DeMaurice Smith On WFAN: Players ‘Resent Being Lied To’ By NFL

NEW YORK (WFAN) — DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFL Players Association, is prepared to take the NFL lockout battle to the bitter end.

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“We went to the mattresses the day that we decertified,” Smith told WFAN’s Boomer & Carton on Friday morning. “Not because we wanted to, because they made us do it.”

With the lockout dragging into a third month, players asked a federal judge Thursday to make $4 billion in disputed broadcast revenue off limits to the league and to award them at least $707 million in damages, too.

The damages award alone could amount to a huge piece of leverage for the players in their fight with the NFL over the next collective bargaining agreement.

“The players understand the fight that they’re in,” said Smith. “Right now they don’t want to lay down and be forced to take a deal. They don’t believe that it’s fair. I can tell you that they resent being lied to. They resent being tricked. They resent the fact that the league has been found now twice to have violated the law. So those are the people that we’re inextricably tied to.”

Players haven’t only been active in the courtroom, said Smith. Eli Manning just concluded his Giants passing camp at Hoboken High School. Mark Sanchez hosted teammates at his annual “Jets West” camp at Mission Viejo High School in California. Locked-out players are finding their own ways to stay in shape — on their own dime.

“I can tell you every player wants to play football,” he said. “We’ve got our guys working out by themselves. You’ve got guys down in New Orleans where Drew (Brees) brought his guys together and paid their way so that they can practice. These guys are going and keeping themselves in shape for nothing at a time where, for the first time in history, a business has actually sued not to do their business.

“So while our guys are probably a little edgy, to use a soft word, they want to get back to enjoying their game.”

Smith himself was noticeably edgy when describing the state of the NFL. From the crowd at Radio City Music Hall roundly booing Roger Goodell at the onset of last month’s NFL draft to the suicide of ex-Giants star Dave Duerson, the NFLPA head sees plenty of bruises on the face of the league.

“I didn’t think that it was a good thing for our game to have our commissioner face what he faced on draft day. That’s not good for our game. It’s not good for our game when there’s a 22 percent drop-off of viewership from the draft. That’s not good for our game.

“It’s not good for our game that we’ve guys who played this game who can barely walk up steps. It’s not good for our game when we know that guys like Dave Duerson suffered from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). We should be thinking about ways in which to make the game better and safer.”

Are you prepared for a season without pro football? Be heard in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. anthony taylor says:

    Hey DeMaurice Smith get a player committee together to study and put together a plan on how to form the players own professional football league. The owners don’t own the game, just the logo. Let each of the current roster players on each team have proportional part ownership in the new team. There’s going to be a lot of empty stadiums available this coming year. Start with a Sports Club foundation and let local fans buy in to the club as long as there is no single majority owner to cash in on the profits. Work out the details DeMaurice you’re a smart guy.

  2. vetdana says:

    Greed Greed Greed !! De Mo is as full as a Christmas goose !! He could not care less about the fans who are paying for this whole charade.Fans have had enough of this and should STOP supporting these rich SOBs ! The NFL cannot survive without Fans !!!! None of this is good for the game !!!

  3. Tommy C says:

    Whats going on in the NFL is a microcoism of whats been going on in this country for the last 15 or so yrs . Look people wake the hell up and smell the roses . Its the super rich making obscene amounts of money and their still not happy . If the owners could off-shore their players don’t you think they would . They want cheap labor . Thats why this country is becomong a 3rd world country .A players career can end on any single play , their expendable just like the working man their just making alot more money .What do you peoPle think ?……….Please chime in .

  4. badbirdz says:

    I would like to see Veteran Players, make more $$ than any Rookie who has ever played one down in the NFL. Rookies, no matter which pick in the first round should each get the same salary, if they are subject to play, then increase $$ as time unfolds, what these people make,my head spins thinking about it.

  5. badbirdz says:

    To all of the so called elite players litigating, we will take replacements if you do not want to play. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning & Drew Brees can all go to where the sun does not shine, they have millions & millions, will never, ever have to worry in their lifetime @ $$$. They will get what they deserve a big fat 0.

  6. Jen says:

    The owners are a joke. They force out all the real fans with their greedy PSL’s. The flex schedule is a joke. The 4 pm games in the cold days just to get extra tv money. The dont care one bit about the fans, just the money.

