Keefe To The City: Chat With Sweeny Murti

By Neil Keefe
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The Yankees return home to the Bronx in first place after a 3-4 road trip and an offensive outburst in Texas on Sunday. But even after a series win against the Rangers, the Yankees are just 7-7 over their last 14 games.

Despite sloppy baseball over the last week from the Yankees, Derek Jeter began to look like the Derek Jeter of old, while Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada continued their slumps with hopes of turning it around back home.

Sweeny Murti joined me for the first time in the regular season to look at the state of the Yankees and what to expect on the homestand this week against the Royals and the Red Sox.

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  1. dabooch says:

    Nick-Jorge’ centa-mia, the best way to get out of your slump is to hit the ball up the middle. First of all, the first line of resistance is the pitcher who ends up at 52′ away has very limited range of motion. Second the next level of defense is between 275′ and 315′ away. Your head will not pull off to right or left, and you will not step in the bucket. Good Luck. PS. Jorge’ your gone next year because you cost to much, and your buddy Girardi despises you. Nick, another bad performance in the post season coupled with another four month of this nonsense will be grounds for dismissal.

  2. Dennis Corcoran says:

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  3. Ugly Jeter says:

    Come on Ugly Jeter, You can do it! Hit more home runs for me!

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