of the benefits, we certainly did not do it for the money and I do believe that is fairly obvious. Yes we have certain privileges but we also lack others, big ones too. We are responsible for the education, health, nutrition, moral character, social skills, and all around well being of about 28-35 kids. Some parents can’t even handle two kids for one summer. They can’t wait for them to go back to school. When you have been in the shoes of a teacher then you can judge. I have seen many people change careers and go in to teaching. You know what often happens? They realize they didn’t have it so bad in corporate America and go right back. I am a teacher because I love it! But I still have to pay my bills and at $75,000 (before taxes of course, lets remember that) and living in NY there are few luxuries to be had. What is it with the attack on the middle class?? We work hard for what we have and now they want to take it away? We can learn a lot from the asian nations. The teaching profession is highly regarded and their elders are revered. Here teachers are kicked around and our elders are cursed at and degraded. We complain about not having good candidates to run our government. Well with the way the education system is run in this country its no wonder and it will only get worse and worse. Laying off teachers and cutting school budgets hurts everyone. Let’s all remember for a moment here that it’s not even necessary. Bloomberg had his feelings hurt by Cuomo now others will pay the price. Such a shame the rich bullying the middle class, how very typical.

    1. Chris says:

      To Gianna us in other professions do not get half you’re benifits and holidays and vacations and sick days and gauranteed medical benefits you whiners get off the back of the tax payees for the rest of you’re life the free ride should be over

      1. Math Teacher says:

        Teachers have the same schedule as their students. What do you suggest to do on those days instead?
        Teachers only have 10 sick days a year, and as teacher I have not taken a sick day in almost 2 years. I’m not whinging about the pay I’m saying the mayor spends money on so many other things which he claims benefits education with no care if it truly does.

        Chris become a teacher for a week before you complain that teachers have to many perks

      2. MIKE says:


      3. Gianna says:

        It’s “your” not “you’re”. Teachers are obviously more necessary that you think. Doesn’t it worry you at all what kind of teachers the city would attract without the “benefits” you refer to? By the way, I don’t consider working about 35-40 hours of overtime a week without pay a benefit at all. Free ride? I pay to maintain my job,I pay to continue and maintain my license which is a requirement, I pay for my own supplies as well as my students including pencils, (Do you pay for pencils), I pay to maintain a classroom to meet Bloomberg’s standards, I often pay for my own copies for students, I pay for some of my students lunch, I pay for kids to go on trips when children can’t afford it, I pay for toilet paper for children to use the bathroom, I pay for soap. I get reimbursed $100 for the year. Free ride you say? I hardly think so!

      4. jill says:

        I agree with Gianna….not a free ride Chris….I pay out of my own pocket to pay for resources and supplies to do my job. Supplies always run out..so I am always paying to replenish them. Since you are not in the classroom experiencing the job… like so many ready to criticize, you should really to do your research.

  10. Jane says:

    Mr. Bloomberg…if you care so much about education..why don’t you take a pay cut from your billions and make a nice contribution to the fund the budget??? Instead you have the conscious to cut the salary of thousands of middle class workers and leave them jobless …while they have families to support.

  11. Jane says:

    Mr. Bloomberg..if you care so much about education…why don’t you take a cut from your BILLIONS and make a nice contribution to help out with the budget crisis…instead of taking away the salary of middle class workers and leaving them jobless..with families to support???????

  12. sk says:

    i can”t belive the way some of the nasty comments people are saying about teachers. there are mnay hardworking deicated teachers who put all their time, creativity, planning, energy and concerns in to their jobs. On top of all that many teachers get constant harrasment and complaints! No one should be commenting on teachers unless you are in their shoes!

  13. Rosskon1 says:

    That would be “bear the burden”, not ” bare the burden”.
    Sorry but it bugs me. Thanks.

    1. Old Man says:

      Journalists don’t have to know how to spell—-didn’t you know that!? Their bosses don’t know how to proof read either! The must have missed those days in school!

  14. Chris says:

    The teachers do not care about the children all they care about is their pay benefits snd their bloated pension if they really care for the kids they would take a 20 percent pay cut and freeze their pensions and no teachers would get laid off


      Teachers have to show that they care about the children by not being able to pay their rent and not being able to take care of their families???? Pay has NOTHING to do about caring about the children. Do you think if they were paid more …they would care more about the children????? Many care about the children…Many are dedicated to them …Teachers don’t get bonuses other professions do…teachers don’t get overtime ..other professions do (and you probably have no idea of how much overtime teachers put in ) And why are we taking away teacher’s salaries??? Are you aware that principals get a a very large personal monetary bonus if the scores go up in their school??? That money does not fund children’s education…it goes to the principal’s pocket….Why isn’t anyone questioning that??? Let’s take away the extra before we take away the necessary.

