As Jerry “Rello” Recco began his first update of the morning, Boomer thought it would be a good time to say some complementary things about Craig’s Aunt Merrill, who he recently had the pleasure of meeting.  The Booms didn’t stop there though, as he went on to extol the beauty of Craig’s mother and sister, which seemed to make Craigie uncomfortable.

From there the stage was set for Jerry to continue and he did so by recapping the Yankees’ 3-1 win over the Royals, a victory spearheaded by the efforts of one Alex Rodriguez.

The Mets got a strong all-around performance out of Mike Pelfrey who did it with his arm and his bat.  The Mets parlayed Pelfrey’s efforts into a win, but Ike Davis did  suffer an injury when he collided with David Wright in the 4th, when the two of them were going after a fly ball on the infield…

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