New York Mom Invents ‘Buggy Guard’ After Having Two Strollers Stolen

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Parents of babies and young children know just how expensive strollers can be.

More and more, these pricey carriages have started vanishing from sidewalks and front porches and ending up in chop shops.

1010 WINS’ Alice Stockton-Rossini reports: Buggy Bandits Stealing Strollers  

From state-of-the-art shock absorbers and rugged wheels to plush bucket seats and shiny chrome finishes, strollers have come along way and so have the price tags, ranging from $1,700 to $5,000.

“A stroller is really almost a car for a lot of our customers,” said Peter Roberge, store manager of Albee’s. “They don’t go in and out of their car, they go in and out of their stroller.”

And around New York City, strollers are parked in packs making them easy targets for buggy bandits who wheel them to chop shops where they’re stripped and sold for parts.

“You can take a high-end stroller and sell it for half its price fairly quickly because there is a lot of demand,” said Roberge.

Mom Candice Lombardi says it happened in an instant while she was dropping her daughter off at school on the Upper East Side.   

“My stroller was parked outside my nursery school. They’re usually parked there with no problem but mine was gone,” said Lombardi.

Annette Mendoza Atteridge had two of her strollers stolen, one in her own backyard.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Atteridge. “That was pretty disturbing because this is something that we hand-picked for our daughter and it was gone.”

After that, Atteridge decided to do something about it. She invented a stroller lock called the Buggy Guard.

buggy guard New York Mom Invents Buggy Guard After Having Two Strollers Stolen

The Buggy Guard was invented by Annette Mendoza Atteridge to protect from stroller theft. (credit: CBS 2)

“You just pull out the cable, wrap it around two wheels,” and your buggy is secured, she explained.

Stroller thefts aren’t unique to New York City. It’s happening in suburbs too and all across the country.

Warnings on the internet show stroller thievery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and in Lakewood, New Jersey.

In Chicago, outraged parents ask Brookfield Zoo officials to do something about what they’re calling, “Strollergate” and in Manhattan Beach, California, a man and woman allegedly stole 16 high-end strollers from their neighbors.

And while strollers have become a booming business on the black market, Atteridge is hoping her Buggy Guard will at least help protect her daughter’s stroller from being taken again.

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One Comment

  1. Lauren says:

    We just had our BOB stolen off our front porch in less than two hours in broad daylight. We normally take it in, but we forgot. We were actually sitting in the family room 12 feet from the porch when it was taken. I think it feels even more personal since it is for our child. So frustrating!!

  2. Barbara says:

    It’s a nice device that helps protect your stroller as well as anything else really. I personally prefer to put one on my $400 BOB than a ULock which by the way can’t even secure your stroller either. Not to mention it’s heavy and can only lock one wheel. What am I going to do buy 3 ULocks ?

  3. eovanny says:

    what is this aews??? or a promotion advertisment for that stupi lock??????

  4. geovanny says:

    i feel very sad for all the people that had their stroller stolen;if there are people stealin strollers shame on them!!!!;but i also see something here; they come out with this news in many cities and with they same story;2 people stole stroller in chicago;a couple stole stroller in new york and etc.etc;behind this i am sure there is a campaing to stop people from buying used strollers especially the expensive ones;SO that you have to buy them from the store and pay full price;just think how many customers have the stores lost;because of people selling their strollers;of course the CEO from this companies dont want to lose money and with their power the can invest thousand of dollars to scare people from buying second hand strollers or other second hand items online.people should be careful not to leave the strollers outside or unsecure but we all should be careful and see the real pourpose underneath the table

  5. Chucky Brown says:

    Ah, I love comments like this one. I love going on 1010WINS and seeing comments like this and thinking about the losers who post them – folks who read the Post and watch Fox and lead ignorant, boring, bigoted lives, while the rest of us are smart and interesting and open-minded and fun.

    Go for yourself, Linda. You’re never going to win. Here’s a cookie.

  6. Nancy says:

    was it really necessary to state the color of your co-worker? I am positive there are non-colored people who have sold stolen strollers just as well.

  7. abner says:

    When people feel like disagreeing or get critical, they seem to go into a loony rage. I guess it’s an easy chance to get the anger out.

  8. Rosinda says:

    This is quite shocking, it just shows what these people are willing to do to acquire easy money. They are coming up with all sorts of schemes to get cash, should we base this type of behavior on the economy? Nannies and parents have to be more vigilant now that the weather is warming up nicely and more time will be spent outside in parks and playgrounds.

  9. Sari says:

    Love the lock! I found it fir $20 in BabiesRUs. It’s cute so your not putting some ugly bike lock on your baby’s stroller. I think cable is great thickness as most thieves are not walking around with bolt cutters.

    1. Dominique says:

      Most thieves are not walking around with bolt cutters? I don’t know where you’re from, but here in nyc bike thieves walk around with bolt cutters and rotary cutters in their backpacks—which they use to steal bicycles in literally about 3 seconds. That’s why smart people use u-shaped kryptonite locks on their bicycles instead of cheap cable locks. The thieves do carry hand tools which will cut through this lock with one snip.

  10. Murray Hill says:

    How is this a new invention? I watched the video on it. It’s a cheap retractable cable bike lock that they sell for $10 at any bike shop or hardware store—except she charges $25 for it. The cable is about 1/16th of an inch thick and could probably be cut with a pair of safety scissors—nevermind bolt cutters. Even if it’s only for quickly securing your stroller for a few moments, there are much better locks out there. If you buy a $5,000 stroller and use this cheap thing to secure it, you deserve to have your stroller stolen. Buy a bike lock for when you’re on the go and bring the thing inside when you’re home. Problem solved.

    1. abner says:

      How come it makes you so angry?

      1. Murray Hill says:

        Lol what makes you assume I was angry? I was laughing at the “invention”. Anyone who knows me will tell you that they have never seen me angry in my life. I just got a kick out of the fact that she didn’t invent anything and that people will pay money for this thing even though there is already a device that has existed for years and works better. It made me laugh that’s all. Btw how come you feel the need to judge strangers on the internet? Lol that seems a little odd to me.

      2. abner says:

        She deserves to have it stolen?

  11. Ulli says:

    If you can afford to buy a $1000 stroller than you can probably afford to by another one to replace the solen one. You should be happy that you have all that money to waste on a stroller, some people can not even afford a $1000 car.
    Did you ever hear of a store called Walmart? Probably not.

  12. HARELM GOING HAM says:


  13. MIKE says:

    the price tags, ranging from $1,700 to $5,000.




  14. Life Goes On says:

    First off, a simple cable lock or bicycle lock will do the trick. Second, if you leave anything worth $1,000 in plain sight around strangers without securing it, then stuff happens. You’re supposed to have street smarts when you live in this city.

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