      1. maria71 says:

        Well said by i resperct teachers! I am a parent of two, and i know better than anyone else how mimportant is to keep the education standards in high levels! there are problems with public schools, nonetheless, the teachers do their best with limited resources. Ofcourse there are some bad teachers, but guess what: there are bad minorities in every profession. Mr Bloomberg for once more proves he is out of this world! As regards to comments by people who dont like teachers, they probably have complexes with their own jobs. We need education for our kids. Mr Mayor, why dont you contribute from your billions? It is a good chance to do something finally for this city!!!!

  15. John A.. says:

    The.re should not be any layoffs of dedicated,hardworking teachers.Our children need and deserve to have the very best teachers in the classrooms! The Mayor is playing political Russian roulette,and he had better stop doing that. Education is one area that should not be touched,along with police and firefighters by the Mayor’s budget ax.

  16. Tired of the Bellyaching says:

    You know, I used to always root for teachers, firemen, and police officers but my support has been wavering as of late. I am tired of hearing them bellyache everytime somebody looks crosseyed at them. You all aren’t sacred cows and believe it or not, some of you stink at your jobs. My kids have had teachers that have no business being in a classroom but God forbid you say anything.

    Get the freakin’ chips off your shoulders and the halos off your heads. You’re not perfect and certainly aren’t sacred. Join the rest of us blokes in the real world, away from your union utopia, and maybe you’d see how ‘real people’ are living. You guys aren’t doing bad and by most experts, doing better than most.

    1. a teacher who cares says:

      If you can read this…thank a teacher!!!

      1. JGM says:

        No I thanks my parents!

      2. Gianna says:

        It’s “thank” not “thanks” my parents. When your subject is “I” the verb doesn’t require an “s” at the end. Perhaps you needed a teacher.

      3. dimitris says:

        mrs “tired of bellyaching”, “i thanks” my parents? well, if this is the english they taught you, you should had better have a teacher! your teacher would have taught you how to proof read!!!!!!

      4. dimitris says:

        i apologise, the comment goes to jtm…Gianna well said!!!!

    2. IRate says:

      you want to know where all the good teachers are?
      They got a degree in something else and are making more than they ever could as a teach.
      That is why no body goes into teaching. There is no money and no future in it.

    3. Gianna says:

      Union utopia?? Hardly. Who are these alleged experts??

  17. William Sinclair says:

    He enriches the rich by impoverishing the poor.

  18. William Sinclair says:

    He pays for subsidies for the rich by impoverishing the majority that voted for term limits. He got his. What did we

  19. saeeey says:

    doesnt bloomberg have 67 million in spare change. thats like.03 percent of his wealth cmon bloomber g pay it yourself

    1. martin braun says:

      I agree. If Bloomberg was really as public spirited as he claimed, he would pay for the most serious holes in the budget. This is what responsible bankers and manufacturers who donated real money without asking for special laws to let them serve as leaders beyond constitutional limits. Bloomberg has presided over the ruination of NYC that makes the days of “Big MAC” under Abe Beame seem like a beautiful dream.
      It’s time to tax ’em or kick ’em out as incompetents!!!

  20. ed wood says:

    The teachers are angry over one thing–their paychecks.
    If these kids “graduate” to a life of crime it is likely the kid had an MIA dad and a moron for a mother. The teachers” impact is negligible.

    1. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

      OK, Ed. How about we harness YOU to the public education plow and not pay you. How would you feel? Or do you not even have a High School Diploma. . .
      People who think teaching is an easy and overpaid union rip-off have not been in a classroom behin=d the Big Desk up front. I studied graduate education and while there is no argument that there are some teachers who are jerks, most are trying to work in a system that is in “speed-up” mode. (Spped up is what was done to factory workers to force extra productivity out of them and it makes for accidents and a bad product.)
      Allready we have lost Phys Ed, Cursive Handwriting, any form of real science with Chemistry and physics taught at a real HS level. No music, no personal special clubs so students, as in Japan and China and other places can learn how to impress colleges. And teachers are blamed for the fact that the taxpayers don’t want to pay!
      I’ve been in the schools and it is getting worse every day. Now the students won’t be able to even afford to go to college after years of taxpayer and politician cut education that they were not subjected to during the Great Depression.

  21. nathan says:

    Bloomie is way too concerned with his place in history to pull the trigger on this. Gamesmenship, pure and simple.

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