  7. badbirdz says:

    Hey Demaurice, you are a big joke. Get out of the way and let the players who do not make any money do the barganing. You do not belong there, you have done absolutely nothing except get in the way.

  8. lawmsh says:

    Carton: If the owners don’t like what they have to pay the players, tell them to fire them and hire new ones.

  9. Julius Ceasar says:

    There is no football without the players so everyone supports them.
    There is no education without teachers yet everyone is against them and they make a lot less and do a lot more. It seems our society is doomed

  10. ftblsx says:

    how about there be no football and don’t patronize the players or the NFL who make way too much money as it is. how about spending your money on more important things like education or healthcare? not football. why are we even debating this???? let the whole league fold? it’s a sport. not a job.

  11. THE BOTTOM LINE says:


    1. Tommy says:

      obviously you are not a business person or you would not have made that stupid comment.


        You obviously are not a business person because anyone who does business knows the difference between a businessman and a PIMP. The OWNERS are PIMPS. They pimp everyone from the players, to the fans to the tax payers. You get mad at the players because they want a bigger cut. Without players there is no football. When you have the leverage it’s time to renegotiate. That’s GOOD BUSINESS on the part of the players. Happens every day in the BUSINESS WORLD.
        You’re just one of those no talent white boys that gets mad when a bunch of black dudes beats you at your own game. IF you were a REAL BUSINESS PERSON you would know that SOME IS BETTER THAN NONE. If this was the NHL or MLB you would never side with the owners because these leagues have lots of white players.

  12. Will says:

    If that’s how the players feel, then maybe they shouldn’t have lied to and deceived the owners in the first place, during the 2006 CBA negotiations.

    1. Johnny says:

      Just how did the players LIE to the owners, Will? or are you saying that the owners were so stupid that they fell for whatever LIE the players told them?

    2. Tommy C says:

      Will wake up bro……………are you high or something . What a stupid comment .

  13. Chris says:

    This whole situation is just sad. The NFL is a 9 billion dollar business, at its hight in popularity with room to grow. I can not believe that the lockout has come this far. It is like the Players and the NFL are not even trying. If any side thinks that the court room is the best place to come up with a new contract they are greatly mistaken. I am a HUGE NFL fan, I look forward to football sunday as if it was a holiday. But I am getting tired of this, it really hurts me to say but I think the fans need to step up and go on strike themselves. That is what it might take for everyone to realize what they are doing.

  14. pjg1309 says:

    I AM prepared for a season without NFL football, I still have NCAA football. I really hate the line that De Smith uses about the league suing to stop the players from playing football. It is flawed thinking and I wish the players would stop using it. To me it makes me think that the players are more worried about their appearance with the fans and the media than they are about getting to the table and trying to work this out like adults. If this is so it is a stall tactic or a stop gap until they can get into a court room. Just to be clear I am not on either side here because I truly believe that both sides are wrong and will not fully understand the damage that they have already done until the lockout is over and they see a decline in EVERYTHING dealing with football not just a decline in viewership of the draft.

  15. Irregardless says:

    The players should be mad that DeMaurice Smith lied to them. It isn’t their game. He has never been part of the NFL. There is no “our.” he he on a performance based contract and has misled greedy players into believing the sham of a Union cares even one bit fir them after they retire. He is the liar.

  16. Colin Kelly says:

    i get the feeling this isn’t going to be wrapped up anytime soon.

  17. Jets Fan says:

    Who cares? Nothing but a bunch of over payed prima donnas playing for corpulent corporate crooks.

    1. tom says:


      there is no nfl without the players and the players did nothing to creat this situation.

      1. Will says:

        The players are strongly at fault, for their tactics in the 2006 negotiations.

      2. VJ says:

        It is true that there is no NFL without players but they don’t have to be the current players. Colleges create roughly 1400 players every year in just Division 1. Only 200 or so are drafted in the NFL and others go do other things like a certain Superbowl winning QB for St. Louis and Arizona. I say bring in the second tiers. They will play much harder than players like Haynesworth and Moss and may be we can get some cost savings to be passed down to the fans.

      3. crotty says:

        They why dont they, and their asinine union, create their own league? Do it. Put an end to all this and just form your own league without owners. Just a bunch of players with hired accountants. Lets see how that goes.

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