NY Prisons Have As Many As 8,000 Excess Beds

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A review of state records has found that New York’s prisons are running at about 88 percent capacity.

Gannett’s Albany bureau is reporting that state prisons have as many as 8,000 excess beds at the system’s 67 facilities.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to lower the excess bed count by 3,700 to save the state roughly $72 million. Up to six prisons may be closed.

State officials say the number of empty beds can be misleading.

The state Department of Correctional Services said that nearly 2,500 of the open beds are considered “restricted vacancies.” Those beds need to be kept open to move in prisoners who may get sick, have mental-health issues or become a security risk.

Another 1,700 beds must be retained in case of fluctuations in the prison population.

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One Comment

  1. Roy says:

    With the liberal judges,repaeal of the Rockafeller Laws and insane plea bargains,it should be no surprise that the prisons are empty………….

  2. Dan Te says:

    The police have to make more arrests and fill up that prison to capacity.

    1. jack says:

      no, the police need to leave people alone

  3. WOLF says:

    Prisons are at 88 percent. Perhaps if we put more police on the WALKING beat in EVERY NYC neighborhood we can have the number lowered below 50 percent.

  4. Trishe says:

    I bet they can empty more beds if they let out those individuals that were arrested for smoking pot.

  5. Dale Auburn says:

    Yes, but if you suggest closing even one prison, they’ll say you’re soft on crime and coddling murderers. Plus, the prison guard unions want to keep empty prisons open at all costs.

  6. mike says:

    u forgot to add the many thousands of white child molesters and white collar criminals,and we can’t forget that we might sell it but whites r the druggies of this nation. don’y b racist,b truthfull

    1. El Diablo Blanco says:


      Don’t forget about the white-lie tellers and those who would white-wash the truth and the makers of white-lightning and tighty-whities and…

  7. Rey says:

    Yes “The Monkeys” as you so ‘elegantly’ put it kill each other. EACH OTHER. YOU mess with me and mine I get YOU. Honkies on the other hand get mad and kill innocent women and children who had nothing to do with anything, shoot up schools, destroy civilizations,spread diseases, blow up buildings full of people, etc etc ( hmm.. Wow.. could just as easily be describing extremist terrorists..uncanny ). Give me a cage of monkeys over crackers anyday.

  8. MojoJuju says:

    Never fear folks, I am sure Ray Kelly, who creates such a sense of entitlement among the NYPD that they feel free to repeatedly rape a young woman on the taxpayers dime, has a plan to fill them with minorities and bicycle riders.

  9. Nick says:

    Take the costs of these excess beds out of those lib. t. ard. judges’ salaries. Those judges that mandated these extra beds in the first place.

  10. roni says:


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